My first AHS fanfiction. Just me being in denial of Grace's death and filling my head with fluff. Let me know what you guys think! xo

"I'm telling you, this isn't going to work!" Grace whispered frantically to Kit as they ran through the halls. "Just trust me on this one, I know a way out to the balcony. We'll be back before they even notice. We have to see the snow!" Kit pulled at Grace's arm like an eager child.

Grace almost laughed at his silliness, but she was a little too worried about being caught. She was trying to act like a rebel like Kit, but she had absolutely no interest in whatever punishment they'd have in store for them if someone saw them. But before they knew it, they were pushing through the glass doors and out onto one of the old balconies, and Grace forgot all about her worried state of mind as a single snowflake fell on her face and melted right on her nose. It was the closest thing to happiness she had felt in God knows how long.

"It's so beautiful." she giggled and spun around in the snow; she felt like a little girl again. Kit grabbed her hand again and they danced around in the snow, as if they didn't have a care in the world. Unfortunately, they tripped and fell in a big pile of it and tried not to scream at the feeling of freezing cold snow seeping through their hospital gowns. They just lie there for a moment, looking up at the sky and watching the snow fall on to them.

Kit had never seen Grace so happy, which made him happy. "Merry Christmas to us." He said, balling some snow up in his hand and handing it to her. She laughed at the strange offering, and then helped him up. "Thank you for freezing my ass off." She remarked. Kit grabbed her arm again and they ran back through the halls as fast as they could. Grace clutched his hand. She could still feel bits of melted snowflakes on it. "Merry Christmas to us."