Rise of the Guardians: When Nightmares are Present

By: Wolflover77


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"Jack, would you quit your fidgeting? It is quite annoying."

Jack's face was contorted with anger. He was scared. He was worried. He was in pain. Tears slid from the corners of his eyes against his will. He did not want to cry; showing weakness was something he rarely did. But the past few days had been his weakest ever. Pitch truly, deeply terrified him.

Jack squirmed more in his restraints, the leather straps squeaking in protest. He couldn't let his friends come inside Pitch's lair!

How could he have been so stupid? Getting in fights was something he was used to, but he almost always won. Jack had gone into this fight as he would have any other- prideful and excited. He pelted Pitch with witty insults, used his mightiest attacks… but it was all in vain. He failed to realize what would happen if he lost the fight. He should have realized…

This is all my fault! If it wasn't for me they wouldn't be here! I should have never gotten in that fight with Pitch. I was being selfish… I didn't think this would happen… and now my friends are in danger.

Time seemed to slow to almost a stop as Jack's world came crashing down.

This is all my fault…

No matter how hard he tried, the tears wouldn't stop falling. He bit his lip, trying to gain control of his emotions.

Okay Jack… you screwed up. But that's in the past. You've let Pitch torture and make fun of you for almost two days now, and you haven't done anything to stop him. C'mon… I can do this… I'm good at fighting back…

Jack's breath finally began to slow, and he began to gain courage.

"Pitch, I swear. If you lay one finger on them, I will rip your throat out." Jack said in a low voice, sniffling a little. It was freezing in the room, and his throat hurt. He sounded rather cowardly, more like a young child back talking to their parents than the fierce teenager he was hoping to sound like.

Pitch walked around the stone table away from the mirror, his hands held firmly behind his back formally.

"Tsk… Well Jack, you seem to have woken up a bit hmm?" the man said, wolf grinning at the infuriated teen. Pitch loosened his hands from behind his back and brought one hand up to the boy's chin. His slender fingers wrapped around the boys thin face, and he yanked Jack's head at an angle so he could clearly see his face.

Jack was pissed.

Insanely, overly, tremendously upset.

His friends were in danger, and he couldn't do anything to help them; he was lying there getting mocked by the Boogeyman.

"Pitch I mean it! Just let them go, you can take me. Do whatever you want with me! Just… just don't hurt them!" Jack's voice cracked a little at the end, his sore throat making his words come out hoarse and rasping. Pitch smirked.

"It doesn't matter boy, they intruded on my property. Such behavior must be punished. As will your lying." Pitch smiled when he said these words, imagining all of the torture methods he had yet to use.

He wanted to relish in Jack's screams.

He wanted Jack to beg him for mercy.

And once he broke the boy, he would find Jamie, and start the cycle all over again. Jamie had the strongest spirit Pitch had ever sensed. He believed in Jack, truly and deeply. If Pitch could make Jamie believe in him, he could get the child to get Jack on his side.

Pitch and Jack. Cold and darkness… nothing went better together.

Once they joined forces, Pitch could spread his darkness and make all the children fear him. He would thrive off the millions upon millions of children souls who quivered at his presence. He and Jack would be unstoppable.

Pitch was overly excited, and Jack sensed it. But when Pitch was excited, it wasn't for something happy and upbringing; it was usually something that would put someone in danger.

"What are you thinking about Pitch? Making another selfish plan, you bastard?" Jack scowled, and Pitch did not change. An evil smirk was still planted on his face.

"You know, when one smiles, it makes them feel better," Pitch put both his index fingers on either saide of Jack's mouth and attempted to make a fake smile on the boy's face. "You should try it some time."

Jack was enraged.

Pitch yelped and pulled his hand back quickly when the frostling took this as an advantage to fight back. Jack bit down hard on the man's fingers, causing him to release the sides of his mouth.

"You dirty little brat!" Pitch grasped his right hand, examining the bloody mess that was now his index finger. But he quickly disregarded his injured appendage and glanced over his shoulder at the mirror reflecting the other guardians.

Utter war had broken out between them and his nightmares. Pitch thought he had better get out there quickly; he couldn't risk the guardians get ahead of him and beat his arms.

"Well, my dear boy, I'm afraid I have a place to be," the man said, placing his bloody finger on the teen's forehead.

"Pitch! You dirty bastard… I swear-"

"Shhh," dark saind circled around Pitch's finger, and wrapped around Jack's head. "Sweet nightmares, my boy." Jack's head thumped against the hard stone as he was thrown into the insane realm of Pitch's nightmare kingdom- a place he had been many a time, and did not care to go back to.

Pitch departed the room with a snigger, shutting the door quietly as to not disturb the boy's nightmare.


It smelled rancid… like rotting flesh.

Jack looked up, and saw the moon through the frozen snow he was trapped under. Jack took the coldness and the beautiful moon as a gracious gift; the bathed in the respite.

But slowly, painfully slowly… he felt it getting harder and harder to breathe. His body was getting pushed harder and harder into the ice above him. He wasn't frightened; the ice would break eventually, if enough pressure was pushed against it.

But it never shattered. Jack kept getting pressed against it, and the ice didn't do as much as crack. He couldn't breathe.

He was suffocating.

His lungs burned.

He fidgeted beneath the ice, and banged on the transparent material to try and break it. After a few hits, he heard something crack. He felt jolts of hope shoot from his toes to his ears. But as he looked up at the ice again, he realized that it was not he who had made the cracking noise.

Someone was walking on the ice.

Jack could slightly make out certain blobs of color… brown… tan skin… a little dress…

Jack banged harder on the ice.


Jack couldn't hold his breath any longer; his vision was fading. As he tried to break his way out of the ice with what little strength he had left, he heard yet more footsteps. But these sounded heavier. It was a man, he could tell.

He wanted to tell Emma to run. Mom had always told Jack not to let his little sister around strangers. Jack's lungs burned, but he persisted in knocking on the ice.

A tall black figure.

Emma screamed.

The ice above him was stained red.

Jack screamed, but only managed to suck in ice cold water that filled his lungs, and his world went black.

He awoke again in darkness, this time the smell of rotting flesh burning his nostrils.

Jack stood up so quickly he almost fell backwards. "EMMA? EMMA?" He ran foreward several feet, only to be slammed in the face with something thick and slimy.

A dim light flickered on, and Jack almost lost his lunch. All around him there were chunks of meat and rotting skin hanging from hooks on the ceiling.

The one he had run into was extremely large, and all the skin had been skinned off… and it wasn't until he saw the curly white hair attached to the face he knew too well that he screamed. That was north's face.

That was North's body.

His eye sockets were open wide as dinner plates, only, the cheery, joyful irises that were normaly there were absent. All he could see were black holes.

Jack turned around to run away, but found himself slapped in the face by another dangling piece of meat. This one hadn't been stripped of its skin… in fact, it didn't have skin.

It had fur.

Jack didn't want to see more. His legs gave out and he collapsed on the floor, shivering in the coldness of the room. He hugged his legs to his body, and closed his eyes.

His friends were dead, Pitch had killed them.


Bunny smirked as his boomerang came back to him after taking out three nightmares.

"Great job, Mr. Kangaroo." Tooth smiled as she kicked two nightmares, turning them into dust. North held his own, as did sandy. They were all doing a great job. They had almost killed half of them.

But after a few seconds of rejoicing, the air seemed to go still, the air thin. The nightmares stopped what they were doing and turned towards Pitch's castle.

The Guardians planted their feet hard on the ground, ready to fight when needed. Pitch was not going to scare them away. They were going to get Jack back.

Evil cackling laughter filled the dark sky, and the nightmare skeletons laughed with it, the nightmare horsed rearing up and whinnying loudly.

Pitch slowly descended from the sky in front of the guardians. Before he had time to blink, Tooth struck out.

She flew straight at the dark man and threw a good solid punch to his stomach. He simply laughed.

"Where is Jack?" Tooth said angrily, only to be knocked down by Pitch's fist.

"Tooth! Pitch, You tell where Jack is, or else!" North growled.

Pitch sniggered. "Jack is… sleeping," pitch started laughing hysterically, holding his stomach.

"Pitch, you're a sick little twat. What've you done with the boy?" Bunny shouted over the low whispers of the nightmares. He put one paw forward, but no more. He didn't want to fight unless he had to.

Pitch said nothing, his laughter growing louder.

North charged at the man, giving him an uppercut to the jaw and knocking him out of his fit of laughter. Santa swung one of his swords at the nightmare king, but he parried with a shield of black sand.

"So we're going to do this the hard way I take it?" Pitch instantly let his shield down and moved too fast for north. A rope of black dust swindled around North's sword and yanked it away, putting it in Pitch's hands.

"You fight dirty…" North grunted. But he refused to be discouraged; he still had his brute strength.

Minutes upon minutes went by. Pitch would swing, North would swing back. Several times Santa blocked Pitch's attacks with his bare hands, which were now bruised and bloodied.

Pitch was almost unscathed.

North was shoved backwards onto his bum by a whack of black sand.

"Just give up. Leave. I don't have time to deal with this stupidity. I have… work to do," Pitch said, examining North and the other guardians. Bunny hopped to stand in front of Santa, and readied his boomerang.

Throughout all of the heated activity, Tooth had not gotten up off the ground. She simply watched in fear. But she noticed Sandy… he hadn't moved from his place since they had landed the sleigh. He was almost turning red with anger.

Poor guy… he can't speak and he's got a mighty height disadvantage… Tooth thought, feeling sorry for the man of dreams.

The Sandman was a guardian, though, so despite height differences, he was as equal an opponent as North or Bunny. Sandy was furious; Jack had grown on him so much in the past year. He wanted him back, and out of harm's way.

Tooth quickly turned her head to look at Pitch, who was raising North's sword in the air to aim at Bunny. Pitch had turned his back to Tooth and Sandy, so they couldn't see much.

All that Sandy knew was that once Pitch swung that sword to hid Bunny, his boomerang wouldn't be the most efficient weapon to block with. Sandy needed a plan of action, and fast.

And as Pitch lowered the sword, the world seemed to stop.

Sandy focused all his energy and anger into his core, and shoved his hands forward, sending a golden spear of dreamsand racing towards Pitch. The tip of the spear ripped through Pitch's clothing and flesh, and a loud grunt came from his lips.

Every single horse and skeleton disappeared, and Pitch fell onto his knees, black liquid seeping from his abdomen.

"Y-You…. Couldn't have," Pitch stammered. Black began to pool around him, and his eyes grew heavy.

Bunny gave him a good kick under the jaw, and Pitch was knocked out cold. Helping North up, Bunny exclaimed, " Well, he should be out for a good while. He'll heal up quickly, but we should have time to save Jack."

"You're right," Tooth agreed, and Sandy nodded. Leaving Pitch lying in the snow, they walked until the ugly, dark castle loomed over them.

And it wasn't until then that they heard the bloodcurdling screams coming from within its walls.

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