I don't own Rise of the Guardians. This idea came to me while I was listening to Hear Me by Imagine Dragons. It's probably my obsessive trait but it instantly made me think of Jack.

Jack Frost smiled he had successfully annoyed the hell out of the Easter Bunny. It was Easter Sunday and he had decided to have a bit of fun. He had made a small blizzard and the kids were having a blast throwing snowballs while searching for eggs. Bunnymund, however, was not amused. Even though the kids all ran up to him happily he did not like this wannabe messing with his holiday.

"Why don't you kiddies find the eggs quickly so you don't catch a cold. I've got to leave anyway lots more eggs to hide." A small girl started pouting. "Awe cheer up lass I'll be back next year as long as you lot keep believing."

"Promise?" A boy asked hopeful.

"You may not see me but I'll be here." Bunnymund said creating a hole and jumping down it. "Now to find that annoying Frost."

Jack Frost wasn't that far away he was watching a small group of kids near the place he considered home. They were rushing across the frozen lake in search of eggs. Jack had reenforced the ice with a wave of his staff as soon as the first child ran out onto the ice. The kids laughed and slipped around joyfully. Jack jumped down from his spot in a tree and picked up some snow and made a perfect snowball to throw at the kids.

"Frost!" Bunnymund said angrily made the winter spirit miss his intended target.

"Hey Bunny," Jack said turning to face the large rabbit.

"You messed with my holiday."

"Aw come on the kids are having a good time look at them!" He said pointing to the kids who were now off the ice.

"It was not supposed to snow today!" Bunnymund said angrily. "This is my day to give them hope and joy!"

"You did I just wanted to have a bit of fun!" Jack said still smiling.

"Why would you even bother?"

"The kids like snow," Jack shrugged.

"Bummer they don't believe in you though. You can't have fun with them actually aware that you are there." It was a low blow but Jack had messed with the one day that was his. Jack's smile faltered a bit. "I can go over there and those kids will run up to me happily. They won't even feel your presence let alone see or hear you."

"Look guys!" One of the kids yelled causing the two to look over.

"Its the Easter Bunny!" They all yelled running over the frozen lake towards him.

"Told you mate." The bunny said going to meet the kids. The winter spirit wasn't even there anymore he was gone with the gust of wind. "Who wants some eggs?"

Jack was flying with the wind above a layer of clouds. He wanted to get away from here for a bit. He flew to the North Pole and decided to try and break in again. He knew he wouldn't get far, but at least he would have Phil the yeti to talk to for a little bit. He did not expect to see Bunny here before him.

"North! He messed with my day!" He heard the rabbit say through a window.

"It was just a bit of fun Bunny lighten up a bit." North said frowning. "You were wrong to say those things to him imagine if you were the one who couldn't be seen or heard."

"That's what I'm saying though!" Bunny yelled. "He isn't like us he shouldn't be allowed to mess with my day!"

"That's enough!" North said stopping the rant. "It's the only time he has ever done it he probably just wanted someone to talk to!"

"I don't need his pity." Jack said to himself flying away from the pole. He flew past the Sandman who waved happily at him. He was upset and did not return the wave. He had the wind take him back to his lake. He walked around it trailing his staff on the ground behind him making beautiful frost patterns. A small child he didn't notice laughed and smiled at the patterns as snow gently started to fall around her.

"Pretty!" She yelled looking for her siblings. "Matty? Franny?"

"We're over here Rach!" A voice rang out from a bit away.

"Stay off the lake!" A male voice instructed her.

"Otay!" The small child said happily sitting in a small snow mound next to a tree. She started to draw pictures in the snow around her.

"Hey little one." Jack said walking up next to her. She didn't even look up at him. "Why can't you hear me? It's cause you don't believe in me huh? How am I supposed to get kids to believe in me if they can't hear or see me?"

"Rachelle you ready?" A girl, Franny, asked coming around the bend carrying a basket with a couple eggs in it.

"We didn't find that many Jack Frost must have helped the Easter Bunny hide them with all this snow and ice." Matty said sadly showing her the three eggs in his basket.

"Who Jack Frost?" Rachelle asked her older siblings.

"I'll tell you as a bedtime story after daddy leaves tonight ok babe?" Franny asked her little sister.

"Is daddy gonna be mad at us again?"

"Not at all honey." Matty said scooping his sister up, but Jack caught the look he gave his twin sister.

"Does your dad hurt you guys?" Jack asked them concerned. They did not hear him. "How am I suppose to help them if I can't talk to them!"

After not getting an answer Jack decided to follow the three kids home. He was curious anyway what the older sister would tell the younger sister about him. They didn't live far away from his lake about a five minute walk for the three kids. Matt was carrying his sister the whole way who was sleeping dreaming of ice skating and snowballs. The dream made Jack smile softly at the girl.

"Can you take her so I can see how bad it's going to be tonight?" Matt asked Fran who nodded and took the sleeping girl in her arms. "Stay close behind me."

"Why don't I go first?" Jack asked the kids getting no reply. "No protests? Ok good!"

Jack jumped in front letting Matt's hand go right through him to open the door. He was still unsure how he would protect these kids if it came to that, but he was going to do his best. The house was dark and cold. Jack was growing more and more worried the deeper they went into the house.

"Man it's almost as if the Boogeyman lives here." He joked weakly.

"There you kids are!" An angry voice rang out from behind the group.

"We went looking for Easter eggs Dad." Matt explained calmly.

"I said you three were not to do that. I don't need my kids believing in some stupid Rabbit!" The kids father stepped forward and Matt gently pushed the girls further behind him. Jack stepped in front of Matt.

"Easy big guy you are not touching these kids while I'm hear." Jack said clutching his staff tighter. As the father took another step forward he slipped on a small patch of ice Jack had just made. This gave the kids an opportunity to get to another room and lock the door. Which they did and Jack sat in the room with the three as the father pounded on the door for almost two hours before he left. Matt let out a small sigh as they heard the front door slam shut.

"Do you want to sleep in here tonight or in your and Rachelle's room?" Matt asked Fran who was still holding a now crying Rachelle.

"Aw come on small fry your older brother isn't going to let anyone hurt you!" Matt said taking the small girl in his arms. "Besides I'm pretty sure Jack Frost helped us out tonight did you see the ice?"

"It was funny." She muttered into his shirt. "He was making pretty swirls at the lake today."

"Did you see him?" Fran asked excitedly.

"He was in front of Matty earlier too." Jack looked at the girl shocked.

"You can see me?" He asked stunned.

"He's still here behind you Franny." The older girl turned and was face to face with Jack. She just looked confused.

"Please tell me you can see me?" Jack pleaded.

"I think your tired honey lets get to bed." Franny said taking the girl and walking into the room the girls shared.

"Thank you." Matt said before following his sisters.

Slightly disappointed and really stunned Jack decided to take his leave. He promised to come back every so often and check on these kids. He wished he could be here all the time to protect them, but he knew Matt would protect his sisters at all cost. That thought was both comforting and unsettling to him.

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