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Wanda remembered when Cosmo would look at her with adoration, he was so dedicated to their marriage that it hurt her to see what their relationship had gone to now.

Cosmo was a completely different new person now and certainly not for the better. There were moments of course where Cosmo could be incredibly sweet, caring and considerate but they were becoming more and more rare each day.

She didn't know when it had started but Cosmo had just started to act so different now than he ever had before. She wished that they could go back to the way their relationship had been a couple of decades ago or even five years ago because now everything just seemed so incredibly different.

Wanda hated how Cosmo could act, before he never liked doing something that wasn't fun but he wouldn't treat her with ridicule; especially not in front of their Godchild.

But now it was as though he was a different Cosmo, like Anti-Cosmo but yet not. She didn't know why he acted the way he did now but she missed the old days where they would find time just to be with each other in private.

She wanted the old days back and she didn't know how long she could take the new Cosmo; even though she still loved him.