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On to the story.

Time Skip, one week before graduation.

Naruto sighed, as he walked into the classroom, wondering what team he'd be on after he graduated, well IF he graduated. Though he was pretty sure he would. Naruto sat by Shino, trying to avoid attention. Well... It failed.

"Dobe! Give me your power." Sasuke yelled.

Naruto could only sigh, if he got duck-hair and banshee on their team he would prank their jonin sensei, the Hokage, and the Monument,even though the last one did nothing. "No, I will not give you my power, you might fuck people up with it."

Then he'd run out of Konoha and yell to the world he wants to die.


Naruto cringed, clapping his hands over his ears, careful not to go deaf. "No, now shut up, we are reviewing stuff for the test, even though I know everything by now, someone wants to prove to Sasgay, that they're awesome."

Sakura brightened, before going back to study the mound of notes. Just to make Sasuke-kun to love her.

Sasuke kept on glaring at Naruto hoping that his sharingan will activate and trap him in a very powerful genjutsu. He was then interupted when Naruto flicked his forehead away, "I can't stand you." Naruto simply said.

A Hyuga currently thinking how awesome Naruto was and wished she was like that. "Wow, Naruto-kun is so cool, I want to be like that." She blushed slighty, glancing at the blonde once or twice.

Then Iruka came in, placing textbooks on each of the students desks. "Today we will review what happened 11 years ago, on October 10th." He said.

"YOU MEAN WHEN NARUTO-BAKA CAME INTO THE WORLD WHEN KYUUBI WAS KILLED?!" Sakura screamed out, before glancing at Sasuke, to see if he noticed, before she giggled madly.

Time Skip, Academy Graduation Day.

Naruto sat at his usual spot, Shikamaru behind him with Choji, Hinata on the right, Shino on the left, and Kiba in front. Today was finally the day he could become genin and stay away from the arrogant assholes. (COUGH COUGH, SASUKE, SAKURA.) Iruka came in smiling proudly at all of them. "I am glad to say that most of you will graduate," Then he looked right at Naruto.

"Though some of you are really lazy." This earned snickers from the rest of the kids. Naruto sighed. "Not my fault I already know what you teach, and that I get more training in my head done." He thought.

Iruka kept on going, "If you graduate, you will officially become ninja, but at the lowest level, a genin, being a ninja isn't about the battles and training, it is about protecting what is most important to you, and serving your village..." Naruto prepared to fall asleep again, until Iruka finished the lecture.

" There will be 3 parts of the test, Intelligence, Physical, and Ninjutsu section. You will take a written test for the Intelligence section, a kunai-throwing and combat for the Physical section, and you will preform the academy jutsu for the Ninjutsu section. Any questions?" Seeing there were none, he began passing out the tests. "As soon as you get the test, begin."

Naruto got the test and stared at it, none of the questions made sense.

"How do you preform a kunai technique, by using morse code?"

"Who were the three jutsu, and what were their handsigns?

"Name a vital shuriken."

Naruto raised his hand, and Iruka came over. "Iruka-sensei, there is a genjutsu on my test right?" Iruka nodded in shock, who knew that someone who slept more than a Nara could figure that out? But then again, it was quite easy. Naruto then released the genjutsu, then finished the questions with full, correct answers, all the while with Iruka standing there, flabbergasted. "I'm done."

Iruka nodded dumbly, taking his paper and going back to his desk. When he looked at Naruto again, he was fast asleep.

In Naruto's Mind-scape

"Hi guys, how are you doing?" Naruto asked.


Naruto was blown back by the booming voice, landing on his ass on the lake, so he was water-sitting. When he looked over, he saw the Kyuubi and the Shinigami playing Minecraft, the Death God had a full set of fully enchanted, diamond armor and a fully enchanted bow and diamond sword, with 18 stacks of arrows. Kyuubi on the other hand, had a wooden sword, and leather armor. No bow or arrows. The Shinigami's bow had Knock-back 6, so he knocked the Fox off a cliff, killing him.

Naruto laughed nervously, when the Kyuubi got pissed, you'd get pissed on, literally. Thankfully it's hard to get him on a full insane rampage, he only does it when a sharingan user is around, a small chance of that. Kyuubi and Shinigami nodded at him in acknowledgement, before going back to their game.

Naruto continued sitting on the lake, making 100 shadow clones, sending groups of 25 to practice: making shadow clones, sparring other clones, practicing the techniques the two Minecraft players taught him, and others, summoning stuff, before dispelling them. This went on for 2 hours, before he was waken up by Iruka, who sent him to the next part of the exam.


Naruto sat down, observing all the matches between the students and Mizuki, one of the chunin instructors. When it was finally his turn, he stepped up before getting into the academy style's taijutsu. Mizuki sneered at him, before spitting out the rules.

"You have to try and hit me, and survive when I attack you." He spat. Naruto simply nodded waiting for Mizuki to charge at him, and the chunin did just that, aiming a fist straight at the blonde's head thinking he would end the match in mere seconds.

And he missed.

Naruto simply side-stepped the swing, grabbing Mizuki's arm, swinging him over his head before slamming Mizuki onto the ground. Before the instructor could recover, he punched him in the gut, picked him up, kneed him in the back, before jabbing Mizuki in the face, sending him over the watching crowd, before landing near the door to the academy, and right when Iruka opened the door to check everyone's progress. Iruka's wide eyes looked down at Mizuki, before going to the other kids, then at Naruto, who stood there, like nothing happened.

They had to take a break, for Mizuki to heal, since half the class didn't finish the exam yet. As the rest of the kids were playing outside, Naruto and the rest of the future Rookie 9 not including Sasuke and Sakura sat inside, eating their lunch as they talked about this day's events.

"Can you believe you did that? You just beat a chunin without breaking sweat! That was beast!" Kiba cried, "Arf!" Barked Akamaru, adding his own two cents.

"Y-y-yes, y-yo-you d-did v-v-very w-well, N-Naruto-kun." Hinata stammered, blushing, when Naruto gave her a warm smile. "Gee, thanks guys, it wasn't that great." That was when a pink banshee ruined the fun.

"NARUTO-BAKA, YOU DELAYED MY SASUKE-KUN GETTING ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, AND YOU HURT OUR TEACHER, YOU SHOULD NOT BE A NINJA!" Sakura screamed, attempting to punch him. Keyword attempted. Her fist was caught by the blonde, who twisted her arm, receiving a startled yelp from the banshee. "RELEASE MY HAND YOU DEMON!" She cried. Naruto dropped her hand, snapping his head up, looking at her straight in the eyes. His eyes had changed, from the usual electric blue, to red pupils, in a pitch black space.

"Demon? Is that what you see me as? Give me one good reason why I should not rip you arms and legs off, before shoving them up your candy-ass?!" The room was flooded with a massive amount of killer intent, and three ANBU jumped down from the roof, weapons drawn, all pointing at Naruto. "And you bastards, think the S-Class secret was secret at all, they expressed their feelings of me being the Kyuubi! Why should I not let the Kyuubi loose then? Hmm?"

"Naruto, that is not necessary, we can talk about it." The ANBU said, with fake authority in his voice, since he was visibly shaking. Thankfully, Naruto calmed down. "I'm sorry guys. Didn't mean to scare you." He apologized. His friends were at a loss of words, before Kiba yelled, "That was...freaking awesome!" He yelled. "You scared ANBU, man, that is AWESOME."

Naruto laughed at the comment. Soon, everything turned back to normal, but all the ninja children all had one thought running through their minds.

"What did he mean by, Kyuubi?"

Finally, after Mizuki recovered, the rest of the class sparred with him, though they were lucky, since Mizuki's movements were stiff, due to the damage done to him by Naruto. Then was the kunai-throwing. Naruto hit all ten bulls-eyes. With Sasuke with nine bulls-eyes. For the ninjutsu section, Naruto had made a solid henge, telling Iruka to poke "Iruka". He then Kawarmi'ed with Kakashi, when he was sitting down, causing him to fall on his ass, much to his discomfort. Then for the Clone Technique, he asked if he could use Shadow Clones, but Iruka disagreed, saying it was too dangerous. Still Naruto did it, making 30 Shadow Clones, then making 135 normal clones.

Time Skip, next day.

"I'm glad to say that most of you will become promising ninja, remember those who work together and believe in themselves, have unbreakable wills, do not act independently, unless the situation calls for it, from now on, you are genin and have comrades, those who you will work side by side with, until you are chunin, but even then, you will do missions with them." Iruka paused, then smiled. "These are the teams, meet your sensei here tomorrow at 10:00. Team 1... Naruto waited patiently for his named to be called. Team 7, your sensei will be Kakashi Hatake, with Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno."


A loud thud was heard, Iruka looked up from his board, to see the normally lazy blonde look at him madly. The desk in front of him had been smashed in two. " You can't be serious! I would never cooperate with those to assholes! Put me with someone else. PLEASE!" He cried out. Iruka looked at Naruto apolegetically, "Sorry, these are the teams that were chosen, unless you go argue with the Hokage, I can't change them." That was when Naruto disappeared, as demonic green flames covered the area where he was, before vanishing into nothingness.

At the Hokage Monument.

The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, could be seen behind a massive pile of paperwork, signing paper after paper, either denying a civilian the right to harm Naruto, or allowing more security measures in the village. All that was interrupted when Naruto appeared in the same demonic green flames from the academy. "Old man! Why would you put me on a team made of a stuck-up asshole and a banshee!?" He yelled. The ANBU responsible in hiding/guarding the Hokage couldn't help but feel sympathetic toward the blonde, I mean, both were arrogant dicks.

"Then who would you want on your team then, Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen chose his words carefully, careful not to anger the blonde more. If he said that he was the laziest and needed encouragement, he would be wrong. He had seen what happened in his crystal globe, when someone said ramen sucked. Naruto had made 500 hundred freaking Shadow Clones, all with weird pale-white shrouds surrounding them. Then they turned into that one civilian, before the original Naruto blew them into bits. Then there was another incident when a bunch of chunin had raided his house, before burning it. Naruto had went to a training ground and changed the entire enviroment of it, one that could rival the "Forest of Death", one with man-eating foxes and giant demons, and thick fog that made you hallucinate. Before disappearing inside. One of the ANBU went to investigate, and came back with 4 broken ribs, internal bleeding, a concussion, low chakra, one arm ripped off, a injured knee, and mental instability. It took Inouchi and Ibiki 2 weeks to get him into a healthy mental condition, and took 1 month for him to physically heal too.

Naruto had finally been found, before being sent to the Hokage, where Hiruzen told him about the injuries on the ANBU. Naruto just smiled sheepishly, told the Hokage that he said sorry, and left.

Of course Hiruzen had thought Anko and Naruto were both sadistic, but no one would want to be on Anko's team because of that. While he was deep in his thoughts, Naruto had grabbed the team assignment sheets and stared at it.

"There's one team with five people." He said, snapping the Hokage out of his thoughts. "If you took that guy and put it with Kakashi's team, then you could put me with that Anko person that is free." The Hokage nodded, the plan sounded reasonable, now all he had to do was to convince Anko.

Time skip.

After what seemed like 10 hours of negotiating, Anko finally agreed to train Naruto, Hiruzen had to threaten her with D-Ranks, tell her about the incident on Training ground 13, and tell her his actual parentage. Finally, Anko agreed.

"Fine I'll train the Gaki, but we will not do D-Ranks, C-Ranks at worst OK?" She demanded. After all, Konoha's Snake Mistress would not be seen chasing a cat. (COUGH, COUGH, TORA, Cough)

"Meet me at the Dango Shop tomorrow at 6:00, if you're late for one second, I will make you run 500 laps around Konoha." She said, before shunshin'ing away. The Hokage smiled, "I hope you survive Naruto-kun."

Naruto stared at him oddly. "What? She seems OK." How wrong he was.

Time skip, Next day. At the academy.

Iruka walked in to the classroom, holding the board for teams. "Ok, class, SETTLE DOWN!" Yelled Iruka, preforming the infamous Big Head jutsu. The class quickly became silent, as Iruka sighed. "OK, we will go over the Teams, before your jonin senseis pick you up. Team-" Just then, Naruto flew through the window, landing in front of Iruka. "HiIrukasenseihowyadoin'here'sdaHokage'snewteamsetupbyegottagothere isaexANBUca ptainchasingme." Naruto quickly blathered out, handing Iruka a new sheet of paper, before jumping out of a different window. Just then, Kakashi came in from the window Naruto came in.

"WHERE IS HE?! WHERE IS THAT BASTARD WHO TOOK MY ICHA ICHA? DDDIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" He screamed, his eye blood-shot , darting around all over the place, before spotting the other broken window. Before jumping out yelling, "THIS IS WAR, UZUMAKI!" Everyone sat in silence, trying to get over the fact that that man used to be an ANBU captain. Most of the kids wre freaked out by the spasming man.


"That man is troublesome.."


"Screaming at children is not a logical way to get them to acknowledge and obey you.."



Flashback At 4:00

As Naruto saw the Dango shop, he made a hundred Shadow Clones, splitting them up in groups of 25: one for chakra-control, another for target practice, taijutsu' and ninjutsu. Before sending them to Training Ground 13. Naruto walked into the Dango shop, 5 minutes before expected by Anko. Sighing, he sat down at the farthest booth, ordering some dango, waiting for his jonin-sensei. After 4 minutes, Anko walked in, walking over to where Naruto at. "Never thought you'd actually be on time." She said grinning at the boy. "And how did you know this was my favorite stand?"

Naruto shrugged, "I didn't know, it was quiet, you could track everyone, and was safe." Anko's grin widened. "Great minds think alike." "I wonder if he likes torture and interrogation?" Just then, the dango was brought to the table. "And you ordered dango? Thanks." The Snake-Mistress said, before grabbing 7 sticks, shoving hem in her mouth.

After she was finished, Anko explained her test to Naruto. 'So you're saying I need to find a man with silver, gravity-defying hair, who you call Cyclops, snatch his Icha Icha orange book, take it and run for 3 hours, go to the Hokage's Office, get the new teams, give them to Iruka-sensei, and survive the Cyclops Rage in Training Ground 13?" He said, before taking a deep breath. "Yep." Was all Anko said. "You are very sadistic."

"Glad you noticed, now leave."

Naruto headed out, searching the streets for suspicious looking one-eyed people reading books. The he made Shadow Clones, to shorten the time to find him. All of the other Narutos jumped away, leaping from rooftops. The original Naruto decided to visit the Old Man, and to ask him if he new where was. As he reached the Hokage Tower, instead of gong through the front door, he went through a window. To stay away from the secretary, or else she wouldn't allow him to see the Hokage. Naruto opened the window to the Hokage's Office. Jumping in, only to see multiple jonin and one old man staring at him. "Haha, um, hi guys." Naruto said, very embarrassed that he came in at the wrong time. The Hokage sighed. "Wrong place, wrong time, Naruto-kun."

Then Naruto turned to Hiruzen, "Do you know a man with silver, gravity-defying hair, that has one eye, reading a orange book titled "Icha Icha"?" Hiruzen stared at Naruto, along with everybody else. Before the room was filled with mad laughter. A single man, who was busy reading his Icha Icha, acted as if nothing happened. The next 20 seconds was madness.

"Sorry, I have nothing against you, but this is Anko's test." Naruto said in 8 seconds.

Naruto jumped over to said man, grabbing his book. In 4 seconds.

Jumped out the window in 2 seconds.

Took Cyclops a moment to process what just happened. In 3 seconds.

3 seconds later, all hell broke loose.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Cyclops yelled, taking a very dramatic pose, as if he was just shot in the chest. His hair actually looked like it was drooping. He looked down, shadows covering his eye, before a glimmer shone in the darkness. Cyclops then yelled a very colorful sentence that the author does not wish to repeat. Cyclops then jumped out the window, following Naruto. Everyone stood in silence for a moment. "Now I know why Kakashi's hair was always erected." A man smoking a cigar said, then chuckled at his own pun.

"Not funny Asuma, not funny."

Time skip, 3 hours later.

And here they were, standing within the foggy clearing, with low growls and chattering all around them. Naruto, even with all his stamina had to admit that that was very chase. "Ah, wait a sec, need to, huff, rest." He mumbled, dropping down to the ground. Being chased by insane, ex-ANBU captains are not what you would do for an everyday warm-up thing. Cyclops did not let him rest, instead charged right at him.

"Shinigami Art: Foggy Disappearance."

Naruto said under his breath. Naruto slowly melted into the fog, comepletely disappearing, but Cyclops thought he couldn't get away in time, and rushed on. What he didn't expect was to rush into the fog, but the moment he went in, and turned back, there was infinite fog behind him.

"Shinigami Art: Trickery Fog. And no, this is not a Kirigakure technique."

Kakashi spun around in circles, comepletely losing track of direction. Somewhere, in a nearby tree, Anko sat with her dango, watching the show. "That's some cool assassination jutsu, I wonder if he can teach it to me?" Kakashi placed a hand on his headband. "You have forced me to use my special weapon, yet you are only genin, I commend you on your skills."

Cyclops lifted his headband up, revealing a fully matured sharingan. "Give me my precious Icha Icha and I will let you live." Naruto sighed, the sharingan was a surprise, but the Fox and the God of Death told him that the Trickery Fog can't be seen through by sharingan, byakugan, or even rinnegan. "Sorry, I have to survive something called a "Cyclops Rage". So until Anko tells me to stop I won't give the book back. Cyclops raised an eyebrow. So Anko was behind this eh? Well two can play the same game!

"Was it Anko who gave you this mission?" Kakashi asked. Naruto came out of the fog, "Yes, why do you care about that?" Kakashi smiled, well, eye-smiled, since he had a mask on, with his headband covering his left eye. "(Left is right? Or is it right?)

"Well, since I am your superior, I demand you to give my book back." He said, thinking he had won. "And since I am Anko's superior, she can do nothing about it." Kakashi then put his hand out, showing Naruto that he needed the book, NOW. Naruto simply stood there, not moving a muscle. "Well too bad, you are not superior to the Hokage, so that means I won't follow your commands." Naruto said, showing him the paper with the Hokage's signature on it.

And Kakashi snapped.

He rushed at Naruto and aimed a kick at his stomach, where Naruto avoided by side-stepping, then Naruto grabbed Kakashi's leg, twisting it, trying to unbalance the jonin. Said jonin, twisted with his foot, trying to slam it against Naruto's head, but was caught by the blonde's arm. The jonin placed both hands on the ground, before heaving Naruto and his legs up into the air, slamming the blonde on the ground. That was met by a poof, and when the jonin looked over, their was smoke. "Shadow Clone?

Kakashi jumped back right in time, before a giant, red fox burst from the place he stood a moment ago. "Oh, you have a summoning contract with the foxes, nice."

Naruto grinned,"No, not just the fox contract." He said while doing the handsigns, boar, dog, bird, monkey, then finally, ram. Before yelling, "Kuchiyose Summoning!" Kakashi, expecting a fox again, ran forward, so he could land the first hit, and dispell the summon. Kakashi's fist smashed into flesh, and when the smoke cleared, his arm was grabbed by a giant humanoid monster, with one eye and massive fangs. "Cyclops verses Pervert Cyclops, begin!" Naruto yelled, before jumping back. Right when the summon Cyclops swung Kakashi above his head, before Kakashi turned into a log. "What's with you and academy jutsu?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi said nothing, before spewing a massive fireball at the summon Cyclops, dispelling it. "Summons will never defeat me!" He cried, spitting out fireballs one after another. A cry of pain was heard in the mist, and Kakashi followed the sound in the search of his precious book. Walking in to a clearing, the fog began to dissolve, before there was no fog anywhere. Naruto wasn't anywhere to be seen either.

"Shinigami Art: Flames of the Blood Demons!"

Kakashi was surrounded by green, demonic flames, before the whole clearing was engulfed with them. Except where the jonin was standing. Spinning around in circles, all Kakashi could see were the crackling flames. Before he heard a voice.

"Come on Kakashi, you'll never be able to beat me when holding back, use your most powerful technique."

"Can you find me?"

The voice was demonic sounding, and Kakashi strained his sharingan to see any signs of different chakra. He stopped searching when Naruto appeared right in front of him. "I guess you can't." Kakashi jabbed at Naruto stomach, forcing the blonde to move to the side, which Kakashi thought would make him burn with his own jutsu. What he didn't expect was Naruto to catch his blow, twist his arm and send him into the fire.

Thankfully, he Kawarmi'ed just in time. Kakashi was truly getting desperate. One would remember him saying, "Those who break the rules are scum, those who abandon their teammates are worse than scum." So right now, he didn't want to kill his sensei's son, but he needed his BOOK!" Then he thought of something. He could harm him, like a chidori to the arm, and then take the book, them bring him to the hospital and all will be fine. Naruto was heading his way, so Kakashi quickly charged up a chidori.

In a Nearby Tree, Where Anko Was Sitting.

Anko was eating her yummy dango, before seeing the mass amount of lightning surrounding Kakashi's hand. "Oh shit! Chidori-Naruto=Doom+D-Ranks!" She thought. "Naruto! Run away! Before it's too late!" But it came out as, "Neptune! Pun a gay! Eat whore feet cum rate!" Naruto stopped his advance on Kakashi's position, turning and staring at Anko's direction. "What the Hell does that mean?!" He said, puzzled. He turned back toward Kakashi, ignoring the funky hand dance Anko was doing, only to see a lightning-covered hand, rushing straight at him. "Oh shit." Was all he said.

Anko stared disbelievingly at the blood splattered body of her student. The first day, and he died? She watched blankly as Kakashi bent down to pick up his book. Though before he could touch it, both the book and Naruto poof'ed into nothingness. Anko sighed, happy that her genin did not go to Hell.

Naruto used his Hell Flame Shunshin and appeared next to Anko.

"You pass."

"Can I give him the book before he wants to fuck with me again?"

"No shit, of course you can."

Aaaaaaannnddddddd... CUT!

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