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NOTE 1: The North is Poland and were Adair and Ana's people were exiled. The Northeast is Belarus and where many of the Northmen moved when they migrated eastward hundreds of years later. The lands further North are called Norway, Sweden and Finland and the Cape of Forochel is Denmark

NOTE 2: King Elendil's sons were Isildur and Anárion. Anárion was killed during the Last Alliance of Elves and Men and Isildur was killed at the Gladden Fields.

NOTE 3: The War of the Ring officially began in April 3018 when Gandalf arrived in the Shire and told Frodo about the Ring in his possession. Frodo left the Shire in October 3018 of the Third Age and the War of the Ring ended in March of 3019.

Arnor – Middle Earth – Year 3321 of the Second Age

I say this to you: You have invaded our lands and killed our King and his entire family and two of our sons – and so shall your sons perish also. Our people will prosper and grow mighty and strong and your people will dwindle to nothing, and you nor they shall find peace in these lands," Ana said to King Elendil and she rode off with her wounded husband Adair, their only daughter, remaining son and the rest of their people.

King Elendil didn't understand what the angry woman said to him nor did he live to see the seer-witch's prophesies come true.


The North – Twenty Years Later – Year 3341 of the Second Age

"It's cold up here," Adair said to his wife.

"But the summers and scenery are beautiful and there's plenty to eat and our people are beginning to thrive and prosper once again," Ana replied smiling at her husband.

"Our Lords can't seem to choose a King for our people," Adair said laughing.

"We'll not have another King for a very long time and he'll come from our line Adair," she replied looking her husband in the eyes.

"We're not of the Nobility Ana," he said with a raised eyebrow.

"He'll be a Lord's son," she replied.

Adair knew never to question his wife's gift of sight and simply nodded his head.

Adair's and Ana's great, great grandson followed his Lord eastward, along with many others and they settled in new lands. Their great, great grandson took his family heirloom and treasures with him.


The Third Age – The North – Fifteen Years before the War of the Ring

Mir and Caldor are brothers and grew up in the North beyond the mountain range of Carn Dȗm. He and his brother live East of the Icebay of Forochel and trade with the Lossoth who live on the Cape of Forodchel in the far Northwest of Middle-Earth. Caldor became a sailor and Mir is a great builder. After Mir told his father, the village elder, and his brother about his dream, his father gave his consent for Mir to undertake the journey to seek out new lands further West.

When Mir and his men returned he reported his findings to his father and they met with the other village elders. Mir told them about his dream and what he and his men found further West; and then laid out his drawings on his father's table and told them what they found in the West.

"Does anyone live there?" a village elder asked.

"No," Mir answered. "Whoever lived there left long ago and the place is deserted."

"We must settle on the east side of the mountain first, but only down to the second river because others still live further south. But within the next 20 years they're be gone and then more of our people can settle on the southern part of the east side of the mountain," Elan, the young (21 year old) seer-witch told them. Elan is a descendant of Adair and Ana from their daughter's line.

Everyone respected the young seer-witch and agreed with her.

"Our people are still without a King," another village elder said.

"But we have petty Lords," Caldor said in a sarcastic tone.

"Why do we need another King after all these years?" a third village elder asked.

"He'll help us with trade agreements we're going to need," Mir answered.

"Trading with Southerner's?" Caldor asked. "They're the reason we're here."

"We must get out of our isolation," Elan said.

"I agree with Elan," Mir's father replied.

"Where's this King coming from?" Caldor asked.

"From the East and he'll marry a Southern woman," Elan answered.

"A Lord's son?" Caldor asked.

"Yes," Elan answered.

"What about the southern female Elan?" Mir asked.

"She won't be of the Nobility, but she'll be able to help us," Elan answered.


The North – Five Years Later

"Our people are finally settled and everything has been built and they're now farming the fertile lands. However, the cold wind still blows from the North in the wintertime," Mir told the village elders and Elan.

"Excellent," Elan said with a smile. "When are you going to cross over to the West side of the mountain?

"Next summer," Mir answered.

"That's a good idea brother," Caldor said.

"I knew you would approve," Mir replied smiling at his brother. "We all know your ships can't sail out of the Icebay during the winter."

Everyone laughed.

"How many of our people are crossing the mountain Mir?" his father asked.

"Half," Mir answered.


Ten Years before the War of the Ring

"This is beautiful," Galinda said wide-eyed to her husband Mir when they finally rode around the mountains with their family and many of their people.

He agreed and smiled at her and told everyone where they were going to set-up camp for the night.

A month later Mir saw a ship sailing south.

"Hello brother," Caldor said when he came ashore and saw his brother waiting for him.

"You're right on time Caldor," Mir replied and the brothers embraced.

"My men remarked how beautiful this place is while we were sailing south," Caldor said.

"Galinda and the others said the same thing," Mir replied.

"The Lossoth want to know why we're moving further south and I told them why; however, I also told them we'll still be trading with them," Caldor told his brother.

Mir nodded his head, "Let's ride South to your new harbour," Mir said.

"I can't wait to see it," Caldor replied

"You're going to be in for a big surprise brother," Mir told him while they were mounting their horses.


"I've never seen anything like this," Caldor said in awe while they were touring the buildings at the harbour.

"Neither have I and whoever built these buildings and harbour were great builders and I've learned a lot from them," Mir replied. "I've also found a great deal of stone, wood and other materials to build our Kings castle and plenty left over to build many homes. I've also found more of the same materials on the spot where I intend to build the castle."

"Where do you intend to build the castle?" Caldor turned and asked his brother.

"Where I found the other materials," he answered. "I'll show you the spot when we return and I also have something else to show you."

Caldor followed his brother outside.

"Elan told me there's another harbour on the other side of this bay and she wants our people to settle only on the West side of those mountains," Mir told his brother.

"Why?" Caldor asked looking across he bay.

"She didn't tell me why, only that it should be on the West side of those mountains,"Mir answered.

"We have a lot of work to do Mir," Caldor said looking at his brother.

Mir nodded his head in agreement.


"So this is where you're going to build our King's castle," Caldor said to his brother a week later.

"Yes," he replied and told him how far the river ran, and that they'll be plenty of hot and cold running water inside the castle. "The castle will have a stone facade, but all the floors, walls, ceilings and furniture will be made of wood. As you can see on my drawings, there's also a stone bridge in the forest that connects to the castle and that's the only way onto the castle grounds. We also found a gap in the mountains that leads to the east side."

"How large is that gap?" Caldor asked with a raised eyebrow.

Mir told him.

"That's a large gap and it'll have to well guarded on both sides at all times," Caldor said.

"I know, but our people will no longer have to go around the mountains to reach the other side," Mir replied.

A few months later Mir and Caldor returned to their childhood home after receiving word that their father was dying.


The Northeast – Three Years before the War of the Ring

Adair's father is a Lord and had two daughters before Adair was born. Adair's mother is a servant in their Lord's household and Adair is his bastard son. Adair was raised in the castle and learned to read and write and was taught proper manners, but his half-sisters always reminded him of his status within their family and they were never kind to him. Adair is an excellent rider, swordsmen and bowmen. He also knows and befriended the other bastard boys in his community, and they too were trained to ride and fight, but only a few learned to read and write and learn the Southern tongue Westron.

When Adair turned 18 he moved into a small one room cabin on the castle grounds. It was at that time that his father and Lord sent him out with others to patrol their borders against the foul things that would, from time-to-time, venture further North into their lands during the spring and summer months.


Six Months before the War of the Ring

"Hello Adair," Katrina said when he opened the door to his cabin.

"Mother," he replied with a raised eyebrow when he saw something in her hand.

After Katrina stepped inside Adair's cabin he closed the door and made her a cup of tea.

"What's in your hand mother?" he asked after he handed her a cup of tea.

"I've come to tell you the story of our family," she answered and began to tell the tale.

Adair listened intently to his mother and asked many questions after she finished. "Why are you telling me this now mother?" he asked surprised.

"This sword is your heirloom," she answered and handed him the brown leather scabbard with a long brown leather strap attached. Katrina watched as her son unsheathed the long sword and saw awe on his face and in his eyes.

"This is the most beautiful sword I've ever seen," he said and stood up and tested the weight of the sword. "Do you know what it's made of mother?"

"No I don't, but it was made for the first of your name," she answered.

"Adair?" he asked surprised.

"Yes," she answered. "Adair, that first of his name, wielded that sword against the enemy that came from across the sea and he was a mighty swordsman and killed and wounded many of them. He also lead the army that fought the foul things and he was the Captain of the King's Guard. You have the same qualities that he had and you're a natural born leader and also a very skilled swordsmen like he was."

"Thank you mother," he said with a smile and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I also have something else to show you son," she told him. "Come with me."

Adair followed his mother to her room in the castle and watched as she removed a hidden panel from a wall and pull out a very large chest and opened it. "Where did you get those gems from mother?" He asked astounded looking at the many magnificent stones of various sizes that filled the entire chest.

"The people we used to trade with in the South gave our King and others payment in gems," she answered. "Adair's great grandfather, grandfather and father were merchant's and they were also paid in gems."

"What are they called?" he asked wide-eyed.

"The red ones are rubies, the green ones are emeralds, the blues ones are sapphires and the sparkling ones are are diamonds," she answered smiling at her son. "These gems are your inheritance. They use to be many more, but over the years our family used them as payment for various things."

"They're enough gems here to build a kingdom," he said laughing. "Why didn't you use these gems to make a better life for us?"

"They were not mine to use Adair and they were meant for you," she answered. "Ana , Adair's wife, was a seer-witch, as am I, and she prophesied that our next King will come from our line and he'll be a Lord's son."

Adair looked at his mother. "What are you saying mother?" he asked. "I'm a Lord's bastard son with no title or land to inherit."

"Everything you get in life Adair you'll earn and you're going to earn your Kingship – that's why it's imperative that you travel South and when you return, you must travel East and then West."

"Why mother?" he asked with a perplexed look on his face.

"War is coming Adair, I can feel it in my bones and you must be ready to fight with a large army," she answered.

"But why must I travel South first?" he asked still not understanding.

"I can only tell you that there's something for you in the South and you'll know it when you see it and you must travel South to the sea," she answered.

"I've never seen the sea before mother," he said and thought about what his mother just told him.

"You have to leave within the week Adair," she told him.

Adair nodded his head and knew his mother's words were true. A week later Adair rode West with Ivan, Anton, Khan, Vlad and Boris. They rode until they passed the Misty Mountains and then they rode South.


"The Southerner's aren't very friendly," Boris stated matter-of-factually while they were riding South.

"By the looks on their faces you can tell they've never seen a Northmen and probably didn't know we existed," Vlad said laughing.

"It's our clothes," Ivan replied.

"They would wear the same clothes if they lived in the North," Khan said smiling at his friends.


Bree – The Prancing Pony

Gandalf had a glass of ale before he ordered dinner. When he turned to his left he saw six men walk into the inn and noticed many heads turn and the conversations ceased. The other patrons stared at the strange men dressed in strange clothings neither he nor they had seen before. They all wore black leather boots that came to their knees; black trousers, and short black coats with a belt around their waists. They each had a dagger on one side and a sword on the other side of their belt, except the one that had a long sword strapped across his back. He had two long daggers, one on each side of his belt. Their cloaks came to their ankles and were lined with some sort of fur, which was also around the collar of their cloaks, which were also black. They each had on fur hats and long black gloves and their bows and quivers were in their hands.

Gandalf knew the six men are young after studying them, but their eyes and demeanor told him they live hard lives. Two have yellow hair and the rest have black hair, and one had eyes he'd never seen before and his face is rounder than the others. The young man with the long sword, who was standing in front of the others, appeared to be their leader and he thought he was the son of a Noble by the way he carried himself. But Gandalf knows of no Noble in Middle-Earth that dresses they way they do. He noticed the six men scanned the entire room and they didn't miss anything with their hard eyes and they reminded him of someone else he knows. He watched as the one with the long sword spoke to the waitress. After she spoke to him they walked to the table next to his.

"These are the only seats available, may we share your table?" The young man with the long sword asked.

"Of course," Gandalf answered smiling at them and watched as they put the two tables together, took off their cloaks, hats, gloves and put their bows and quivers across the backs of their chairs and then sat down.

"Thank you for sharing your table with us sir. My name is Adair and these men are my friends. This is Boris, Anton, Ivan, Vlad and Khan. Khan and I are the only ones who speak Westron," Adair told him.

Gandalf introduce himself and before he could ask a question the waitress came over with their ale and took their dinner orders.

"This ale is weak," Anton said after taking a gulp of his ale and the rest of them laughed and agreed with him after they took a gulp of their ale.

Khan told Gandalf what Anton said and he too laughed.

"Where are you young men from?" Gandalf asked.

"The North and we call ourselves the Northmen," Adair answered. "We live at the top of the world."

"It's very cold up there and the snows are deep, ice is everywhere, the wind is bone chilling and the bay freezes in the winter and no ship can enter or leave," Khan said.

"That is cold and now I know why you dress the way you do," Gandalf replied.

"We grew up there and we're use to it," Khan said.

Adair translated for the others what they were saying.

"Unlike the foul things that come across our borders in the winter and die in the snow," Vlad said and his friends laughed.

Khan translated for Gandalf what Vlad said.

"Foul things?" Gandalf asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The ugly dark things with crude weapons that smell foul," Adair answered.

Gandalf knew they were talking about orcs. "Do they come across your borders often?" he asked.

"They have for many years during the spring and summer, but occasionally they come in the winter and they simply drop dead in the snow from the cold. We're just come off border patrol because we know the foul things can't survive our winters," Khan answered.

"While we were riding westward we stopped and helped some of our brothers burn their dead bodies," Adair told Gandalf.

When their dinner arrived and they stopped talking until the waitress left. During dinner Gandalf asked them about their land and their people. He was surprised to learn some of them originally came from Middle-Earth and wondered how they got that far North.

During dinner Adair thought Gandalf could answer a question he had and felt he could trust him.

"Where are your people from Khan?" Gandalf asked.

"From the Far East and everyone there looks like me," he answered. "My ancestors (Mongols) used to live on the plains and were fierce fighters and great horsemen. After a disagreement with their Lord many of my left their home and traveled West, which took a few years. When they arrived in the West they settled East of the Northmen."

Gandalf saw recognition in Adair's eyes when Khan said East of the Northmen.

"I was told that there's a great sea in the Far East called the East Sea," Khan told Gandalf.

Gandalf nodded his head. "Where are your ancestors from Adair?" Gandalf asked after taking a sip of his ale.

"My great grandfather was a Northmen and my great grandmother and many of her people came with Khan's people, but from a different place in the Far East (India). I was told they all look like her," he answered.

When Khan was speaking to Gandalf, Adair translated for their friends, and Khan did the same while Adair was speaking to Gandalf.

"It's time for bed, we have to get up early and continue our journey South," Ivan said after they finished their meal.

"We don't have any money, but I have this," Adair said to Gandalf and took a gem out of his pocket. "Do you think they'll take this in payment for our meal and rooms?"

"I'm sure he will," Gandalf answered with a twinkle in his eyes. "Do you have a smaller one?" he asked.

"Yes I do," Adair answered and took a much smaller gem out of his pocket and showed it to Gandalf.

"That will do, and I'll make sure he takes it," Gandalf said.

"Thank you sir," Adair replied.

Adair and his friends were grateful to Gandalf and told him so. Gandalf also gave them some valuable advice. They then departed the dining room and were shown to their rooms. While they were walking to their rooms Adair asked Gandalf if he could speak to him in his room for a few minutes and Gandalf said yes. Adair told his friends he'll be along shortly.

"What would you like to talk to me about Adair?" Gandalf asked when they entered his room and sat facing each other.

"I was wondering if you could tell me what my sword is made of," he answered and took the long sword off his back and handed it to Gandalf. Adair watched as he unsheathed his sword and studied it.

"Where did you get this sword from Adair?" he asked still studying the sword.

"It's a heirloom which has been in my family for many, many years?" he answered. "My mother gave it to me before we rode South."

Gandalf nodded his head. "This sword is made of pure Mithril," he told Adair and saw the confused look on his face.

"Mithril is a very rare medal and can't be found anymore," Gandalf told him. "How did your family come to possess such a weapon?"

"My mother told me long ago our family use to live in the South until a King and his men came from across the sea and invaded our lands – and our people went to war with them and lost. After they killed our King and his entire family and burned down the castles, we no longer had a leader and they exiled us North. This sword was Adair's sword and he was the first of my name and also the Captain of the King's Guard. He also lead the King's Army into battle against the foul things. My mother also told me Adair was a great swordsmen and many men from across the sea fell under his sword. Ana, Adair's wife, told the enemy King what will befall his people and told him...," Adair answered. He then told Gandalf how his family came into possession of their gems and his inheritance, which he didn't know about until recently.

Gandalf knew Ana was talking to King Elendil and what she prophesied came true. He lost both his sons, their lands, and his people did dwindle to nothing. The Númenóreans never did found peace in these lands and all they built came to ruin, whereas Adair's people prospered in the North. He didn't know the Númenóreans went to war with the men who lived in Arnor when they returned, but knew this was the price they paid for what they did to Adair's people. He handed Adair's sword back to him. "Why are you traveling South Adair?" he asked.

"My mother only told me there's something for me in the South and I'll know it when I see it," he answered laughing.

Gandalf also laughed. "Your mother sounds like Ana," he said.

"She is and we call them seer-witches," Adair replied. "Mother told me when I return home that I must go East and then West. She also told me Ana said our new King will come from hers and Adair's line and he'll be a Lord's son."

"Is your father a Lord?" Gandalf asked.

"Yes, but I'm his bastard son and my mother is a servant in his household and I grew up there. He never acknowledged me and my two half-sisters always reminded me of my place. I did learn how to read and write and my mother taught me manners and how a Noble Household is run," Adair answered.

Prophesies are not always what they seem Adair," Gandalf told him.

"Sir?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Ana said your new King will come from her and Adair's line and he'll be a Lord's son; however, she didn't foresee he'll be his bastard son," Gandalf told him.

Adair nodded his head.

"What will you find in the East?" Gandalf asked.

"My army," he answered. "Khan's people are a warrior race and fierce fighters. They're also excellent bowmen, swordsmen and great horsemen. My mother told me war is coming to our lands."

Gandalf knew Adair's mother is right. He and Adair talked a while longer.


"I've come to say good-bye," Gandalf said when he walked into the stable the next morning and saw Adair's horse turn and look at him. Gandalf looked at the big black stallion and sensed an intelligence in him.

"It was nice meeting you Gandalf," Adair replied.

Gandalf walked up to Adair's horse and rubbed his neck. "Nice horse," Gandalf said still rubbing his neck.

"Wind just appeared one day on my Lord's lands and no one could tame him. I said I'll try and he responded to me," Adair replied.

"He found the right master," Gandalf told him with a twinkle in his eyes.

Adair and his friends thanked Gandalf again, said their good-byes, walked their horses out of the stable, got on their horses and rode South.

"Who are they Gandalf?" Aragon asked riding up next to him, but never taking his eyes off the six men dressed in clothes he's never seen before.

"Strangers riding through," he answered. "We met last night at dinner and they're fine young men."

"Where are they from?" Aragon asked.

"The North," Gandalf answered. "They told me they live at the top of the world and this is their first time in South. In fact, none of their people have been South and they're the first."

Aragon knew not to press the point and trusted Gandalf's judgment when it comes to others.