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And The Story Begins!

Humans, Demons, Gods, and Ramen

Everything in Konoha was well, at least that's what Naruto thought. The young boy was currently struggling to hold on to all the scrolls in his arms at once, you know, it's hard to stay balanced when carrying 19 scrolls. Oddly enough, he had a huge grin on his face. Why? Well, in a few days, he become an academy student, and that means that he'll be one step closer in becoming Hokage. Quickly climbing the stairs to his apartment, he fumbled with the keys, before finally managing to open the door. Dumping all the scrolls on the floor, he shut the door before sitting down on the couch. Thank god for intelligent people. He thought. If the ninja who worked at the library thought he was a demon for no apparent reason, he probably never be a strong ninja. When 75% of the village despises you, you would most likely not get any help in becoming stronger.

Naruto grabbed one of the scrolls closest to him, opened it and started reading.

Chakra Control and Exercises For Beginners

By Jaraiya of the Sennin

Chakra as you mostly know, is a mixture of spiritual and physical energy. In order to preform jutsu, one must have control over one's chakra to be able to use the jutsu without wasting chakra. if one was to add too much chakra into a jutsu, it could either become more powerful, or the extra chakra would be wasted. That is why shinobi must practice chakra control, to be able to save chakra and gain bigger chakra reserves.

Practice 1


Tree-walking is the easiest of the two chakra control exercises, to walk on a sideways or upside-down platform, one must add the exact amount of chakra to their feet, too much, will break the platform, yet too little, and it won't work. Being able to do this exercise will improve your chakra control drastically, since chakra is the hardest to gather at the soles of one's feet.

Placing the scroll on the couch, before arranging the rest of the scrolls into a neat stack, then headed outside to practice. Reaching one of the training grounds that were empty, Naruto quickly ran toward the forest, before finding the tallest tree. "If I don't manage to reach the top by the end of the day, I will have no ramen for the rest of the week." Naruto stopped his promise, before shivering. "Why do I feel like I just acted like a youthful retard?"

Somewhere, a certain green spandex-wearing shinobi sneezed, alerting the cat that quickly ran away from him. " YOSH, IF I DON'T CATCH TORA WITHIN FIVE MINUTES, I WILL DO 1000 LAPS AROUND KONOHA!"

Back To Naruto

Naruto sat huffing on the second tallest branch of the tree. Grinning, he carefully made his way down, before another attempt at reaching the top of the tree. Halfway there, Naruto slipped a little, but regained his balance before charging with all his might, and finally, he reached the top of the tree. Letting out a cheer, Naruto landed back down on the ground, before practicing it to perfection. Within two hours, he could practically cling to a tree on his back unconsciously. That was only cause he faint three-fourth of the way up. Deciding to end his training session, Naruto slowly made his way toward Ichiraku's Ramen Stand.

At the Ramen Stand

Naruto plopped down onto one of the chairs, before sighing contently at the scent of different flavors of ramen wafted out from the kitchen. "Five Hokage-sized miso-flavored ramen please!" He hollered. An old man's head popped out from behind the curtain leading to the kitchen. The old man was Teuchi, he had short brown hair and was 170cm. tall. "Oh, hello Naruto-kun! Ayame, get our best customer some ramen please!" He said toward the kitchen. "Way ahead of you." A female voice responded, before the girl known as Ayame came out with five, massive, steaming bowls of ramen. She was a pale, and skinny girl about 159cm tall with short, brown hair.

Naruto drooled at the sight as the ramen was placed in front of him, with a hurried mutter of the tradition Japanese phrase 'Itadakimasu' he dug into the ramen like an Akimichi at an All You Can Eat Buffet. When Naruto first came, Teuchi had asked him multiple times if he was a Akimichi, but then again, Naruto didn't have the Akimichi's 'pleasantly plump' bodies.

Gulping down the rest of the ramen, Naruto thanked them, payed, and then left, whistling happily on his way home. Reaching his home he sighed happily, rubbing his stomach before deciding to keep on reading the scroll.

Chakra Control Exercise 2


Water-walking is like tree-walking, but instead of just maintaining chakra at your feet, you need to release the exact amount of chakra for you to stay a float.

Naruto placed the scroll down again. He'd do that tomorrow, first thing in the morning. Right now, he needed sleep. Naruto brushed his teeth, took a quick shower, got dressed in his pajamas, and hopped into bed. Boy, what a day.

In Naruto's Mind

Naruto closed his eyes, before opening them again, in a much different place. His eyes widened into dinner plates, staring owlishly at the massive cavern, with multiple bones and skulls littered on the rocky floor, all of a sudden, he felt something fuzzy crawling on his back, scared out of his mind, he whipped around, find a small, black fox, that lept off his shoulder, before staring back at the blonde.

"So you finally came, eh? Well good riddance, it had been too boring in here."

Naruto's eyes widened again, before slowly turning his toward the massive humanoid creature standing there, arms crossed, lazily staring at Naruto. It was nearly completely white, it's long, spiky hair as pale as the moon, the monster's red eyes, looked as if they were staring straght at your soul, with the inhuman dark purple skin. Then,


"Ahhhh! Freaky demon on the loose! Someone help me!"

Cried Naruto,before running towards the way he came from, only to have the monster thing block him.

"You idiot imbecile of a human! I am not a demon, that fox is!" He said pointing to a large cage in the cavern. "I, am the God of Death, the Slayer of Souls, the Reaper of the Universe! I am no puny demon spawn like that Nine-Tailed Fox. I, am the SHINIGAMI!"

Naruto looked confused, " You mean your the god that helped the Yondaime kill the Kyuubi?" The Shinigami sighed. "Did you not hear what I just said? First it was the Yondaime who interrupts me, then the Fox who doesn't give a damn, and now it's you, you do realize I can seperate your soul from your body just by snapping my fingers?"

Naruto stopped panicking, before thinking to what the Shinigami said. "So you mean that the Fox didn't die, and is in Hell, with you?" The Shinigami sweat-dropped.

"You know what? Fuck this, I'll just tell you, so sit down, and get ready for a loong story."

Who knew the God of Death, liked telling stories on history? Oh, and he was a very good storyteller. Naruto sat their, entranced, as the Reaper of the Universe explained to him the series of events that occured on Naruto's birthday. After what seemed like 5 hours, they reached the end of the noble tale.

"So you're telling me, that the Nine-Tails Fox is sealed inside me, and because the Yondaime, who is also my father, sealed part of the Kyuubi's chakra into himself, using a technique including you, causing your energy with the Fox's, and got both of you stuck inside of me."


"Godammnit dad, why did you have to die?!"

To tell the truth, the Shinigami was suprised by Naruto's reaction to the story. Know a bit of human feelings and all, he thought that Naruto would get pissed that his dad sacrificed his own child, for the sake of the puny village, but this, this was unexpected.

"Why aren't you cursing the Gaki when you are sad he died? He ditched you, for someone else! Why?"

Naruto sighed, "Well, he's the Hokage, so I guess that he had to, to protect his village and home, and hoped that they'd see me as a hero. I guess he thought it was a win-win situation, but instead, the civlians, act like assholes." Suddenly, a rumbling chuckle was heard in the cage.

"Hahaha, you're too soft, the Gaki put you afterthe village, he thought that power was greater than family, yet you forgive him in placing this burden in you? Are you mad?"

Naruto looked at the Fox in anger. "Shut up! He would never have been like that! My dad was a caring man."

The Fox's laughter filled the cavern. "Ha, that's what you think, but you are gifted, learning and mastering one chakra control exercise in one day, when you aren't even genin. I'll tutor you, but I still think you're stupid."

Naruto looked at the giagantic fox. "Gee, thanks!" The Shinigami sighed.

"Then I guess I'll have to supervise you then, you never know if the Fuzz-Butt would eat you."

"Yeah, but first, change the freakin scenery, it looks as if a owl threw up here." ( Owls spit out the fur and bones of their prey, that's why, for people who don't know)

"And how do I do that, Fox-Sensei?" Naruto said with sarcasm.

"Focus your mind on a grassy plain or something."

Naruto focused on the most pleasant thing he could think of, before ,he felt a plop, then, when he opened his eyes, he found himself surrounded in steaming noodles.

"Not fucking ramen! How the fuck do I do anything in this shit!?"

"It's not shit," Naruto retorted back, "it's the food of the gods!"

The Shinigami shivered, how the fuck did this kid know that? Was he a stalker?

Naruto focused again, on something pleasant, but not edible. This time, he dropped down with a 'clunk', landing in a mound of scrolls.


Naruto cringed, "Geez, you going to make me deaf!" Sadly, he would be meeting a even more loud, more deafening, pink-haired banshee. You know who. Naruto then focused again, on one of the Konoha Training Grounds. With another 'pop', Naruto landed on his feet, and upon opening his eyes, saw a large training field, plains, grass, lake,and trees. "Perfect" He thought.

"Finally, you made a place that wouldn't make people go crazy."

Naruto stuck his tongue out at the Kyuubi. "Well, if you keep up with your stupid-ass remarks, I'll change this scene, into a ramen ocean again."

Kyuubi shivered, before rapidly shaking his head 'no'. "Fine, I'll teach as long as you don't bring up anything about ramen." Naruto nodded, "Fine, so now what do we do?"

"Water walking." Both the Shingami and Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded, "I read something on it in a scroll, I think I know what to do." Kyuubi nodded, and pointed at the Mind Sun. "Every hour in this world is 30 minutes in the real world. Though you you don't need to sleep, because only your mind is working, so your body will feel refreshed when you wake up, but you might feel mentally tired, since your brain is working overtime."

Naruto nodded, "Ok, I'll work on this for the rest of the week in my mind, since it means I get twice the time to train." The Kyuubi nodded. "That's smart." The Kyuubi turned to the Death God. "I knew he was gifted."

The Shinigami grunted, before admitting it grudgingly. "He can already take ten steps, without falling in, even with a demon and god's chakra. I have to say, I'm impressed."


Both the Shinigami and the Fox stared at Naruto in mild shock. He had mastered water walking, and was so exhuasted, he was sleeping, on water. "Damn, he can control chakra that well, while unconscious!" The Fox exclaimed. The God of Death nodded. "He'll be very powerful with a little more training."


Naruto stumbled back, gasping for breath as the other five Kage Bunshins, puffed out of existance. Within this time period, Kyuubi had taught him, the Kage Bunshin Technique, Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Invisibility Cloak, and worked on a taijutsu style, because with the Shinigami isnside him, Naruto can take a large amount of pain before feeling anything, and add that to the Fox's trickery, it was a combination of getting under one's guard before taking them out.


Naruto smiled, he had one helluva sensei, but as much as a idiot the Fox was, he and the Shinigami were very good teachers. In just 3 days, he learned three awesome jutsu, history, though the Death God just told him stories, a entirely new taijutsu style, and sadistic ways of torture and interrogation, stealth, and chakra sensing. That was one freaking hard lesson.

Now that Naruto was ready for the Academy, he went out to be some new clothes, since the regular bright orange jumpsuit was awful for stealth. he then went to a non-Naruto-Hater store and got a white t-shirt with the regular spiral in the middle of your back, a black version of the same shirt, a kunai-holder, new sandals, and a pair of blue, and white, shorts.

Walking home while grinning madly, Naruto reached his apartment, before nudging the door open, putting his clothes in the dresser, heated some ramen, then finally sitting down to rest.

"Hey kit, Ghost-Eye and I got a surprise for you. Come into your mindscape."

The Shinigami had also worked up a telepathic messaging system in his head, allowing them to talk, without Naruto spacing out.

In The Mindscape

Naruto appeared, seeing Kyuubi and the Shinigami playing Just Dance 4 on the Mental Wii that Naruto made for entertainment, along with the PS3, two 3DS's, two IPad 3's, and a 70" Plasma Screen TV.

"You called for me, Fuzzy? They also made nicknames for each other, the Shinigami was, Ghost-Eye, Kyuubi was Fuzzy, and Naruto was, well, Gaki.

"Ah, yes, well since you have amazing chakra control, we decided you should get our summoning contracts."

Naruto gaped."You mean those contracts that allow you to summon stuff?"

"Yeah, stuff, so now you can summon Foxes and Dead Demons." The hand-signs are Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, and Ram. though you have to have some blood out too, you probably know this already."

Naruto nodded, "Yep, so you sign your name with the blood on your hand, do the hand-signs, place your hand on the ground and 'bamf'."

Kyuubi nodded, before both him and the Shinigami went through the same series of hand-signs, before two rathe big scrolls appeared. Naruto then un rolled both scrolls, bit each hand, before righting the Dead Demons scroll with his right hand and the Fox scroll with his left hand.

"Go ahead and give it a try Gaki, I'm betting he gets an adult sized summon."

The Shinigami nodded, "That, or something bigger."

Naruto went through the hand-signs quickly, before slamming both hands on the ground, yelling, "Kuchiyose Summoning!" A massive snow-white fox appeared, along with a half devil half lion thing. It had flaming wings, with blood-red eyes, the things entire body covered in bulging muscles.

"Hello summoner, how may I help you today?"

"Hello summon guy, watcha want?

They said. Naruto stared in shock at them, before shaking his head to clear his mind. Before jumping up and down, yelling, "I DID IT!" Both the Fox and God stared at him. So little yet so...AWESOME.

"Gaki, nice job, summoning a phase 3 summon, not bad. You should get some sleep, tomorrow you'll be going through boring stuff."


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