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The first one to move out of the group was Beezlebumon "You think you're so tough well take this Darkness claw!" He shouted about to slice at Chaos Lucemon.

"NO!" Dukemon shouted but it was too late.

"Darkness claw!" Beezlebumon shouted about to slice at Lucemon fall down mode`s head.

The digimon opened his eyes and caught his claw with a smile "Oh you were always cocky...PARADISE LOST!" he shouted sending a punch to him suddenly he moved so swiftly you could hardly see him every blow he gave Beezlebumon seemed to have him flying up about a mile but it was too fast to be sure.

Everyone watched in horror as Lucemon falldown mode and Beezlemon were now going down in a speed they could only compare to spaceships at the last moment Lucemon Fall Down mode let go and Beezlebumon was sent crashing into the ground causing a giant tremor in the ground with a huge crater. "BEEZLEBUMON!" The twins shouted in horror and ran over to the crater Juri following Culumon clinging to her head.

The two scrambled down the crater clumsily getting dirt and scrapes allover and reached their digimon. He was dissolving his wings and feet starting to disappear. "Don`t die Beezlebumon!" Mako sobbed.

"Don`t die!" Ai echoed.

He looked at them trying to hide the pain in his gaze "Sorry I ended up being such a lousy digimon" He said.

"No way Impmon you're the best!" Ai said.

"The best!" Makoto repeated.

"Culu Culu" ualumon said watching them sadly.

He chuckled ruffling their hair with one claw before it started to dissolve "Hey what did I tell you it`s Beezlebumon you two behave alright?" He asked.

"You idiot!" Beezlebumon looked to see Juri angry "You can`t leave your tamers alone you can`t! your always wanting to make up for what you did to Leomon don`t die like him what will your tamers do without you?!" Juri sobbed Culumon looked at Juri tears running down his eyes.

"Jeri…" Beezlebumon said.

The twins were hugging him crying Ai held the Darc tightly. Then Beezlebumon had a tear going down his eyes before he disappeared. The twins and Jeri cried harder they wouldn`t have noticed the two Darc`s glowing if it wasn`t for the fact it went warm in Ai`s hand. She looked and gasped causing Mako to gasp the data was forming together into something smaller and the Darc`s were changing. Suddenly Makoto and Ai held out there hands the darc split in two for a moment before forming back together it was still purple but it had a ring of gold around it and it also had two slash sides it landed on there hands Juri`s also glowing the two Darcs shot a beam of light at the data and it formed together. Then on the ground appeared a digi egg. Both twins picked it up in amazement and hugged it Juri smiled. "Aww how very touching too bad you won`t live long enough to enjoy it" Lucemon said floating up in the air looking down at them all.

Juri ran in front of them holding her arms out "Leave them alone" She said her voice trembling even though she was trying to sound brave.

"Hmm how about I destroy all three of you at the same time less torture" He said holding one hand out suddenly Juri, Culumon and the twins with the egg were trapped in a white sphere. They tried to break it but it didn`t work. "Dead or alive!" He shouted a black sphere appearing heading straight towards them dust piled up.

When it dispersed Dukemon was standing there panting his shield and his armor now had several cracks in it he had used the shield to defend them but it still caused a lot of damage "Run and hide" He ordered.

The four nodded Juri took the egg and ran with the twins Calumon turned watching the fight worried. Shao was holding Lopmon close to the fight "Can you digivolved me?" Lopmon asked.

Shao held her tightly tears down her eyes "No I don`t want you getting hurt!" She said.

"Shao…"Lopmon started to say but a strangled cry caused her to look.

Lucemon had flown forward and grabbed Sakuyamon by the neck he suddenly put his hand right in her chest the armor fading the moment it did leaving a hole. He suddenly pulled out Ruki everyone was shocked that was the safest place a human could be!" Ruki struggled she was still in her energy form from where she was in the center of Sakuyamon…unfortunately also meant that she was naked. Sakuyamon had fallen to the ground but her form remained intact surprisingly but she looked blank. "I always found it interesting when humans merge with their digimon they become more of an energy form as long as I have you ahold your partner cannot change back if I kill you you both die quite interesting right?" Lucemon Fall down mode said tightening his grip on Ruki who yelped in pain.

"RUKI!" Cyberdramon shouted flying forward hitting Lucemon chaos mode with his claws. Lucemon simply knocked him aside but that wasn`t Cyberdramon goal as he now had Ruki in his arms….though he was trying to avoid his gaze as he flew down to Sakuyamon the moment the two were near each other they changed back but both there forms were both seriously bleeding from the stomach Rukis shirt bright red.

"Too many people are getting out of the fight I need to help!" Lopmon said.

"No No No!" Shao cried.

"Burst shot!" Megagargomon shouted all of his missiles heading to Lucemon Fall down mode. Good news was they all hit and had caused some damage…bad news he was Lucemon Fall down modes target.

Lucemon started to spin in a circle his form becoming nothing but razor sharp points "Deadly roll!" He shouted and hit Megagargomon several cuts appeared in Megagargomon armor and he cried out in pain crashing into the ground.

"ONI-SAN!" Shao shouted in shock.

"Shaochun stay back!" Dukemon said shoving her aside before leaping into the air. "Royal saber!" He shouted aiming a beam at Lucemon.

Lucemon stumbled back with a frown. "Grand Chaos!" He shouted ten lights appearing around him before dispensing a light that hit Dukemon sending him crashing back . Shao had screamed leaping out of the way but not without multiple horrible burns on her left side losing her right shoe and getting a cut on her cheek."Leave them alone!" Megagargomon said trying to stand up but only for Lucemon to kick him back down. "Fine then let you die first" The demon lord said holding his hands up about to fire another Grand Cross.

Time seemed to almost stop Shao didn't want Lopmon to fight...without her. A blue card appeared in her hand and she looked at it before shouting "Card Slash Matrix evolution!" She shouted suddenly a pink background was behind her and Lopmon Shao was smiling wind ruffled her clothes and hair suddenly her clothes and hair ties dissapeered her wispy hair now down. "Lopmon Merge evolve too! Cherubimon" All this had happened over the course of two seconds.

Everyone was staring in shock at the sight before them it was a figure about half the size of Megagargomon it was a bright pink except for an area down to the bottom of its stomach till it reached the top of its neck. It had a veil around its neck sort of like what a circus clown would wear it was white as well near the neck it had another veil shaped more like a sunflower and was bright yellow it`s ears stood straight up on its neck shaped more like wings and at the end of each of them were two golden rings with symbols on it. Lucemon chaos mode snarled at the sight of its new opponent "A holy Cherubimon impossible! They're supposed to be creatures of darkness not creatures of light!" He said.

"Leave my oni-san and everyone else alone or you shall face the divine consequences of the heavens" Cherubimon`s voice had a youthful tone to it at the same time it showed hidden dangers this seemingly soft creature had.

Chaos Lucemon smirked "So the young one want`s to die first understood "Terrible dance!" he said flying forward.

"SHAO!" Megagargomon shouted trying to stand up to help his sister but crashed back into the ground.

"Heavens judgment!" Cherubimon shouted bright white clouds and lightning appeared in her arms she wrapped her arms around Chaos Lucemon as if to hug him, he cried out as pure energy wrapped around him trapping him in a cage like substance soon he started ramming against it trying to escape. Cherubimon still had her arms wrapped in a sort of hug not touching the digimon but controlling the cage it`s head bursting with perspiration. "Everyone hit it!" Cherubimon said.

"But you're in the way!" Justimon protested.

"We`ll move out of the way when you attack!" The voice of Shao said from her pink sphere inside the digimon.

Unknown to the other tamers the rabbit made a sort of twitch with her eye Megagargomon looked up seeing it knowing his little sister for years and one way he could tell she was lying was when she twitched her eyes. Before he could shout no everyone that could attacked "Royal Saber!" Dukemon shouted

"Accel arm!" Justimon snarled.

"Pooh Pooh!"

"Destruction grenade!"

All four attacks landed a direct hit on Lucemon to their horror it also hit Cherubimon. Smoke surrounded the two when it was clear everyone was gasping in horror. Lucemon who was battered and bloody two of his wings had scorch marks he was snarling at a hole in the ground a giant one and in it was Lopmon and Shao. Shao was holding the unconscious Lopmon looking in fear scorch marks covered her tiny body her shirt almost ready to fall off from the burns and scratches her jacket having been burnt away one of her pigtails was undone and blood covered her face from a cut on her forehead. "Child you shall die from your foolishness!" Lucemon shouted "Grand Cross" A red light engulfed Shao as she screamed. When the light faded all that was there was a burnt remains of a shoe.

"SHAO!" Megagargomon shouted in both Jen and Terriermon's voices before they stood up "You son of a bitch! Burst shot!" hundreds of missiles came from his body hitting Lucemon who didn't have time to recover as Megagargomon flew forward sending several punches and kicks to him. "Burst shot!" Megagargomon shouted again and Lucemon lied there staring in shock he had lost! He watched his body fade into digital energy "This won't be the end the demon lords were just the beginning!" He snarled before fading away.

Megagargomon de-digivolved back kneeling there was a battered Jen and Terriermon on his head both had tears in there eyes."Damn it Damn it NO!" Jen shouted punching the ground in anger before sobbing "Shao!"

Everyone dedigivolved back to there original forms about to comfort him but a voice said. "No need to cry I got her" Jen turned to see Ruki and Renamon with Shao.

Jen ran over to Renamon roughly taking his little sister from her the vixen didn`t mind just stepped back giving him room. Jen fell too his knees sobbing holding his sister close "I`m sorry I`m sorry" He sobbed.

Shao opened her eyes and looked at her brother blinking "Oni-san did you hurt yourself your crying" She said weakly.

Jen smiled and gently moved some hair out of his sisters face smearing blood on his hands the wound on her head had stopped bleeding and was starting to dry. "Yeah" He managed.

Terriermon was sighing in relief leaping down from Jens head everyone else was watching them in relief and worry Marineangemon flew over and blew a few small hearts on Shao the worst of her burns and cuts fading but they would still be hurting for a while. Jen stood up struggling slightly but clung to his little sister and turned to the others "We need to find a way home" He said.

"We need to find a portal for that and unfortunetley we`re fresh out of those." Ruki said.

"Did you not figure out a way to head back?" Renamon asked.

Takato rubbed the back of his head in embarressment "Well not exactly" He said.

A few of the digimon groaned "You really should have thought this through more" Terriermon stated.

"Terriermon.." Jen said.

"Momentai" Terriermon replied waving him off.

"Everyone!" A voice shouted they looked over Juri was heading over with Ai and Mako next to her both clinging to the egg like it was the only thing keeping them alive behind them was a suprise it was Swanmon flying there.

"Well done heroes you are quite lucky to survive the demon lords have been defeated a suprising thing for such young children and despite the courage you do need to go home" Swanmon said lifting Jeri, Ai and Makoto onto her back with the egg i shall take you to where you need to go some people on the human world have been trying to maintain an open portal and were about to send some people through it so we must get there quickly the Diginomes are helping keep it open" She explained looking at them lifting up Jen who clung to Shao and looked at the others "You need to run swiftly understand?" She asked.

They all nodded and she started flying the others following as fast as they could Renamon was injured but she could still run faster than the rest of them Ruki and Ryo were keeping up a good pace themselves Ruki holding the unconsious Lopmon in her arms who had de-digivolved to Chocomon. Takato was running with Kazu and Kenta the later was holding Marineangemon and Guardromon was running behind them. Guilmon and Terriermon somehow managed to leap onto Swanmons back which of course annoyed most of them. There was one more figure there that suprised most of them it was a Punimon a red digimon that was a circle except for three horns on his head and his eyes. As soon as Juri had climbed on he automatically leaped into her arms and stayed there Swanmon didn`t say anything about why such a young digimon was here. Suddenly he started to leap onto Jeris head to her suprise and climbed into her backpack. "Hey!" She protested lightly trying to get him out gently not wanting him to accidently injure himself. The digimon came out with something it it`s mouth Jeris Darc. Jeri took it from him gently and looked at it suprised the screen instead of static was glowing. Her eyes widened in shock before looking at Punimon whispering "Leomon?"

Punimon just nudged the hand with the Darc she looked at Jen who was watching also in suprise without saying a word he handed her a card. It turned blue in her hands it had been such a long time since she used it she took a deep breath "CARD SLASH DIGIVOLUTION!" Punimon suddenly digivolved before there eyes when he stopped a Tsunomon took his place an orange digimon with a white face a big black horn on it`s head and orange eyes. He bowed his head in respect "I have missed you Juri" He said.

"L-L-LEOMON!" Jeri stobbed hugging Tsunomon unable to stop her stobs coming faster and faster.

Ai and Mako watched her in amazement and smiled "Impmon will be so happy" Ai said.

Mako nodded in agreement holding the egg closer "I hope it hatches soon" He muttered.

Swanmon looked back at the children momentarily relief flooding her gaze and she landed gently having the children climb off. A few moments later the others caught up all were staring at what was infront of them it was bright blue and had data flowing around it it was a portal. It appeared to be blowing rather than sucking as a light wind came from it and blew there clothes and hair easily. Jeri was now on the ground still sobbing in joy Jen gave the others a recap of what happened and Rika headed over hugging the girl with a smile helping her stand. "So this is our way home?" Kazu asked.

"Yes i suggest you go now before another digimon discovers it" Swanmon said.

"I`ll go first to make sure it`s safe" Ryo said and walked forward putting his hand in it. "It doesn`t hurt i suppose that`s a good...woah!" Ryo was suddenly pulled in.

"RYO!" Everyone shouted in suprise

"He`s alright i`m supposing the older humans have seen him coming through now go" Swanmon said.

"Thanks alot bird lady!" Kazu said before Swanmon could peck him for that he ran through the portal with Guardromon Kenta and Marineangemon. Jen walked through next with Shao who was now asleep Terriermon was on his head and he had Chocomon on his head Terriermon waved as they walked through.

"Momentai!" The rabbit digimon shouted as they walked through.

Ai and Makoto ran up to Swanmon and hugged her "Thank you!" Ai said Mako repeating the phrase.

Jeri walked over gently leading the kids through the portal holding Tsunimon gently Culumon on her head. Ruki and Renamon both bowed there heads before running through the portal. "Thank you Swanmon come to the human world and you can have Guilmon bread!" Guilmon said happily.

"Maybe i will" Swanmon said Guilmon laughed in joy and ran through the portal.

Takato looked at her "I thought you couldn`t leave your domain" He said.

"In certain cases i can especially with your friends digimon now i suggest you go your families waiting" Swanmon said.

Takato nodded before stepping through.

When he walked through he felt himself being pulled through crowds of people many voices were heard asking if he was alright and such. He looked around the others in similar situations though he didn`t see Jen or Shao anywhere in sight maybe they got taken to the hospital. Takato watched everyone was being pulled to seperate rooms the twins were the only ones that remained together. Before he could wonder why he was pulled into a seperate room to his relief Guilmon was there with him looking equally confused. Suddenly Takato felt his jacket trying to be pulled off his body "Hey what are you doing!" Takato asked in suprise.

"We need to inspect your body for critical injuries so you need to strip" A black man with a bald head and face wearing a suit and sunglasses explained having gotten his hoodie off him.

"Ok ok but i can do it myself!" Takato said taking off his shoes socks and jeans so he was standing there in only his boxers hoping that this man wasn`t a child molester the man looked pointedly and Takato moaned taking off his boxers too and looked at Guilmon.

"Humans are so odd Takatomon" He said using an old nickname.

Takato used his hands to cover his regions uncomfortably when a woman came in with a medical kit causing his face to turn bright red. The woman smiled "I understand your embarrassed but please relax I'm a doctor that they hired" She explained and walked over taking out a needle "Please hold out your arm" Takato did numbly still bright red as she injected the needle causing him to wince his body suddenly felt numb and he sat down awkwardly on the ground. I`m going to treat your injuries that substance is going to knock you out soon when i finish the injuries on your stomach and back you can put this on" She said putting a light green nightgown in front of him before starting to treat a long scratch on his chest.

"Wait knocks me out?" Takato said in shock.

"Yes we were told to they want to do several scans to make sure nothing's wrong with you and you probably don`t want to be awake for them" She said finishing up before checking his back only seeing bruises and handed him the nightgown which he gratefully put on before she started to treat the wounds on his arm.

He looked over at Guilmon who watched nervously "Takato going to be ok?" he asked.

"Yes he`ll be perfectly fine he`s just going to take a nap you can join him if you like" The woman said.

"Yay Guilmon loves naps!" Guilmon said.

Takato noticed the world was harder to concentrate on soon he could hardly sit up the last words he heard were "Your friends will be with you when you wake up then he passed out feeling soft arms catch him"


Ruki woke up surprised looking around she was on a comfy bed with pink sheets over her she swiftly pushed them off in disgust and sat up looking at her now bandaged arms in surprise. The last thing she remembered was being in the room the lady there patching her up she had kicked the first guy out when he had told her to strip without Renamon needing to do anything she may add. She was calmer about it when two women showed up though it was still uncomfortable. She looked at her arms when a voice said "Enjoy your sleep" Ruki looked over to see Renamon she had bandages on her too mainly around her chest Ruki put her hand to her chest were the same marks were feeling guilt. "Your families outside" Renamon said.

"What happened?" Ruki demanded.

"They gave you a drug that knocked you out so they could do extra scans" Renamon said a hint of a smile in her voice.

Ruki scowled at the vixen "Why didn`t you stop them?"

"I didn`t know till you passed out besides you needed the rest" The vixen said.

I`ll get you for that Ruki said mentally to her partner who smiled hearing this.

Suddenly two figures came in one a beautiful woman with blond wavy hair and purple eyes which now had bags under them and were red from crying this surprised Ruki as that figure was her mother. The woman looked at her daughter and ran over hugging her sobbing "Ruki i was so worried!" She said.

"Your mother was quite worried and so was i" The other figure said she was a lady much older her face had small hardly noticeable wrinkles and her hair was brown starting to turn gray.

"I`m sorry mom...grandma" Ruki said embarrassed.

Her grandmother bowed to Renamon who bowed her head back. "They told us you were awake your friends are waiting" She explained setting down a set of Ruki`s clothes.

Her mother let go smiling at her daughter "I`m so glad you're safe" She said.

Her mother insisted on helping her change with the injuries and oddly enough she did Ruki`s ponytail for her. She couldn`t help but to smile it was a white button down blouse with black jeans fancier than the girl would have liked but she wasn't complaining. Her mother wrapped her arm around her daughter as they walked Ruki didn`t mind she still stumbled from time to time. The hallway was long and it was quiet so Ruki`s guess of a hospital was most likely wrong. They arrived in a business room and Ruki smiled at what she saw everyone was there with parents fussing over them. Takato and Guilmon were being fussed over by Takato`s mom who kept kissing Guilmon on the head obviously the paternal instincts were directed to both of them Takato`s dad chuckling at his wife's actions. Kazu`s father was yelling at him but he looked relieved too and Guardromon watched them having no idea what to do. Kenta mother kept cleaning off his glasses or checking his bandages Marineangemon passed out in her arms. Juri`s parents were talking to her she kept apologizing but neither gave her too much grief Tsunimon kept bowing to Juri`s father promising to guard his daughter with his life. The twins parents were sitting down both twins on each lap but were close together so both the twins could have one hand on the leg the whole time Ruki winced looking at the marks on the now 5 year olds it was the hardest to look at it on them. Ruki realized Jen and Shao weren`t here then again Shaos injuries were pretty bad maybe she had to go to the hospital it made Ruki`s stomach uneasy. Suddenly a blond man wearing a suit and black sunglasses came out and the commotion quieted down. "First I would like to say I welcome the digimon back and what I am saying isn`t pointed towards you" Yamaki said all the tamers soon realized yelling would be involved and they were right. "Now what I have to say is what you all did was completely idiotic! You could have been trapped there forever I understand you wanted to rescue your digimon but that is no excuse for poor planning! You all know how dangerous of a place the digital world is so if you were to be trapped there it could be your demise!"

Everyone ducked their heads down in silence even the twins didn`t cry or say anything. "But I am also proud that you risked your lives to save your partners it may have been reckless but it was also very brave" Yamaki said with a smile.

Everyone looked at him surprised then grinned "Where`s Jen and Shao?" Jeri asked.

"Momentai everybody!" They turned and saw Jen Shao and there family pushing in a table of treats. Terriermon was on Jens head and Shao was on her father's back giggling Chocomon giggling too.

Everyone was staring at the assortment of food when Guilmon said "What are we waiting for let`s eat!" With that statement everyone surrounded the table grabbing plates the adults making sure that the digimon didn`t just eat it all before sitting down In assorted chairs eating.

"Yum I wish Impmon could join us" Ai said.

Makoto nodded in agreement suddenly the egg between them glowed and what appeared was a tiny dark purple fluff ball with black eyes and a mischievous smile with one small sharp sticking from the top right corner of its mouth. "A Kiimon" Tsunimon said.

Both twins looked down at Kiimon as it started to eat the piece of cake from Makoto`s plate. "Do you know who we are?" Ai asked.

Kiimon looked up and smiled saying in a babyish voice "Awe Mawkotwo" He said nuzzling Makoto`s hand.

"Wow I can`t believe it but he actually looks cute" Terriermon said.

"His minds still most likely in an infant form so he would currently only have a small amount of speech and memory patterns" Tsunimon said.

Ai and Makoto looked at Tsunimon "Please don`t hate Impmon what he did was wrong but he`s really sorry for it and it`s our fault and…!" Ai started to shout before she was interrupted.

"I don`t hate your friend for what he has done I became de-evolved after much of his data was taken from the D-reaper I know the sorrow and regret he went through" Tsunimon said smiling at Kiimon who had frosting all over his face.

"It looks like that adventures to an end" Ryo muttered he had been standing in the corner alone most wondered where his family was but didn`t ask.

"Doubt it with our luck it`s just the beginning" Ruki said.

Ryo grinned "You ready to face it"

Ruki smirked back "You know it."

He he yay! Guess what this is the first book of the series i am working on the second book and it might take awhile but hope you all enjoyed it!