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Chapter Two

Trouble At Home

Jules drove home from the antique shop for the last time, her freaky clock packed back away in the box along with all her sister's postcards. She tried her best not to let her emotions get the best of her, but it wasn't working. A thousand thoughts raced through her head. What was she going to do now? She could barely afford to keep the nanny on as it was, now... Then there were the car repairs, grocery bills, electric, water, and of course her biggest fear. What about Christmas? This Christmas was going to be hard enough without having to explain to Maddie and Milo why she couldn't afford to buy gifts. Jules forced herself to take deep breathes as she entered her snow covered neighborhood. The snow had stopped and the sun was starting to melt away the top layer into a wet mush.

The street was lined with medium sized starter homes. Jules had grown up in this neighborhood with her mother and sister. She'd experienced so much down this little street. Growing up she had loved their home, but now the house just seemed to bring back painful memories. When Jules was 8, their mother, a single mom who worked as a museum tour guide had taken ill. From that moment on, Jules along with Joanna, who had cared for both her and their mother, watched her mother's health decline. The process was a slow one, but Jules' feeling of helplessness had overwhelmed her young soul. In fact, it was similar to the emotion she was experiencing right then. Jules took another deep breath as she pulled swiftly into the driveway of her childhood home. She was so consumed in trying to decide how she would explain the situation to her nanny that she didn't notice the garbage cans still in the driveway until she ran into it. Jules cringed at the heaps of smoke rising from under the hood of her car. Frustrated and upset Jules jumped out of her car before storming into the house.

"Milo!" she yelled as she entered the front door, "You left the garbage cans in the driveway again." She fumbled with the door before slamming her keys on the dresser by the door. Jules dumped her purse in the foyer before heading into the living room. Just as she was taking off her scarf Jules was shocked to see the nanny, Mrs. Kelly, rushing into the room with an appalled look on her face.
"I can't take this anymore!" Mrs. Kelly shrieked throwing her hands in the air. The woman's deep Russian accent always became more prominent when she was under stress. A moment later Maddie came running in with Milo following.

"He's a murderer!" Maddie yelled her dirty blonde curls bouncing as she held up a decapitated doll for her aunt to see. Jules looked to Milo just as he addressed his little sister. His voice dripped with attitude.

"You asked for it." He said indifferently. Jules looked back to Mrs. Kelly praying for an adult voice of reason to sort this whole mess out. After the day she'd had, this was the last thing Jules needed.

"Okay, what happened?" Jules asked Mrs. Kelly in a rush.

"Aunt Jules, Milo killed Dolly Dinkle!" Maddie exclaimed still holding up the ruined doll's body.

"And he snuck out again!" Mrs. Kelly yelled in a rush gesturing at Milo. Milo looked to his aunt his expression had guilt written all over his face. Jules felt her anger growing.

"You snuck out?" Jules glared at her nephew.

"Wait till you see the laundry room!" Mrs. Kelly warned upsettingly. Jules felt so overwhelmed. She really didn't want to deal with all this at the moment.

"Mrs. Kelly, I am so sorry," Jules said trying to calm the hysterical nanny down. But Mrs. Kelly would have none of it.

"Ha!" The older woman scoffed. She turned away from Jules and reached for her purse on the nearby chair. That was when Jules realized Mrs. Kelly's back was completely soaked and covered in soap suds. She gasped her eyes growing large just as Mrs. Kelly tried to pick up her purse. The purse wouldn't budge. The distraught nanny started jerking at the purse, but it was firmly attached to the chair. Jules looked over and saw Milo grinning.

"Milo?" Jules said in a shocked voice, "did you glue her purse?" The boy just laughed and Maddie giggled. Jules felt herself starting to get a headache. Can this day get any worse? She wondered distressed. Finally after a few hard yanks the chair flipped and Mrs. Kelly was able to extract her purse from the chair, but as she turned around to face Jules her face was red and enraged. The nanny took a hard look at her purse before glaring at Jules.

"That's it! I quit!" The woman hollered. Jules panicked. This could not be happening.

"No, no, no! Mrs. Kelly you can't quit!" Jules cried in desperation. She rushed forward toward the woman practically begging. "Please! I need you!"

"What you need is a SWAT team!" The nanny bellowed before storming past Jules. "Oh!" She cried taking another look at her purse.

"Wait, wait!" Jules called deploringly after the nanny. She had only followed the woman a few steps when Mrs. Kelly suddenly spun around.

"And one more thing," she said pointing a finger in Jules' face, "your check bounced. Again!" And with that the nanny stormed through the foyer and out the door slamming it firmly behind her. Jules knew there was nothing she could say to bring the woman back. Especially considering she'd just lost her only source of income. Jules's head was now pounding. This can't be happening, she moaned to herself.

Slowly Jules turned around to face her niece and nephew. Milo stood still, smirking. When he saw his aunt's face he showed only a slight face of guilt at the scene that had just played out before him. Maddie meanwhile, still had her decapitated doll clutched to her chest; while the little girl's mouth was wide open in surprise. Both the kids looked up at the agitated face of their aunt.

"Dining room. Now." Jules commanded.