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Yuki jumped down from the balcony. She heard the police coming. She wasn't going to worry. As a trained assassin, Yuki didn't worry about this sort of thing. She ran out of sight of the police. When Yuki was far enough, she stopped. She smiled. Her target had been eliminated. Chronos would soon know of her victory. Yuki ran off. When she reached her house, she went inside. Yuki grabbed a coke from the fridge and started to drink it. She remembered Sephiria telling her how she was like the original Black Cat. She hated being compared to him. That's why she used a blade instead of a gun, and, even though she loved milk, she drank something else. She wanted to be different from him. However, she was sure that the comparisons would soon stop once she proved her worth.

The next morning, Yuki got up. She needed to know what was happening in the world, and if she had a mission. She walked out of her house and went down the street. She saw crowds of people. Yuki wondered what was going on. She went through the streets, curious. Then, a man passed her, dressed in black. She opened her hand and the man put a small piece of paper in her hand. Yuki went into an alleyway and looked at it. All it said was "Rinslet Walker." Yuki crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. She knew what that meant. It was her next target. She went back into the streets.

"Train…" Train? Yuki looked around. Then she noticed a girl. She had long blonde hair and green eyes.

"Yeah princess?" Yuki got closer to the girl. Then she saw Train. She touched the hilt of her sword, which was hidden in her coat. She wanted to slit his throat, but something was holding her back. Perhaps it was that girl next to him. She didn't look normal.

"Sven is waiting for us." The girl had no emotion in her voice. Yuki wondered why.

"Okay, let's go." Then they started to leave. Yuki walked after them. She was curious where they would go. She followed them to a small hotel. Yuki followed them up the stairs, and when she saw what room they were in, left the hotel. She went around and looked closely at the building. The hotel was made brick. That was easy. Yuki took some gloves out and put them on her hands, and put then put her hands on the bricks. She smirked. These gloves worked like a charm. She slowly crawled up the hotel. When she found the room, she saw Train, the blonde girl from before, a green haired man, and a purple haired woman. "Sven, did you find a person to catch?" The green haired man nodded.

"I thought this one shouldn't be too hard. It's a girl." Sven showed them the bounty. "Nobody knows her last name. She's just called Yuki." Yuki gasped. "All they know is that she has long brown hair."

"That's not much to go on," the purple haired woman said.

"Well, Rinslet, just look at all this money we could get!" Sven said. He showed her the paper.

"Whoa, you're right! That's a boat load!" Rinslet said in shock.

"I'll catch the girl." The blonde girl said.

"Eve, you should do this with me!" Train said. "I'm more experienced."

"Train's right, even though he has a big head." Sven said. "Anyway, according to this, she lives in the outskirts of town." Yuki decided she needed to leave, but as she started to go down, she scrapped the window. Startled, she let go and fell. She landed in a trash bag. She got up, staggering. She looked at the window and saw Train hop out of the window. Yuki immediately ran around the corner. She went through the crowd, Train hot on her tail. She ran through another alleyway. Yuki looked behind her and saw Train. She hadn't lost him. Yuki turned the corner and saw trees, telling her she was out of town. She took out her sword and turned around. Train had stopped.

"I'm assuming you're Yuki. I must admit, that was a pretty stupid move." Yuki raised her sword higher.

"Don't threaten me, or else." Train pulled out his gun. Yuki had heard enough about that gun to know all its strengths. "Ahh, your Hades. I know all about that."

"Look, let's just get this settled the easy way. This doesn't have to get violent."

"Oh, but it does. If you shoot that gun, it will become more violent than you can imagine." Then Yuki turned around and ran. Train shot the gun, and Yuki quickly turned and put her sword in front of her body. The bullet immediately rebounded and hit Train. Train clutched his arm. "See? This sword gives me a force field." Yuki started to run, when she stopped and looked back. Something was making her feel like she shouldn't leave him there. What was it in her? She stared at him. He was pointing his gun at her, but it was obvious that he was weaker. Then he suddenly shot the gun. Yuki put her sword in front of her and the bullet rebounded again. However, Train dodged the attack and charged at Yuki. Yuki put her sword in front of her and Train ran into the force field. He flipped and landed on his feet. "I expected a lot more from you."

"Train!" Eve suddenly appeared from one of the trees. Yuki's eyes widened when one of Eve's arms turned into a blade. Yuki saw trouble and started to run. Eve chased after her. Eve ran up and cut Yuki's arm. Yuki hadn't expected that and immediately used her sword. She swung her sword at Eve, but Eve dodged it.

"That's it! I'm getting frustrated!" Yuki knew she had to do something. She put her sword in front of her as Eve threw another attack at her. Eve attacked from the side and hit Yuki. Yuki fell to the ground.

"You're not so tough." Eve said. Suddenly, Eve was thrown across the field.

"Xiao!" Yuki said in astonishment.

"You mean, Lin Xiao Li?" Yuki rolled her eyes. "Hey, don't roll your eyes at the person who just saved your life."

"Yeah….right…" She looked at Eve and Train. They were both knocked out. "Thanks for the help." Yuki got up. Yuki looked at Xiao. She never called him by his full name. She started to walk away, when she felt the pain from her various injuries.

"You okay?" Xiao asked.

"Yeah… I'm fine." Xiao smirked.

"You aren't. I can tell." Ugh… she hated showing weakness. However, she couldn't help but lose her tough girl act around Xiao. "Here, I'll help you back." Yuki wanted to protest, but Xiao showed his defiance. They walked slowly to Yuki's small house.

"Can you do me a favor?"

"I think you own me one." Yuki gave Xiao an annoyed look. "I'm joking. Sure, what is the favor?"

"Don't tell anybody at Chronos about this incident." Xiao nodded.

"You know, Rinslet, your target, is a friend of Train. This might be your hardest target yet." Yuki nodded. "If you need help, I'll help you." She was shocked that Xiao had said something like that.

"Okay." Then she went inside the house.

Later that night, Yuki locked her door. She had iced her back, and she felt confident that it was fine. Yuki turned around and then ran into the forest. Yuki looked up at the moon. Her favorite time was definitely the night, when the moon shone in the night sky. It also made her jobs easier. When she reached town, the crowds had disappeared, they were all in their homes, probably sleeping. She walked through the streets until she found the hotel that Rinslet had been at. Yuki was prepared this time for what could happen. Yuki used her gloves again and reached the room. The lights were off, and Rinslet was sleeping in bed. Yuki moved one hand and slowly opened the window. Then she jumped inside and landed on her feet. She took out her sword and approached Rinslet. Yuki raised it high. Then, Rinslet's eyes suddenly opened. Yuki quickly brought the sword down. But there was no scream. Rinslet was on the ground. She had barely escaped her death. but Rinslet's arm had gotten scrapped, and the wound was deep. "Who are you?" Rinslet cried out.

"Rinslet!" Remembering the others, Yuki turned around. Sven stood there. "What do you think you're doing? Are you that girl who…"

"The only person I want is Rinslet." Yuki interrupted. "I won't hurt you if you let me take Rinslet."

"Not a chance." Yuki pointed her sword at Sven.

"Then I have no choice but to kill you." Then Sven noticed something. On Yuki's shoulder was the number thirteen.

"So, you're Train's replacement." Yuki ran at Sven and pointed her sword at him. Sven quickly ran out of the way. "You're just a pet for Chronos! Don't you get it?"

"The one thing I get is that I must kill Rinslet. Don't get in my way!" Then Yuki felt something touching her back.

"Don't move, if you want to live." Train said quietly. Yuki smiled.

"I'll move if I want to!" Then she suddenly disappeared.

"Where did she go?" Sven cried out.

"I don't know!" Train said, frustrated.

Yuki smirked. She had used an old ring that was given to her a long time ago. With it, she could transport where ever she wanted. Now she was in her home again. "Sis!" Yuki raised her sword. She couldn't see anything. Yuki turned on a light. A girl sat on a chair. She had short black hair and blue eyes. "Hey! It's me!"

"Who are you?"

"Don't you remember me? I'm your sister!"