Hello again, this is Pan bringing you all another fic! I know, I haven't had time to update Revision, but I should have time to update over the next few weeks (yay winter break! XD). Anyway, this little project was done for a challenge over at The Reviews Lounge, Too, and it is an advent calender. Before you go on reading, take a moment to read what this fic will have:

-This fic will mostly focus on a BiyoHawk pairing (another pairing that I just love from Digimon, though it's not cannonical and plus it deserves some love!), but other characters might make an appearance
-There are prompts that I will be using for this fic that I will incorporate into the title of each chapter (probably something like "Prompt: _")
-I will be uploading multiple chapters in order for me to be done within the Dec. 25th deadline (though the challenger gave us an extension into January, I will most likely abuse said extension...sorry in advance if I do.)
-There will be twenty-four "drabbles" (between 100-1000 words), all of them being intertwined with a one-shot (between 1000-5000 words)
-This will move about from time to time, meaning that it won't be set in a particular time period for the whole fic. I might go a few months back or a few months (maybe years) forward after the events of Digimon Adventure 02.

Also, please for the love let me know if you can come up with a better title; just threw it in last minute, so anything will do!

With all of that said, I hope y'all read, review and enjoy this project!


To imagine is one thing, but to go through with it is tricky. Needless to say, it was going to be done, though he wished that there were better weather conditions. An icy breeze made its way onto the poor avian's body as he continued to fly into the late night sky. A beautiful night it was with the stars glistening down, along with the moon, to light up his body.

'Relax, stay calm…you've practiced this many times,' Hawkmon pondered, glancing downward onto the streets of Odaiba to know where his destination is at. He shivered once again as another light wind struck Hawkmon, causing him to shiver a bit.

"Darn wind, why must you be blowing tonight?" Hawkmon whispered harshly, getting sick of the early January weather. He counted his blessings when, after another minute of flying, he spotted his destination. Not wanting to cause a huge scene – though it was nighttime and people were hardly up – Hawkmon landed on the rooftop, his talons landing softly on the flat-surfaced tile.

Heading over to the backside of the rooftop, Hawkmon located the numerous balconies lining outside of all the apartments. After a quick count – and a little speckle of hope that nobody would see him – the avian swooped down and landed on the correct balcony.

After another speck of hope that nobody else would hear him, Hawkmon gave the sliding glass door a quick tap with his wing. He shut his eyes, holding on to that glimmer of hope that she would answer. A couple of seconds passed until he heard the door slide open and a voice speak out.

"Hi…what brings you here?" Hawkmon opened his eyes to see Biyomon standing inside of her partner's apartment, a puzzling look worn upon her face.

Hawkmon's blood flow was racing a million miles an hour at the first look of the pink bird. His heartbeat started to race and thumped very loudly – so loud that he could hear it.

"Well, I wanted to ask you…" Hawkmon's statement was cut off as another cold wind swooped down and caused him to let out a shiver.

"I'm guessing its cold outside, huh?" Biyomon asked to which Hawkmon nodded.

"Well why don't you come inside and we can talk, if that's alright with you?" Biyomon offered since she couldn't stand seeing Hawkmon freeze his feathers any longer.

A simple glance – his sapphire eyes locking into her very own – and a quick reply was all Hawkmon could muster up.

"I'd love to."

One down, over twenty to go! Review if I have any mistakes or PM if you have some ideas that could fit into the prompts. Just for good measurement, I'll list the prompts that I might use:

1) Chill, 2) Cocoa, 3) Milestone, 4) Tipsy, 5) Awkward, 6) Freedom, 7) Night Lights, 8) Fluffy, 9) Posture, 10) Cracks, 11) Cozy, 12) Gate, 13) Gift, 14) Lyrics, 15) Pencil, 16) Raffle, 17) Bells, 18) Dreams, 19) Wind, 20) Children, 21) Movies, 22) Relations, 23) Next Day, 24) Safety, 25) Time.

I will say that the first two prompts will be back-to-back (where this last drabble left off is where the next one will pick up). Until then, Irish is off!