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Love's Labors Two

Bar Tab

Axton drained his glass. He set it down on the bar then motioned Moxxi for a refill. He was, oddly enough, drinking alone this once. Maya and Lillith were talking about something Siren-related, while Mordecia was playing with his new baby bird. Brick and Salvador were getting up to their usual brand of trouble. Gaige was visiting Tina, and no-one was quite sure where Zer0 was, as usual. So Axton sat alone. And drank. Also alone.

He was on his fifth refill when he noticed a subtle change in the tone of the indiscernible bar chatter. Looking in the reflection of his glass, he could see five men in various colors of camouflage walk through the front doorway. They had a professional, deadly air about them. One of them stepped forward, drawing a pistol from his hip. It was a Dahl weapon.

The man reached Axton and quickly held the gun against his back.

"Last call, dickwad. Drink up." The man said. The four others turned and leveled their weapons on the rest of the patrons in the bar. Everyone else, in the process of getting up to defend one of the heroes who helped kill Handsome Jack, weighed the odds. One of the men held up a grenade and pulled the pin. The patrons remained standing, but no-one was foolish enough to go for a gun.

Axton sighed.

"Moxxi," he asked "that 'free drinks for life if you kill Jack' thing, does that cover damages too?" She gave him a quizzical, fearful look at how casually he was acting about all of this.

"I never really thought about it." She admitted.

"Well, if you decide damages aren't covered, put this on my tab."

He drank half of his glass, then spun around, knocking the pistol against his back out of place with his elbow. The forthcoming shot went completely wide, burying itself in the underside of the bar. Axton tossed the rest of his beer into the face of man behind him, then grabbed him and slammed his face down on the bar a few times. Picking up his empty glass, he smashed it into the face the closest of the threatening four, the one on his right. He drove the remaining half into the same guy's face to keep him down. Tearing the man's Dahl pistol from his holster as he crumpled to the floor, Axton fired in the burst-mode, letting the barely existent recoil drag the barrel up so that the third bullet took the man to the left straight in the forehead. Axton drew his hatchet and swung at the final man as he turned around, taking his hand clean off, still clamped on the grenade safety. Axton buried the hatchet in the last man's chest, driving him to the floor. He scanned the floor for the grenade pin and put it back in after about two minutes of searching.

"Not much to offer to pay for." Moxxi said. "Just lost one glass and have a bullet hole to buff out."

"Well, things could have been much worse." Axton replied. He walked over to the unconscious man lying facedown beneath the bar countertop.

"So, now what'll you do?" Moxxi asked.

"Now I get some answers."