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Jack was standing by his lake pacing back and forth nervously. He knew time was of the utmost importance. He was just so nervous about seeing the kids again. He had no idea how to say good bye to someone. It was something he could never remember having to do. What if Matt hated him for saying good bye? He had seen that happen in all the years of watching people over the years. They were not fond of good byes. Baby Tooth and Sandman flew over to him.

"Hi Sandy." Jack said looking at the small Guardian.

The man put a picture of a question mark above his head.

"I just don't understand Sandy," Jack said sighing. "Their teacher still believes and he is well older then 18 years old."

The man frown and sighed he put a picture of an artsy man and a business man. Jack guessed that he was comparing the difference in the two.

"What if he hates me?" Jack asked quietly.

Sandy shook his head and showed Jack several dreams of Matt and Rachelle and Jack playing.

"He still dreams of me?" The other man nodded and waved Jack away to tell him to go. "Thanks Sandy."

Jack jumped up and let the wind carry him high into the sky Baby Tooth following closely behind him. She got in front and led the way to the kids.

"Fran! Don't yell at her!" Jack heard Matt say loudly. "Just because you don't believe doesn't mean she can't!"

"You both need to grow up!" Fran said hotly. "Everything that happened was just our imaginations and hope! We wanted someone to help us!"

"Fran please just stop." Rachelle said crying. "You are leaving! I don't want you to leave us on bad terms."

"I'm sorry but it's a little too late for that." Fran said walking out of the room.

"I'll come back tomorrow." Jack said watching Rachelle chase her sister down the hall. "They need to be by themselves and settle down. I can't say goodbye to him after this happened."

Baby Tooth looked from the window to Jack and decided to follow him. She chirped at him confused. He ignored her until he had found a good tree to settle down on.

"I'll go in the morning I understand time is not on our side but they were having a rough day." Jack said frowning at her. She chirped at him. "Of course I'm scared he won't see me! That's all I've been thinking of! I can't just drop in after he had a huge argument with his sister and say hey I just came to say goodbye. He would hate me for that!"

She shook her head and sighed but landed on his stomach and climbed into his hoodie pocket. Soon both of them were asleep.

Jack woke up startled he looked frantically around him. He was confused and lost. He had no idea how he had gotten out of the tree and onto the ground. He also had no idea where Baby Tooth was. All that was around was a single house around him and that's all he saw. He stood up and grabbed his staff and walked towards the house.

"Jack!" A girl yelled running out of the house towards him.

"Rachelle!" Jack said smiling he calmed down slightly.

"Jack where have you been?" She asked reaching him. She was frowning. "We needed you and you weren't here."

"I'm so sorry." Jack said hanging his head. "I looked for you everywhere. I couldn't find you guys. Please understand I did try."

"Matt is inside with Pitch." She said turning away from him. "He was here everyday doing his best to keep us safe."

"Pitch Black?" Jack asked confused as he followed her inside the house. Inside he saw Matt and Pitch talking while the boy ate his breakfast.

"Matt, Jack Frost is here to see us." Rachelle said sitting next to her brother.

"Who?" Jack's heart sank and he felt his jaw drop.

"Oh come on! You remember Jack Frost! He promised to be there for us and wasn't." Rachelle said.

"Oh I lost my belief in him a while ago." Matt said casually.

"You believe in Pitch though!" Rachelle and Jack said at the same time. Jack had a more pleading confused tone. Rachelle was just curious.

"Come on Matt you have to believe!" Jack said sadly.

"Pitch is the King of Nightmares of course I believe in him! Our life has been nothing but a huge nightmare!" Matt said getting up and washing his plate. "Let's go to school."

"I'm sorry Jack." She said softly grabbing her book bag and following her brother out the door.

"Poor little Jacky." Pitch said standing up and walking towards him.

"What are you doing here?" Jack asked angrily.

"I felt your fear Jack and created this beautiful nightmare." Pitch said smiling.

"This is a dream?" Jack asked sighing.

"Nightmare actually." Pitch pointed out. "Dreams are suppose to be happy."

"I have to wake up and go see them!" Jack said excitedly ignoring Pitch.

"Don't worry so much about them not believing just go see them." Pitch said playing with the flowery table cloth. "They miss you. Rachelle tells me all about it all the time."

"You visit them?" Jack asked.

"I try to keep nightmares away from the two that believe. Like I told you before I have a soft spot for that girl." Pitch said to him. "Now go."

"Thanks Pitch." Jack said as the Nightmare King vanished.

Jack woke up and was suddenly hit in the face with a snowball. He was so surprised he fell out of the tree and into a small snow mound.

"Jack Frost!" He jumped up and looked around. Baby Tooth poked her head out of his pocket.

"Whose there?" He asked confused.

"It hasn't been so long you forgot us has it?" A boy asked walking towards him smiling.

"Matt? Rachelle?" Jack asked beaming. Baby Tooth flew out of his pocket and towards the girl.

"Baby Tooth!" She squealed happily cuddling the small fairy to her face. "I missed you so much!"

"What are you two doing out here so late at night?" Jack asked picking up his staff and walking over to them.

"Pitch said you were here." Matt said smiling at him. Jack was amazed at how tall the boy was. "I was afraid you wouldn't come see us."

"Pitch told you to come see me?" Jack asked confused.

"Yeah!" Rachelle said hugging him. Jack was startled by the action but hugged her back. "I missed you so much!"

"You guys don't hate me?" He asked shakily. Rachelle let him go.

"Why would we hate you?" Matt asked.

"I couldn't find you." Jack said looking down. "I looked everywhere and still couldn't find you."

"We didn't want you to." Matt said and quickly continued when he saw Jack's hurt expression. "I wasn't sure if dad could hurt you or not and I didn't want to find out."

"Oh." Was all Jack could think to say.

"Can we play hopscotch?" Rachelle asked.

"Of course!" Jack said beaming at her.

The three of them spent the rest of the night playing hopscotch under the moonlight. Matt fell on his face in the snow and Jack and Rachelle laughed at him until he threw a snowball at Jack. This started a huge snowball fight. They played and had fun until the sun came up and the two had to leave. They both still had to get to school or work.

"When will we see you again?" Rachelle asked.

"I don't know Rach." Jack said sadly.

"So this is good bye?" Matt asked.

"I'll always be around you know. Nipping at noses and making snow days." Jack said to the two. "Good bye is too finale. I don't like it."

"Will we see you again?" Rachelle asked.

"I can't answer that. I don't know what the future has in store for us." He said hugging her. She started to cry a little. "Hey! Don't cry! We had fun just remember that and I'll always be around when it snows."

"I'm gonna go get my book bag." She said running away from them. Baby Tooth flew after her.

"Matt I-"

"Jack it's okay." Matt interrupted him. "I understand I'm growing up and I have to move on and let go of these beliefs."

"Try not to forget me." Jack said hugging the boy.

"How could I with all this snow everywhere?" He asked sadly.

"Good bye." Jack said taking a few steps

"Thought you said that was too finale?"

"It is but still I need to say it."

"Good bye Jack."

Jack flew away and landed two towns over and let his sadness overwhelm him. He was crying and was not afraid to admit it. He didn't even notice the huge blizzard billowing around him.

"Jack?" Tooth called out for him. "Jack are you here?"

"Over here." He said just loud enough for her to hear him.

"You should try to calm down this storm is getting pretty bad." She said sitting on the tree branch he was on.

"Is that why you're here?" He asked.

"I wanted to make sure you were alright." She said putting a hand on top of his. "You're not the only one that this has happened to."

"You have other believers though!" Jack said moving his hand. "Those kids were it for me!"

"I understand that and the same thing has happened to me when I was new too." She said softly. "Children will believe in you Jack. Just give it time."

"How can I get them to believe if they can't see or hear me?" Jack asked.

"I can't answer that." She said. "It's something you figure out on your own so it will mean more to you when it happens."

"I don't want to be alone again." Jack said in a small voice.

"You won't be!" Tooth told him. "You can always come see North or Sandy or myself."

"I guess I can handle that." Jack said smirking. "Can I torment Bunny?"

"Of course." Tooth said smiling as she noticed the blizzard go from howling winds to a soft snowfall. "Now let's go!"

2012 three days before Easter in Burgess

Jack had just landed and blew a book out of a boys hands. He had seen this boy before quite often actually. Jack smiled as he saw the title of the book.

"Good book?" He asked knowing the boy wouldn't hear him.

He listened and followed the group of kids as they talked excitedly about the snow and Easter egg hunts. He chuckled when he heard them talking about Bigfoot. Jack liked Bigfoot he was a nice enough critter. He just had some anger issues and didn't like to be seen. That really confused him. He heard Jamie talk about the Easter Bunny and commented about him. The kids still didn't hear him but he was used to it.

"Mom, Sophie fell down again!" Jamie called towards the house as he walked away carrying a sleigh.

"You okay Soph?" Jack beamed at the mother. It was Rachelle. He was so happy to see her grown up and well. With these two beautiful children. "Jamie! Don't forget your hat!" She put the hat on the boy. "Wouldn't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose."

"Whose Jack Frost?" Jamie asked.

"No one honey just an expression." Jack's heart fell when she said that. He did have a hard time grasping that she did not believe in him anymore, but he had to keep moving forward. He had to try to get others to believe in him

"Whose Jack Frost?" Jack asked chuckling as he threw a snowball at Jamie. He smiled as the kids started an all out snowball fight.

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