I'm sorry this isn't an update, but there is a point to this message. A generous number of you have requested or expressed your desire for me continue this story, and I have told you all that I will think about it. Well, I have put some thought into it, and I am sorry to say that I will definitely not continue the story. Some of you may be very disappointed in my choice, but my personal life and heavy load of writings prevent me from updating my main stories on a timely schedule. (-.-)

I have a list of stories I will update or create on my profile; that list is for you all to view if you are unsure of my activities. There is also a list of rules I have posted under the story list; the rules regard sequels. Please look at that when you have the time.

Now back to this story. You know I won't continue it, and a suggestion was made to me by Wrath4life. I thank him or her for that; the suggestion put my mind at ease.

Here's the point: as a dedicated reader of "Dangerous Circus Love," feel free to write your own sequel to the story. I think you all would have a lot of fun in bringing your own ideas of how the story would continue on. If you decide you will write a sequel, please give the appropriate credits and give me a link to the story. I'd like to see what you all come up with. :)

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me or express yourself in the review section. Either way, I will be able to respond to you within the first two days.

Thanks for your time and support from the first chapter to this note,