Hey, everyone, it's Irish back bringing you another chapter of my drabble fic! Read and enjoy! :)

"Would you like to know?"

"Know what, Emiko?"

"Ugh, Eiji, you know dang well what she is asking you!"

Biyomon was currently sitting on the living room couch, yelling at the television. One of her favorite Japanese late-night soaps was on, and she was determined to know the mystery being told on the screen.

The bird groaned in agony as she heard the phone ring. Luckily, Sora was nearby to answer it, seeing as Biyomon didn't want to get up to answer it.

"Hey, Biyo, it's your boy."

Five simple words caused Biyomon to groan again. 'Leave it to him to call me at an unwanted time,' the bird thought as she received the phone from her partner. Holding the phone with both of her wings, she spoke into it.

"Hey, honey. What is it?"

"…Mind if we talk for the rest of the night?"


"See, how am I supposed to explain this?"

"You better hurry up; I've been waiting three weeks to see one of my soaps, and I swear if I miss what happens…okay, it's a commercial. So what do you want?"

The avian sighed before speaking, "Yolei is out with her family, and she left me alone in her room…with the lights off."

"Again? I thought you said you were going to talk to her about this."

"I tried, and she just told me to suck it up. I don't see why she won't get a night light for me."

Biyomon thought for a moment before realizing the one true answer.

"No offense, sweetie, but I think having a night light is kind of babyish."

"…Are you calling me a baby?"

"No, Hawkie, not at all."

"What's going on?"

Biyomon looked up to see Sora standing over her, a puzzling look on her face.

"Hawkmon's kind of scared of the dark and I told him to invest in a night light, but Yolei told him to suck it up, and now he thinks I'm calling him a baby."

Sora took a couple seconds to think of a response to her partner's explanation. "People go through phases. Ask him if this is something that just happened."

"Okay," Biyomon answered before talking to Hawkmon. "Are you going through a phase?"

"…Does it make me a baby if I am?"

"Oh my word, will you drop the whole baby charade!"

"I don't know if I can…and to answer, probably yes."

"Well there you have it; it'll eventually pass over and you'll go back living a normal life in the dark…oh, show's on, talk to Sora!"

Biyomon threw the phone upwards at Sora, who grabbed it and was now talking to her partner's boyfriend.

"Hawkmon, listen, digimon might be like humans when it comes to phases. It doesn't make you look like a baby; teenagers even go through phases. It'll eventually go away, so don't fret about it."

"Thanks, Sora. I really needed that."

"Not a problem. I apologize for Biyomon's antics tonight; the poor girl hasn't seen her show in a while and tonight is very important, apparently."

"I understand completely; she's my girlfriend, after all."

Sora chuckled a little at the avian's statement. "You're right. Goodnight."

"I'll try…"

"Goodnight, sweetie," Biyomon yelled, eyes still glued to the television.

Once Sora hung the phone up, she looked at the kitchen clock and moved towards her partner.

"It's almost eleven so this better end fast; you know how my mom is with her news."

"Oh don't worry, it'll be over…wait, it is almost over; they aren't going to have much time."

The bird's words were answered as a lovely 'To Be Continued' text shown on the screen.

"Oh c'mon, I have to wait another week to know if Eiji will accept Emiko after she cheated on him with one of her co-workers!"

"Guess so…well, time for news," And with that, Sora changed the station.

Yes, another chapter down...that's seven prompts, and that means only eighteen more to go!

I did enjoy writing this out, seeing as I have little knowledge with soaps (but I guarantee the snips I've seen contain something dramatic). But I do have knowledge on how shows leave us on cliffhangers, so I decided to let Biyo be the victim of that...poor bird, she'll never know (at least in this fic).

Next prompt is "Cozy" - until then, IP sends love to all! :)