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this is a little more evident mikoto/tatara.


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"Please tell me you're done with cooking for the day."

"Mikoto dear, you have to learn to be patient." Tatara winked. "After I cook we must all have dinner, yes?"


Tatara sighed in content.

"Then AFTER that I need to clean up the dishes, and then make sure all the members have their bath, and then read Anna a bed time story, and then I must give the stray that Kosuke brought in today a bath and a nice meal, and thennn, only then, can I spend time with you."

Mikoto grunted in response.

Such were the perils of being in love with a mom.

And how the HELL did Tatara do it anyway?

Finally, Tatara flung his body back on the couch; the dog Kosuke was a little darling, as all the strays were, and oh dear he was such a darling but had so much muck and dirt on his body that it took ages to scrub and soap off! Tatara also had brushed the dog's teeth. The teeth were an abomination to all mankind. And brushing a dog's teeth is not the best job in the world, one must note.

Tatara felt his eyelids heavy and drooping, but then he saw Mikoto looking over him-

"Now can I?"

The blonde sleepily waved his hand.

"I don't care whatever you do, but if you're horny right now I'm afraid I can't do anything about that and it's really just best to jack off in the bathroom." There was a short pause. "Wait no, don't do that, I just cleaned the toilets."

Mikoto bent down and sat on his legs.

"At least sit up?"

"Huhhhh... Fine, King-san," Tatara groggily sat up and gazed at Mikoto blearily.

Mikoto could feel his heart race a bit when the other male looked at him, and found himself blushing. Frigging blushing. So embarrassing. What kind of king blushed?

He leaned in and their lips met. Tatara gently cupped Mikoto's face, and Mikoto grabbed Tatara's hair. He put more into the kiss, at first having it slow, but soon he wanted more, more - the moment Tatara opened his mouth to gasp for air, Mikoto used the opportunity to insert his tongue.

Mikoto pulled Tatara down into his lap, so that one was straddling the other. They tasted each other's mouths, and their tongues battled for dominance, the sweetness of the passion that burned from both of them showed in how their lips moved. The Red King let his hands roam around the sides of Tatara's chest and back, pressing them even closer to each other. Swiftly, Tatara used his tongue to swipe across Mikoto's lips, leaving a trail of saliva behind.

Tatara broke the kiss, grinned, and hopped back onto the couch.

Mikoto growled.

The other broke into laughter. "That was really hot, but I am also really tired." He got up, stretching out his hand. "Bed time?"

It was late, and as much as Mikoto wanted to continue, he felt himself getting sleepy too. He latched his hand onto the other's to pull himself up, and they walked back up to the bedroom together (very cheesily) hand in hand.

i apologize on my hands and knees about the attempt romance.

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if there's a next update which is highly probable it might be the angst one. but then again not because i love this ship too much to rush to the end.