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Chapter 1: The discovery







Marineangemon (No need to know prior forms but still)


Takato Matsuki couldn`t tear his gaze at the amazing spectacle that lay before him. A portal to the digital world lay just in front of him! He almost lost every single tiny ounce of sanity he had and ran into it, so he could blindly search for his missing Guilmon, but he realized that the others would want to see there digimon too. Plus if he ran in there blindly he could be attacked by other digimon that weren`t as familiar or as friendly as the digimon he knew. So he turned reluctantly and ran. He hated to leave the portal alone but the nearest phone was on the other side of the park. When he arrived he got coins out of his pockets, but dropped them from the ground his hands were trembling too badly to hold them, and kneeled down collecting them.

"Takato what are you doing?" A familiar voice questioned. The ten year old boy looked up to see Jenrya Ri and his six year old little sister, Shaochung Ri They both had the same expressions of confusion on their faces which was probably the only thing they had in common. Jen (His nickname) Had different colored skin than most people from the fact that his father originally came from Hong Kong it was a orange tannish color his hair was blue and arranged in a spiky pattern on his head His eyes were a strange silver color and he wore his usual attire of blue tennis shoes ith yellow soles and laces, Brown jeans,a black shirt that went down to his elbows and an orange zip down vest. He also had a dark green jacket for the winter day.

Shaochung on the other hand had lighter skin with a tiny bit of a pinkish hue with her eyes of course bright pink. Her cheeks were bright red from the cold her hair was a pinkish red color which was up in its usual hairstyle of two pigtails that almost stood straight up with pink hair ties to hold them in. She wore yellow sneakers with white laces and soles. Pink pants that went about 4 inches below her knees revealing her skin and long white socks, her usual pink vest that was stitched from her shoulder to her side with a white shirt with sleeves that went down to her elbows. Over it was a neon orange jacket that was zipped up the hood was down for a moment before her brother pulled it up causing the six year old to squeal in both joy and protest. Takato smiled "Thank god you're here, please help me gather everyone even the twins" He said.

"Why what`s going on?" Jen asked studying Takato he hadn`t seen him this worked up since they lost their digimon… Jen almost winced at the memory he had forgiven his father as it was the only way to stop the D-reaper but it still caused him pain to remember how Terriermon was taken away from him forever. He remembered his little sister crying for 4 days straight he had cried for almost as long but his little sister had never been this sad in her entire life. It was relief when a week after that she was smiling and laughing agian. He then scolded himself for losing track of thought then he looked at Takato he hadn`t changed much. He still wore a blue hoodie that sleeves went down to his elbows. Light blue jeans and yellow and blue sneakers. The only thing he was missing was the yellow goggles that he hadn`t worn since Guilmon disappeared.

"Just trust me we need everyone gathered here as soon as possible" The boy said he had a determined look on his face.

Jen didn`t question him and started to grab a phone taking out coins from his pockets he handed one to Shao. She had become close friends with Ai and Makato Oishin the youngest four days after the incident the young girl knew how to make friends swiftly. Takato made the first call to a girl named Ruki while Jen called Kenta. He heard Takato say something about bringing the Darcs so he repeated it too now he was getting suspicious. He and Shao always had theirs Shao had treated it like a fragile stuffed animal once and awhile she pulled it out to hug it. When he heard Hirokazu in the background when Kenta talked to him he knew that lessened the calls. All that was left was Ryo and Jeri when Takato hung up he said "Ruki`s calling Ryo and I'll call Jeri" Jen nodded as he hung up and looked at Shao who was still talking to Makato and Ai with animation in her face. When she finally hung up both her and Jen turned to look at Takato "Ok what`s this about?" Jen asked his arms crossed.

"You`ll see just wait till everyone gets here" Takato said.

Ruki and Ryo were the first to arrive which made Takato wonder if Ryo was already at Rukis house. Ruki Makino was a girl with pale skin she had bright red hair that she had up in a spiky pony tail with light purple eyes. She had usual frown on her face with her arms crossed. She wore red sneakers which turned gray at the tips of them, blue jeans that were cuffed at the bottom to reveal her white socks, with a brown belt that held a brown card pack on the back and on her left leg was another brown belt wrapped twice around the leg above the knee two silver buckle things could be seen with it. ,red wristbands and a white shirt with blue sleeves that went only halfway down her biceps with a yellow neck and a dark blue heart on the chest. She also wore a black leather jacket currently unzipped.

Ryo Akiyama on the other hand had tanned skin and brown hair that was partially spiky. His bright blue eyes were very noticeable in contrast to all the darkness. He wore bright red shoes with cargo jeans a long sleeved red sweater with a cream colored jacket on over it if he were to take it off Takato would know on his shoulders zipped it would show two leather patches on his shoulders. The two were like yin and yang,day and night despite Rukis protests they also seemed to be attracted to each other. If it wasn`t for the fact Ruki would kick every ones ass to high heaven if they said so they would have teased her about it a long time ago. "Ok Takato what's going on?" Ruki asked her hands on her hips annoyed. Jen noticed that Ryo had a black backpack over his shoulders as if expecting somthing to happen.

"We have to wait for the others to arrive" Takato said.

"What! You made me drag my butt through this freezing cold and you want me to wait?!" Ruki said about to punch him but Ryo put his hand on her shoulder and she scowled crossing her arms "Fine but this better be worth it" She said.

"Trust me it will" Takato said with a wide smile planted on his face.

"Why do I have a feeling I`ll regret this" Ruki said but prepared herself for a long wait.

About twenty minutes later Ai and Makato Oishin had arrived. The twin`s both have brown hair and light milk chocolate colored eyes Ai was taller by about three inches she had her brown hair in two pigtails with pink ribbons on each side. She wore a long sleeved pink shirt with a dark pink overall dress over it with a bright pink thick jacket. She had on pink shoes and around her neck was a purple and grey Darc attached to a white string.

Makato`s hair like his sister was brown but it was cut short and was partially spiky. He was a tiny bit on the chubby side but most likely it was baby fat. He wore blue overalls with a long sleeved white shirt underneath it and an orange puffy jacket. His shoes that matched his sisters in design were blue he prefered to be called by his nickname Mako."Ai, Mako!" Shao said happily and walked over to the twins.

They all started chatting the twins were obviously nervous with all the people being older than them but soon relaxed when they realized Shao was there. Jen smiled at the fact that his sister was having fun, everyone else watched them to for the fact of young children`s happiness. Even Ruki couldn`t help but give a small smile. Ten minutes later the last three of the group to arrive Kenta, Hirokazu and Jeri. Kenta Kitagawa was a dark green haired boy , with green eyes so dark they were almost black and glasses with thin copper frames.. He wore an orange shirt with a tan short sleeved jacket left open blue jeans and blue and gray shoes. He wore a red jacket over his clothes visibly shivering from the cold.

Hirokazu Shiota or Kazu for short had brown spiky hair that seemed to stand upright on his head. He wore a black blazer a black shirt with a yellow cross on it, brown wristbands, yellow jeans with gray shoes and brown socks. He didn`t wear anything to protect himself from the cold most likely to show off how tough he was. He and Kenta were best friends though Kazu did most of the decision making and actions.

The last one was Juri Katou who Takato was really starting to regret asking to come even though his heart did a little dance in his chest every time he saw her. She was a girl with pale skin and light amber colored eyes that showed her kindness. She had dark red hair that was mostly down except for a side pony tail that was held there by a green hair piece. She wore a yellow button down shirt with a collar that sleeves went halfway down her biceps with a green dress over it. Yellow socks with aqua and white shoes and a light blue coat she had a smile on her face like usual and had her sock puppet that was meant to look like a dog with black button eyes. "Ok everyone's here now what's going on!" Ruki asked.

"Follow me" Takato said and started to walk towards Guilmon`s old hideout everyone else following.

When they started climbing up the steps Juri quickened her pace so she was walking next to Takato "What are we doing?" She asked him in a quiet voice.

"You`ll see" Takato responded with a smile though he wondered if it would just sadden Juri more instead of give her hope like the others, a dark pit seemed to have appeared in Takato`s stomach.

When they arrived a collective gasp appeared from everyone as they saw the portal. "No way" Jen whispered.

"I thought they made this impossible?!" Kenta said sounding both surprised and excited.

Takato looked at Jeri who had a smile on her face "We can see Guilmon Culumon and all of the other digimon again!" She said looking like she was going to burst with joy.

"Well what are we waiting for? For hell to freeze over? Let's go!" Rika said.

"Wait we need to think about this calmly" Jen said.

They all looked at him Ryo saying "He`s right let`s not just rush in there"

"Ok first off you three" Jen said looking at Shao Makato and Ai "Are staying here" He said.

"Why!" All three whined in harmony.

"It`s too dangerous in the digital world" Jen said.

"But we want to see Impmon" Ai said.

"And Lopmon!" Shao added.

"We need someone to explain to our parents what happened be right back" Jen said leading the three down the stairs the others waiting.

"Jen it`s not fair!" The young girl pouted "Juri get`s to go"

Jen arrived at the telephone poles "I don`t care I don`t want you three getting hurt and Juri`s older than you three and has more experience in the digital world" He said before dialing the number. "Dad it`s me you mind picking Shao Ai and Makato from the park I have somewhere to be they`ll tell you when you show up" He said before hanging up. He looked at them. "Do not leave this spot till dad shows up got it?" He said sternly.

"Fine" Shao said with a pout Ai and Mako looked at the ground disappointed.

"Don`t worry we`ll be back with Impmon and Lopmon soon" Jen said with a smile before running off pulling off his dark blue sunglasses from his pocket and putting them on.

Ruki had done the same with her sunglasses that were light blue lenses with yellow frames shaped like circles. the others had come prepared too. Jeri put on plastic green sunglasses shaped like flowers while Kenta and Kazu put on black ones, Kenta having to put away his regular ones. Takato looked at Juri "Katou-san are you sure you want to come?" He asked.

Juri nodded with a smile "I may not have a digimon but you guys won`t either when we first enter" She said.

Takato nodded then took out the goggles from his pocket causing everyone to smile and he put them on over his eyes. "Let`s go!" He said everyone nodded and walked through the portal. First Takato then Juri then Kazu then Kenta then Rika then Ryo and lastly Jen who looked back and saw the portal got smaller after him and worried. What if they couldn`t find a way back? Well at least his little sister and the twins wouldn`t be able to follow and walked after the others. As they walked Jen never noticed that the portal remained the same size just big enough for three little kids to fit.