So, after getting into the Friendship is Magic series, decided to try my hand at making a decent MLP crossover, Fan of Fanfics style (and please don't make any Gangnam Style jokes, I got enough of that song while I was on my trip to South Korea in Sep.). Sorry about the quality of thechapter, my computer is shot right now, so I've had to resort to doing my typing COMPLETELY on my phone.

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"Could ya run that by me again, Twilight? This time in words I actually know?" The unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, continued to flip through her latest obsession. A dusty old tome hidden in a secret compartment of the library shelves, concealed from view.

"It's simple, really," Twilight replied, turning to her friend, Applejack. "According to this book, there are potentially infinite other worlds completely unlike Equestria. And this book details how to travel between them."

"Ooooh," the Earth Pony said, seemingly in understanding, before returning to her confused tone. "Still don't make a lick of sense. Why would anyone wanna try to go anywhere else? If ya ask me, sounds like more trouble than it's worth."

"Are you kidding?" Twilight asked, incredulously. "This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Think of all the things I could learn from just ONE of these other worlds."

"I don't know, Twilight," Applejack replied. "Don't this seem a might dangerous? What happens if you get to one-a-them 'other worlds' and get stuck? Or if the things livin' over there think you look mighty tasty?"

"I think I know what I'm doing here AJ," Twilight replied. "The book doesn't mention anything about that, so I doubt it's that big of a problem." Getting up close to Twilight, face-to-face, her eyes wide, Applejack issued her rebuttal.

"Well, maybe it don't say nuthin' because everypony who's tried it ain't ever come back? That book was hidden, and probably for a good reason too. I don't like this."

"Oh, Applejack, you worry too much," Twilight said, dismissing her friend's distress at the situation as her horn began to glow, surrounded by a purple aura. "There is nothing to worry about. Just need to stay focussed."

As her horn continued to glow, a strange looking mist seemed to appear in the air, before condensing in a strange, vortex-like shape, large enough for two ponies to pass through side by side. "Come on. Come on!" Twilight repeated through grit teeth, physically straining to keep up her effort.

A sudden crash and a blur completely destroyed the Unicorn's concentration, the two ponies' friend Rainbow Dash making a rather disruptive entrance as she crashed head-first into a book case. "Ok, I think my new trick needs a bit of work," she said. The blue pegasus pony stood, but like her friends, became awe-struck by the swirling vortex, now spiraling out of control. As it expanded, the ponies weren't lucky enough to escape, all three pulled into the portal, before it closed behind them.

The first thing that could be heard were birds chirping. A noise that quickly began to annoy Twilight, her head feeling as though it had been used by Applejack for applebucking practice. Opening her eyes, she was at least glad to see the sunshine. Wherever they had landed, it was warm and sunny. Turning her head, she noticed a small pond, and slowly crawled towards it. As she leaned down to get a drink, she caught a glimpse of her reflection, and she screamed. Looking herself over, she noticed her entire body had changed. Gone was her purple coat, replaced with some form of purple sweater, loose enough that the opening which her head was through also had room for her shoulders, which stuck out but managed to hold up the top, and beneath that, nothing but fleshy, pink skin. Her tail had vanished, but her mane had remained, albeit changing slightly, with it growing out much longer, to near what was now the small of her back. She also wore a skirt that was a darker shade of purple than the sweater. But the thing that shocked and frightened her the most, was the loss of the horn at the top of her head. She reached out with her new hands, feeling where it had been. Feeling only the hair in its place, she let out another scream, but this time she wasn't alone, and she could make out the frightened yell of Rainbow Dash not far from her. Feeling somewhat awkward on her hands and knees now, Twilight stood and shakily made her way in the direction of her friend.

As she entered a more forested area, she was able to grip the trees to support her balance. She nearly tripped and fell on a root, but managed to catch herself. "Twilight!" turning her attention to her left, she saw the new form of who could only be Applejack. The earth pony looked remarkably similar in body-type to Twilight, though her skin seemed a bit more tanned, and she seemed a bit more curvy. She managed to keep her hat, and her mane was still tied in a pony-tail. Rather than clothing like Twilight's, Applejack wore what appeared to be a pair of jean-shorts, with a plaid shirt, the sleeves rolled up. On her feet were a pair of work boots.

"AJ, are you alright?" Twilight asked, worry evident in her voice.

"I'm fine, 'cept for the fact I ain't a pony anymore," she replied. "I told you not to mess with that 'other worlds' stuff. Where's Dashie?"

"I don't know," replied Twilight, looking down with guilt. "I heard her scream, and came looking-" She was cut off as the subject of the conversation decide to make herself heard.

"Hey! Where is everypony!" she yelled, prompting her two friends to start movie in the direction her voice came from. Eventually finding her, the two easily saw the distressed look in Rainbow Dash's eyes.

"M-my wings..." she said, still reeling from shock. "My wings are gone...what happened? Why do we look like this?" Rainbow Dash looked just the same as the other too, body-type wise. She wore a bright-blue sleeveless shirt, which was short enough to allow her midriff to be seen, to take the place of her absent coat. She wore a pair of loose fitting pants and a pair of sandals to go with.

"I'll tell you why," Applejack replied, leaning against the tree trunk. "SOMEpony found a book, and had to go sticking her nose in places it didn't belong."

"Hey, I'm sorry," Twilight said, looking at her feet. "You don't need to try to make me feel worse," Applejack's eyes softened a bit and she wrapped her arm around Twilight's shoulders.

"I'm sorry, Sugar Cube," she replied. "I'm just a might on-edge, is all, what with everything that's happening. So, got a plan to get home?"

"Actually, I do," the former unicorn replied. "My guess is that when you go from one world to another, you take the form of whatever species lives there. But just because I've been turned into...whatever we are now, doesn't mean I can't still use magic." Rainbow Dash widened her eyes.

"Then what are you waiting for?" she asked. "Take us home and fix us." Before anypony could say anything else, a clearing of a throat was heard, coming from above them. The three former ponies began to sweat as they saw the figure standing upside-down on a limb above them. Looking down on them with his one visible eyes, the rest of his face covered by a combination of a face mask and some fort of headband.

"Sorry, couldn't help overhearing," the obviously male figure announced. "But I watched Rainbow-head here appear out of nowhere, and figured I'd see what was going on," he said, running his hand through his long, silvery hair. "If you wouldn't mind coming with me, we can get this whole situation figured out."

The ponies didn't know whether to be relieved or frightened, unsure of the meaning behind his words. As he dropped to the ground, he motioned for the three to follow, and with a scared glance at one another, they did, hesitantly.

As they walked, albeit still a bit slowly, Twilight attempted to explain herself. "Listen," she said. "I know what you heard must be hard to believe, but we really are ponies. We just want to go home."

"Oh I know," Kakashi replied, not looking at the three. "And your problem is actually very believable. However, you still appeared within the walls of our village, and as such, need to be taken to the Hokage to decided the best course of action." The ponies all looked at each other oddly.

"So, you believe us?" Rainbow asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course, though your story will have to be verified," Kakashi announced, before beginning to make strange gestures with his hands. "This is why I find your story somewhat believable." Crouching, he slammed his hand into the ground, and a plume of smoke erupted from the point of contact. As it cleared, the three ponies were shocked to find a small Pug, wearing a blue vest and a headband that matched Kakashi's.

"Kakashi, what's going on?" the dog asked, once more shocking Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash, more from the gruff, deep voice of the tiny pug than the fact that it could actually talk.

"Pakkun, these young ladies claim to have come here from 'another world.' Think you can verify the story?" Pakkun gave the girls a look for a moment, before speaking again.

"Another world, huh?" he asked, and the ponies-turned-humans nodded.

"That's right," Applejack replied. "We're really ponies." Pakkun raised an eyebrow, before adopting a thoughtful look. It took te pug a monent or two, but you could practically see the lightbulb appear atop his head.

"That would mean that you're from Equestria, right?" he asked, and the three let out a sigh of relief, nodding again. Kakashi looked at his summon curiously for a moment.

"You're able to reference their world by name?" he asked, with Pakkun nodding the affirmative.

"The summon clans aren't limited to this world," he announced. "Our services are contracted out to countless different planes of existence. As such, the summons need to have a basic knowledge of these other worlds. As it happens, Equestria is the only one inhabited mainly by ponies."

"Would you mind hanging around for a while and explain that to the Hokage?" Kakashi asked, and his summon nodded. Turning to the ponies, he once again motioned for them to follow. "Ladies, your case has just improved."

"Run that by me again?" Tsunade asked, rubbing her temples. Twilight looked at the blonde woman, finding it somewhat difficult to comprehend what was going on. Arriving at the Tower in the village center, they had wasted no time in going to meet with this 'Hokage' who apparently was the leader of their village, interrupting a conversation between her and a man with long, white hair. Something about banning him from the hot-springs or something, Twilight didn't really catch the whole of what they were saying.

Before Kakashi could speak, he was cut off by Pakkun, who leapt onto her desk. "It's all true," the small pug announced. I can tell just by looking at them. They're ponies from Equestria alright, and your Toad and Slug summons will tell you both the same." Tsunade and Jiraiya both gave each other a strange look, mirroring the one being shared between the three friends.

"Well, for a second I thought maybe I had a bit too much to drink and simply misheard you," Tsunade replied. Giving a nod to Kakashi, while using sign language, Kakashi got the message and turned to his summon.

"Pakkun, mind taking these young ladies out into the hall to wait for us?" Taking the hint, Pakkun nodded, leading the still confused ponies out of the room. The minute the door was closed, Tsunade laced her fingers in front of her face.

"Any ideas?" she asked, and a serious look crossed Jiraiya's face. It was Kakashi that spoke first.

"They certainly aren't warriors, I'll say that much. Given that, and based on their own conversation, it seems they came here by accident," he said, and Tsunade nodded.

"If they know a way to get home, maybe we should just let them go and wash our hands of the whole affair," she replied, prompting Jiraiya to speak.

"We should let them go home, but definitely not just forget the whole thing. This could be our answer," he said, prompting a raised eyebrow from the hokage.

"The answer to what?" she asked. "What are you thinking about, you old pervert?"

"Our answer to the problem with Akatsuki. If we send Naruto to this 'Equestria' place, he'd be more than safe, and it would ruin whatever plan they have regarding the Jinchuriki," he replied, and both of the others in the room widened their eyes.

"You both know as well as I that Naruto would never agree to something like that, even under a direct order," Kakashi said, trying to be rational.

"He would if he didn't know the real reason. Set it up as a mission, such as to learn about Equestria, and have him send reports by using the toads. Make it all really official. Adventure, importance, the kind of thing he craves," Tsunade announced, catching on to Jiraiya's idea. "We'd have to make it an official fact-finding mission, get permission from the Equestrian leader, but it can be done. We can even send an assistant, to make it feel as though we're not just trying to hide him somewhere."

"What about Konohamaru?" Kakashi suggested with a sigh, accepting the fact that the two were actually considering this. "He's fresh from the academy, and pretty close to Naruto."

"We'll debate on that, but it isn't a bad idea," replied Tsunade.

During their discussion, the ponies sat in three chairs, Pakkun in Dash's lap, outside the office. "So..." the Pug said, trying to break the uncomfortable silence. "Celestia still in charge of the Ponies?"

"Yeah," Twilight replied, a bit preoccupied with worry over what was being talked about by the three adults. After a few seconds, Pakkun spoke again.

"And she's pretty much the Goddess of the Sun to you guys, right?" he asked.

"Yup," Applejack replied, in much the same way Twilight had spoken. Silence once more overtook them. Clearing his throat, Pakkun tried once again.

"So, specifically, what type of ponies are you?" he asked. "I would assume one of you would have to be a Unicorn, seeing how their the only ones that could use magic to get here."

"I'm a unicorn," Twilight replied, the question starting to take her mind off the potentially awful things that could happen to her and her friends. Unfortunately, the question put Rainbow Dash into even more of a funk as she crossed her arms over her chest. A little awkwardly considering she wasn't used to having a pair of human breasts

"I'm a pegasus," she said, before grumbling about wanting her wings back.

"An' I'm just a regular ol' Earth Pony," Applejack said, tipping her hat.

"Quite the variety," Pakkun said. "One each of the three main Pony Types." Before he could say more, the door opened and they were asked to once more come inside. As the door closed behind them, the Ponies took notice of the slight smirks on the faces of Tsunade and Jiraiya, though Kakashi was absent.

"Are you ready to hear what we've decided?" Tsunade asked, getting nods in the affirmative from all three. "We've come to the decision...that you may go home." The ponies breathed a collective sigh of relief, before Tsunade continued. "However," she said, catching their attention, "We're curious about your world, Equestria. We would like for two of our shinobi to accompany you back home, and also request a meeting with the current leader of your home. This is non-negotiable for now. I need your word that you will do this." Twilight let out another sigh of relief, fearing something much worse than what was being requested.

"I'm not sure Princess Celestia will agree to the meeting, but I'll try my hardest to convince her," she said, and Tsunade nodded.

"For now, I suppose, that trying your best will have to do." A puff of smoke interrupted the Hokage, as Kakashi appeared with a young Blonde boy, roughly the same age as the what the Ponies appeared to be, and another, even younger boy.

"Hey, Granny, Kakashi-sensei filled us in, I'm all packed and read-" Naruto was cut off by the uppercut that sent his head crashing through the ceiling, sticking their as the boy began to flail about trying to get down. The ponies backed away now, frightened at the intense strength Tsunade possessed, knowing now just why she was the leader of the village.

"You little brat," Tsunade said, her fist still clenched. "I thought I told you to stop calling me that!"

"And I thought I told you that I'll stop saying it when you stop denying it!" Naruto shouted, finally pulling his head free and dropping back to the floor. Tsunade just groaned and palmed her face.

"Ms. Sparkle, please do whatever it is you do and get this brat out of my sight," she said. She was a bit aggrivated at Konohamaru's laughing at the antics, but now she just wanted them gone, and a fresh bottle of booze.

"Ummm," Twilight said. "These are the two you want me to bring with?" Tsunade nodded.

"That's right," she said. "And don't forget our deal. I'll expect Naruto to send a message through his toad summons about when the Princess is free to come and meet us." As it was partially aimed at Naruto, the blonde nodded.

"Yes Ma'am" the unicorn replied. "Stand back and let me focus.". As she said that, she knew she couldn't focus her magic through her absent horn, so she instead laced her fingers and tried focussing it through her hands instead. For a moment, nothing happened, before the same glow that normally would cover her horn, enveloped her hands instead, and a mist formed within the room, condensing into a vortex much like the one she had conjured earlier. Straining to keep it up, Twilight's eyes began to glow brightly as well, and the portal began to glow as well, showing the Ponyville library on the other side.

"Get through!" Twilight said through grit teeth, physically straining at trying to hold open the gateway. Getting the message, Rainbow Dash and Applejack leapt in. Naruto and Konohamaru shared a look before diving in as well. With one last burst of will power, Twilight crouched and jumped into the portal, and with the source of magic gone, the vortex dissipated into nothing, as though it were never there.

Staring blankly at the spot for a moment, Tsunade turned and opened the drawer of her desk. "I need a drink," she announced, pulling out a bottle of sake.

Chapter End

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