Hello there, Irish again bringing you another drabble for my challenge! Read and enjoy! :)

Waking up from his ever so lovely night, Hawkmon grumbled a bit at the sunshine that started to make its way into the living room. He could see the rays peeking through the curtains, which made him all the more miffed. If that wasn't enough for the avian, dealing with a headache – having that as a reminder of his actions the previous night – was the last thing he wanted to deal with.

"I see that you're finally up."

Hawkmon bolted up from the couch and looked down to see Biyomon standing there.

"Morning," was all that Hawkmon could reply to before he found himself lying back on the couch.

"Seems like you aren't up after all, eh?" Biyomon questioned, to which the hawk let out a grunt.

"Mind if we talk?" Another grunt followed, which meant yes in Biyomon's mind. Getting herself up on the couch, she turned her attention to Hawkmon.

"It's about last night–"

"Okay, I'm sorry about my actions and I think the headache is teaching me a valuable lesson."

"It's quite alright, I was fine with it all; besides, you're kind of fun when you're a bit tipsy."

"I'm guessing that the whole scenario was a bit awkward for you, huh?"

"It wasn't that awkward when you started…" Biyomon paused for a bit before continuing, "But before you went to bed, you kind of said something to me."

"Did I really?" Hawkmon now found himself sitting up on the couch facing Biyomon. "I think I was too tired because I cannot remember a thing."

"You don't remember saying that you loved me?"

Hawkmon looked up to see Biymon's broken face. He could see the tears that started to well up in her eyes, making him feel even more horrible.

"I really said that?" Hawkmon questioned, to which Biyomon silently nodded, trying to keep her emotions intact.

"Well, you know I mean it, right? I do love you."

Biyomon looked up after hearing Hawkmon's comment, tears spilling from her eyes. "You really mean that?"

Hawkmon inched his way towards Biyomon and, after cleaning off the tears, he brought her chin up and slowly leaned in and shared their first kiss.

Unbeknownst to the couple, someone spotted them and let out a terrified gasp. Breaking apart, the two looked to see Mrs. Takenoucki in her bathrobe standing with her mouth ajar.

"Oh, um, morning to you both; I'm going to get a bit more fancied up for the morning and I'll leave you two to your alone time."

As the woman made her way out of the couple's sight, they both turned to each other, and after a few seconds, Hawkmon spoke.

"That was way more awkward than last night, wasn't it?"

"That definitely was."

There you guys have it; next prompt will be 'freedom.' Enjoy yourselves!