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Terriermon woke up to an annoying sound of jingling. He felt himself being carried it definitely was Shao he`d recognize these hands anywhere. When he opened his eyes he noticed one of the eyes only saw darkness but the other one saw cave walls. He looked around indeed Shao was holding him she appeared to be chatting animatedly. Terriermon noticed the ringing sound was worst when he tilted his head. "Ugh" Terriermon said.

Shao looked down at him happily "You're awake!" She said hugging him.

Terriermon glanced at his ear and saw there was a bell on it "What the heck?" He said.

"Apparently were being punished for sneaking off deal with it" The voice of Impmon said.

Terriermon looked over and saw the Imp digimon had a bell on his arm. He was wrapped in bandages around the chest and back and was being carried by Ai who was obviously concentrated on carrying him without hurting him. "A bell really?" Terriermon said about to take it off when he saw Jen give him a look.

"First time it`s only for an hour second time we leave it on for a week" Jen said.

"What I`m not Shao or the twins you can't just punish me!" Terriermon said.

"Well we could have Shao play tea party with you" Jen said and Terriermon stiffened at the threat.

"Why can`t I see?" He asked.

"They scratched over your right eye it`s swollen shut so we put bandages around it" Ryo said. "Which we are almost out of"

"Just make some more you always do" Monodramon said.

"You have the pirate bunny look" Impmon commented.

"At least I don`t look like a mummy" Terriermon said.

"No fighting" Ai said sternly.

"Fine" Impmon muttered.

"Ai can I hold Impmon now?" Makoto said.

"No it`s not your turn yet" Ai replied.

"Yes it is"

"No it`s not"

"Yes it is!"

No one seemed to mind the fight actually they had all thought it was strange they hadn`t fought before. Jen watched them suddenly he noticed Impmon his eyes were wide and he sunk down fear? He never showed that suddenly both twins stopped. "I`m sorry Ai" Mako said.

"No it`s my fault it is your turn" Ai said handing Impmon to Mako

Impmon relaxed Jen was amazed whenever he fought with his older siblings it usually lasted a lot longer than that. The four year olds were mature for their age but why was Impmon looking so scared before? Soon Jeri looked at a watch on her wrist "Ok Impmon times up" She said.

Impmon swiftly snatched the bells off and tossed them to Takato who caught them. "Aww but you looked cute with the bells on" Ai said "Like an elf"

Terriermon started laughing and Guilmon tilted his head Lopmon said "What`s an elf?"

"An elf is a person who works for Santa and makes presents for Christmas!" Shao said.

"What`s Christmas?" Guilmon asked.

"It`s a holiday humans have every year" Impmon said.

"I`m surprised you know that Impmon" Terriermon said.

He shrugged though he let out a small huff in pain. "Try not to move so much" Ryo said.

"I didn`t even know that till Jen told me about it three years ago" Terriermon said.

"Wow you`ve guys known each other for three years?!" Kazu asked surprised.

"Yup" Terriermon said cockily.

"I`ve known Monodramon for about a year" Ryo said.

Monodramon chuckled "You should have seen the look on his face when he first met me he almost wet himself"

All the kids started laughing while Ryo attempted to kick his partner he couldn`t hit him as he was helping Jen support Kazu. "Did not!"

"I`ve known Renamon for about two years" Ruki stated.

"But I still beat you at the card games" Ryo said causing Ruki to glare.

"Wow you`ve guys known your digimon for a while I think I've only known Guilmon for about 5 months" Takato admitted.

"Me and Kazu only knew ours for two months!" Kenta said.

"Same with me and Lopmon" Shao said.

"Hey how long have you two known Impmon a month?" Takato asked.

Only Renamon knew that Impmon had run away from his tamers the others had thought that he just got some after they returned. Ai and Makato shook their heads and they started counting on their fingers both had their tongues sticking out. "Two years!" They said at the same time.

This caused almost everyone to fall over "Really?" Jen said.

"Yeah ever since we were two…so almost three years now!" Ai said happily.

"Wow so besides Terriermon Impmons been in the human world the longest" Kenta said.

This caused them all to wonder why then did Impmon seem to hate humans if he had two tamers. Soon Impmon changed the subject "Can I walk now?"

"No" Every single person, even the three youngest, said in harmony.

Impmon grunted in annoyance but didn`t bother trying to argue. Suddenly Lopmon stopped and Terriermon froze up in Shaos arms. "What`s wrong?" Jen asked.

Instead of responding Terriermon wiggled out of Shaos arms and both he and Lopmon started running. Everyone looked at them startled before hurrying after them even Ryo and Jen quickened there pace causing Kazu to have to hop on one foot faster. Another exit in the cave this time there was a forest when they came out but both Terriermon and Lopmon kept running. Renamon had disappeared probably following in the trees. Suddenly Lopmon and Terriermon disappeared through some bushes. The twins were the first one that reached them and crawled through surprised at one they saw. A whole village of similiar looking creatures they had blob like shapes with a small round head and black eyes the green ones had one horn while the brown ones had three. They were called Gummymon and Chocomon and they were currently staring in awe at the two rabbits. Soon they surrounded them saying "No way"

"An evolved form!"

"So cool!"

"It`s very nice to meet you"

It was obvious the more polite ones were the brown Chocomon while the wild ones were the green Gummymon. Everyone else came through. "Welcome travelers" A Chocomon said politely.

"Welcome to our village" Another Chocomon said.

"What are those white things on your eye?" A Gummymon asked.

The Tamers and digimon were startled "Hey aren`t these your pre-evolved forms?" Jen asked.

"Yeah there Gummymon and Chocomon" Terriermon said.

"Aww there so adorable!" Jeri said kneeling down.

"It is an honor to have guests it has been so long!" A Chocomon said.

"Please stay here" Another Chocomon said.

"Share your stories!" A Gummymon said.

"What are those strange things?" Another Gummymon said pointing out the humans.

"Don`t be rude" A Chocomon said to the Gummymon before saying "It appears a few of you are injured we can help treat you"

"You sure it wouldn`t bother you too much" Renamon asked she had suddenly appeared next to Ruki.

"No, no problem just tell us some stories we haven`t heard much about the outside world" Chocomon said.

The others nodded the twins carried off Impmon and Terriermon who Ai had picked up, Jen and Ryo helped Kazu. They all followed some Chocomon who led away. The rest had sat down and Takato said "Ok who wants to hear about the human world?"

They all jumped up shouting "I do I do!"

Meanwhile the Chocomon had surrounded Kazu and the two digimon. One looked at Kazu`s leg "It`s broken you may not be digimon but we can heal it" She said and gathered some green plants on the thorns on her head hopping over to Kazu "Eat this please" She said.

Kazu nodded and his eyes widened in surprise "Wow it tastes like cotton candy!" He ate it all then winced in pain.

"It helped the leg connect to the bone much quicker you should be better in about two days" The Chocomon said.

Caprimon leaped down "Thank you for healing my tamer"

"No problem just try to make sure that the Gummymon don`t annoy him too much" Chocomon whispered giggling.

Three more Chocomon were unwrapping Terriermon's and Impmons bandages. One hopped over and grabbed a bowl of pink liquid and the other two started putting It on the wounds. Impmon and Terriermon were laughing. "Momentai!" Terriermon said.

"Knock it off that tickles" Impmon laughed.

"These help close wounds and heal them" A Chocomon said then hearing Impmons breathing she set down herbs Impmon took a bite chewing it gasping in pain as his ribs set themselves.

Terriermon looked at the Chocomon and Gummymon he still wasn`t able to open his right eye but he smiled. "Thanks you know I don`t remember but it feels like I've been a part of this village before"

"You must have been one of the travelers usually one Gummymon and one Chocomon travel out of a village together to see if they can grow stronger most of the time they don`t come back but were glad two did" A Chocomon said.

"Momentai" Terriermon said with a smile.

Suddenly some Gummymon came in "We have a feast prepared please join us" It said. Ai picked up Impmon while Jen and Ryo supported Kazu's weight. They headed outside it was nighttime day turned to night in the blink of an eye in the digital world. A fire was set up and everyone was around it Shao was talking "So i screamed monster then Jen ran out into the hallway in just a towel because he thought there was really a monster"

"Oh god not this story!" Jen said running over covering Shaos mouth the girl muffling in protest .

"So Jen what happened afterwards?" Ruki asked Jen blushed.


"Come on Shao tell us what happened" Ruki said moving Jen`s hand out of the way despite the boys protests.

"So Rinchei-nii...that`s our older brother jumped out and screamed with me and Jaarin-nii and he screamed. He also dropped his towel and Rinchei grabbed his towel and ran" Everyone was laughing Jen hiding his face in his hand`s his cheeks bright red. "He followed us outside and this cute neighbor girl screamed when she saw him" She said.

"Wow Jen" Ruki said Juri patting his back in sympothy

Ai and Makoto sat down Impmon sitting on Ai`s lap. Chocomon and Gummymon came with huge leafs covered with fruits. They all started to eat as the moment they saw the food they felt hungry. "Hey I'll tell the next story" Jen said talking about the time he and Terriermon had gotten lost downtown.

Ai and Makoto had started yawning and rubbing their eyes soon they laid on the ground asleep both hugging Impmon who had appeared to have also fallen asleep. The Chocomon and Gummymon were kind enough to provide pillows and blankets for everyone before retiring to bed themselves."Hey you notice something strange?" Kazu asked.

"What?" Jeri asked.

"Well Impmon met his Tamers two years ago but when we first saw him he was alone all the time,plus those two are young yet they stop arguments faster than most adults" He said.

"Yeah it is kinda odd"Takato said.

"Plus you'd expect him to be less full of anger if you were around two kids like those two" Ruki said.

Shao squirmed were she was sitting "Shao what's wrong?" Jen said.

"Ai told me a secret on why her and Makoto don't fight anymore but I shouldn't say" Shao said.

"Tell us it can help us figure it out" Jeri urged.

"Well...she said that they can't fight anymore or Impmon would never come back" Shao said.

"Huh does that mean they used to fight a lot?" Kenta wondered.

"That's stupid there brother and sister it's good to let them fight once and awhile" Kazu said "Plus if they forgave him for what he's done then he should forgive him for if they argue once and awhile"

"But they don't know" Jeri said quietly explaining to them what had happened last night "I don't think we should tell them about it yet or Impmon what they said it would shatter both of them" Jeri said.

"No doubt" Ryo said.

"He already went through so much pain about his choices if his own Tamers can't forgive him he might just break" Ruki said.

"Maybe we can try to convince them to forgive him tomorrow" Kazu said.

"Or at least soften their opinion" Jen said. They all agreed and one by one fell asleep unknown that Impmon had been awake and felt like a dark hole that was in his stomach was getting bigger.

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