Hello again, IP here to bring you another chapter of my advent fic that can now be described as a fic in which I want to complete. The prompt used here is "Freedom," and if you guys want the complete list, either look at the chapter titles or head back to Ch. 1 and look at the bottom! Otherwise, read and enjoy! :)

"Please tell me we can stop running now, my legs cannot take anymore!"

Hawkmon halted and turned to see Biyomon bent over, rubbing her talons with her wings.

"I guess we can rest for now, I just wanted some peace and quiet."

Hawkmon walked over towards his girlfriend to see if any major cramping occurred during their run. After careful observations and noting that nothing was seriously wrong, the couple made their way to a large oak tree not too far away. Sitting down in the shade, Biyomon decided to ask a simple question.

"Why on earth would you go sprinting ahead of the others when we got here?"

"Simple…I wanted some freedom, to be away from them and so that you and I can be alone."

The pink bird let out a weary sigh as her boyfriend did have a point. Seeing as it has been a few days since the incident with Mrs. Takenoucki, the couple had been trying to find some way to meet in secret. Nighttime did not go over too well, seeing as the first time they did that, the night turned into a bit of a disaster. They even tried hanging around each other's complexes, but even behind closed bedroom doors, the duo never found true freedom from anyone.

"How long do you think we have?" Biyomon asked as she rested her head upon Hawkmon's shoulder.

"Eh, I say we have a few good minutes before the gang catches up to us."

"Good…so what do you want to talk about?"

The avian's answer would have to wait, as the two heard a voice off in the distance.

"C'mon you guys, we don't find it that weird that you two are going out. I mean, you guys have been dating for a month now; we honestly get the picture between the two of you."

Yolei's voice carried over the forestland like a powerful gust on a windy day. More embarrassed than upset, Hawkmon stood up on his talons.

"This time, let's try to fly from them; I think we can move a bit faster if we try that approach."

"Whatever you say, I just hope that they get the memo sometime soon."

"Yes, I agree; couples do need freedom to themselves."

The two exchanged worried glances as Yolei's voice was heard from again. "Where can you guys be? If I'm getting any closer, please just give me a sign."

With that, the couple took off in flight. Back in the distance, Yolei spotted them and, shaking her head, made her way back to the rest of the group, now knowing that space, along with privacy, were important aspects in a relationship.

I know, not really my best, I needed something to get myself back in the groove of things. Next up will be "Night Lights." Thanks for reading and until next time, IP is gone!