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Sometimes when they are get the chance to be alone in their fishbowl; in their home they dance. Wanda will wrap both arms around Cosmo's neck and Cosmo will wrap his arms around Wanda's waists blushing as though he was a teenaged fairy again.

They both love moments like this, moments of being alone with each other having no worry but to make each other happy. Neither one of them would change a moment like this if they could help it.

When they danced it would often be without music; it would be pretty rare to have any music on while they were dancing. The peace and quiet while they danced soothed their nerves and made them count their blessings more.

Cosmo would often look at her in a way that made her blush when they were alone, he would look at her in such a sweet and innocent way that it was just beautiful to her.

Cosmo would then lean forward with the most shyest of smiles and kiss her sweetly on the lips. It amazed her that they'd been together this long but they still had such great chemistry. She couldn't believe it but it wasn't as though she was complaining.

At the end of the day the only thing that truly mattered was them.