a/n Please note that all WitFit entries are unedited. No beta. The exercise is meant for you to just start writing from the prompt you're given. Let your imagination go and not over think. I don't own Twilight.

I'm attempting a continuous story with the December Wit-Fits. It won't be in chronological order and I'm not sure if I'll always say how old people are or when something is taking place. For now though I'll say this is during high school and that's all.

Word Prompt: Escape

A single word meant to inspire immediate thought. Write what your imagination dictates.


I didn't look back to see how close he was. I didn't even want to know if he was following me. It didn't sound like he was.


His voice was growing distant. He wasn't following.

My legs pumped faster as I pounded away on the slick cement. My eyes burned, blurring my vision. He wasn't following.

In a move to show him I didn't care that he wasn't following, I darted across the street and disappeared into the woods to take the shortcut home. He was scared of the woods even though he wouldn't admit it but I knew. I knew everything about him.

The murky sky darkened further from the tree cover above as I let the damp forest swallow me. I couldn't breathe but not from my running. The tears were coming hard and fast. They were practically choking me. I slowed down once I reached the halfway point and collapsed with a huff against a tree. There was a light drizzle but it didn't matter. I needed to regroup and my mother was already going to notice I had been crying. Arriving to the house in a fit of tears wasn't going to get her off my case any sooner. I hugged my knees close to my chest and sobbed.


I should have been embarrassed but no one could hear me and these tears needed to be released. I knew they weren't just about that stupid note. That stupid, stupid note. They were about my stupid hopes and my stupid heart. Everything felt stupid and there was no other word for it. He was stupid. I was stupid. That bitch was stupid. These tears were stu-


"What the fuck, Edward!" I screamed out. My heart - stupid heart - hammered away so noisily he had to hear it. He must have noticed my splotchy, tear-streaked face and snotty nose too. I wiped it quickly but he wasn't looking. He kept scanning the area nervously.

"Why did you stop here?" he asked, his voice pitched slightly higher.

"Why did you follow me in here?" I sniffled and wiped some more, attempting to to get myself under control.

He looked at me then. He looked at me with those bright eyes that could tell you more than he probably wanted them to. His brow folded in on itself as he took in my face but he didn't say anything. With a heavy sigh, he plopped down next to me and ran his hand through his hair to move it off his forehead.

It was hard to breathe again but now because of the tension between us. The heat coming from the side of him that was pressed next to me melted me and kept me rigid at the same time. I refocused on the soft, rhythmic pats against the leaves from the light rain beyond our cover. I hoped he was focusing on that too instead of my irregular breathing and thundering heart.

He took in a slow breath and pulled his long legs up to match my position. When he exhaled, his head rested back against the trunk and I chanced a glance at him. His eyes were closed but I looked away immediately. I didn't feel like falling deeper right now and that's what usually happened when I stared at my best friend for long periods. I let my head fall back too but I kept my eyes open.

He reached over and squeezed my knee before returning his hand to his knees. "Let me know when you want to leave and I'll walk you the rest of the way home."

I didn't ever want us to leave. We could stay in these woods away from the world and live pressed against each other and this tree. My pain numbed because he was here and that's all I ever want. For him to be here with me.

Stupid heart.