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Epilogue: Happiness

Phoebe's POV

After four long years of waiting, Academy Award Winning Director Phoebe Grey- Hale gave birth to her angel, Fay Hale. She and Doctor Husband Francis Adam Hale are beyond ecstatic and-

Mom turned off the TV. She really didn't like media talking of such personal things.

"Finally! Giuliana Rancic's voice is out of my head!" Mom exclaimed and I laughed. She is sitting down my hospital bed while Dad stood beside it, holding my baby. He's been over the moon for her.

"She's beautiful, Darling" He said to me and I nodded with pride.

Dad talked to Fay and found it very cute. "Hey Little Fay, I am your Grandpa. We have the same gray eyes." Me and Mom smiled at him. He is a great father so for sure, he'll be a very good grandfather.

I feel happiness even though I just woke up from a very tired sleep. Who wouldn't be tired from a seventeen hour labor? Dad was so worried and Mom was in distress. Adam was perfectly calm even though I yelled at him for so many times. Speaking of my husband, he went out of the room to call Allie, Phil and Jonathan in the waiting area.

Since his proposal, everything was beautiful. He and I decided to get married in the meadow of our big house in Seattle. There were many people who attended. Auntie Kate, Uncle Elliot, Aunt Mia, Uncle Ethan and even my four grandparents; Carrick, Grace, Ray and Carla.

Dad walked me down the small isle and I remembered him bearing more tears than I did. Mom was so dramatic too. She gave a twenty minute talk during the reception. Both of them felt bittersweet about me and Adam settling down in New York. We bought a house here and it's just amazing. Adam filled the walls with his paintings so there is no need for us to buy those.

After that, Teddy was the co-owner of Dad's company and he is really doing great with it. Adam told him to start dating because he is getting old but Teddy is just a career man. He doesn't want to love. . . I guess.

I graduated college and immediately made two films. Both did not go successful and I was devastated but Adam was my rock. He gave me hope to continue making films. Then, I wrote a comedy and Sandra Bullock starred in it. I was beyond shocked when I won an Oscar for Best Director. I dedicated my victory to Adam as I said in my speech.

Gracie on the other hand was still the baby girl. We feared that one day her cancer might come back but there is no sign and we found it a blessing. Her hair grew and she loved it short. She said she looked better with pixie hair and we agreed. She's still the one who braids my hair despite she can't braid hers.

After marrying Adam, adversities still went in our lives. We were a year married and Mom still wondered why we don't have a child yet. Adam took me to his ob/gyn doctor friend and he told us that only one of my ovaries is functioning and that it is weak. I was beyond sad that time and Adam showed nothing but hope. He had been an optimist for four years and it payed off. We have our own angel now.

I smiled as I reminisced the happenings for the past four years. I looked at the table beside me and smiled when I saw the book of poems. Guido just graduated from Harvard but he conquered the hearts of readers so fast. His book of poems entitled "Heart of Gold" was a bestseller. He dedicates it to his girlfriend, Janine whom he met in Harvard also. I was grateful that he sent me one copy before it first came out. He's still my bestfriend up to now.

"Phoebe!" Allie smiled as she entered the room. She quickly ran to me and hugged me tight.

"That Jonathan is Baby Fay. She's the daughter of your Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Adam." Phil carried four year old Jonathan so he could see my baby in the arms of my Dad.

"She's beautiful." He smiled then added, "I am gonna marry her someday." We all laughed at that especially Adam.

"I guess we're going to be in-laws in the future." I laughed at Allie and she laughed back and nodded.

This is paradise for me. I love hearing their laughter. All eyes were on Fay and I am happy of that. Then, I felt someone held my hand. I look at Adam and he wore that beautiful smile he had since I met him. Who would've thought that we're gonna have this kind of ending? Who would've thought that we'd stay strong after all those trials?

He leaned in to my ear and whispered, "Thank you Mrs. Hale for giving me our baby."

"Anything for you, Adam." I whispered back and we just smiled at each other.

Who would've thought that we'll end in happiness beyond all those grief and sorrow?


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