Sorry if the ending seemed rather short. I have a tendency to do that with my endings. lol Also, I just want to say that i ended this story on chapter 13. heheheh, I didn't actually intend to do that, but it ended up that way.

Yuki woke up with Train staring at her. "What happened?" She asked, dazed.

"Congrats, Kenichi's dead." Train said a bit too cheerfully. Yuki sat up.

"He is?!"

"Yeah, and you almost died too. You aren't exactly immune to electricity, you know." Yuki sighed. "You're pretty injured, if you haven't noticed, so I'll just carry you into town."

"Oh no you aren't!" Yuki said quickly. Train smirked.

"You can't stop me." And with that, Train picked her up and carried her through the forest.

When they reached town they soon found Sven, Rinslet, and Eve. "Train, what happened?" Sven asked, trying to contain his anger.

"In our defense, we got kidnapped."

"By who?" Rinslet asked.

"Kenichi." Yuki stated. "I killed him."

"How can you say that so calmly?" Eve muttered, and Yuki couldn't help but feel guilty. She had killed another person.

"Personally, I would call it self-defense." Train said, looking at Yuki as if to say don't beat yourself up about it. Yuki smiled.

"I agree."

"So, have we solved Yuki's people want to kill me problem?" Sven asked.

"I think so."

"What about Chronos?" Yuki asked.

"Eh, they'll give up eventually." Train said with a shrug. "And of course, I won't let them get near you."

"So Train, you will finally admit that you have a girlfriend?" Eve asked, curious. Train and Yuki looked at each other.

"You better say yes." Yuki said threateningly.

"Okay, yes, I think so."

"Good answer."

That night, Yuki sat on the roof of her house. After they had all reunited, they had decided to go to Yuki's house. Yuki had then realized that she had left her sword at the hotel, so she now had that back, along with her ring. She sighed. It was all over. But she couldn't help thinking about the future. "Hey." Yuki looked over and saw Train. "What are you thinking about?"

"What are we going to do after this?" Yuki wondered out loud. Train sat beside her.

"Honestly, who cares?"

"Well that's a nice way to look at it." They chuckled. Yuki looked at Train. "You know, you're not half bad."

"Seriously? That's the best nice thing you could say about me?"

"Oh be quiet!" Yuki quickly kissed Train. When she pulled away, Train smiled.

"Well, we certainly make a pair. Two used to be heartless assassins that worked for Chronos."

"Except for the fact that I like coke and you like milk."

"Milk is good!"

"But Coke is better."

"Milk is healthier."

"Who cares?"

"Fine, obviously I can't convince you." Train said with a pretend sigh. Yuki grinned. She then looked up at the sky. This was perfect. Just her and Train, sitting under the moon. The perfect night to end a pretty good day.

"Hey, I want you to tell you something. And you have to remember it for the rest of your life or you will die a very painful death." Train laughed.


"I love you." Train smiled again. Yuki loved it. What a beautiful smile.

Thank you for reading this! I enjoyed writing this story and i hope you enjoyed reading it!