Toriri has always been kind of a ditz. Clueless about a lot, his head in the clouds. He was kind, and caring. He loved meeting others and making friends. Though most of these turned out to be other birds, or the caterpillars that occasionally crawled on him to say hello. He was lonely. He was lucky if he could manage to sit down with a bird and really talk.. But they weren't intelligent enough to hold deep conversation with. Because of his size, of a Pekoponian toddler, they were scared of him, and quickly flew away when he approached. After a while he gave up and watched them from a distance.

He loved tree's, and the great blue sky. He loved flying in that sky the most. Though sleeping in trees left much to be desired. He's had a few nests before but they would get stolen, or ruined by the wind. His mother never taught him to build nests, saying it was instinct. Instinct which he didn't have. His father didn't teach him much either. He can still remember his laugh when Toriri tried to eat with him and his friends for the first time. He ate like a bird, like he was supposed to, he thought? He was an owl. And a Keronian. He'd never be part of either world.

Toriri was happy, on the outside. He smiled, sung, chirped, and laughed. On the inside, he was miserable. He had no one around. He never had anyone around after he was discharged from the military. His team mates had left and forgotten about him, he's sure. That thought stung him in the chest like an angry wasp. He didn't like feeling pain, but he thought about it a lot. Sometimes when he's extra distressed he'd begin plucking his feathers out.

He was there, when he began littering the forest floor with his feathers he tore from his skin. Toriri didn't notice him until he spoke. His voice, sent chills down his spine and almost made him fall out of the tree he was in. So.. rough, and metallic sounding. It both scared him and interested him. Toriri was excited! Another Keronian! With metal arms, and claws on those arms. Was he here to hurt him..?

He learned his name. Jirara. He liked that name. Jirara, the Keronian with the metallic voice and the metal arms, was very gentle Toriri came to learn. His heart glowed warmly the more they spent time together. Jirara shared all sorts of things with him. He took off his mask. Toriri saw his face. He saw all his scars. Jirara didn't expect the kiss that followed.