Hey everybody so the holidays are coming and I wanted to do a short story about everyone's favorite caped crusaders! Hope you like it.

A Very Gotham Christmas

Dick Grayson smiled as he packed up his books as the last bell rang signaling the start of winter break. He was excited for school to finally be out. It meant no homework. No schedule to adhere to. And, most of all no curfew.

He couldn't wait for the night he had ahead the first time in months he wouldn't be sent home early to study and get to bed. He was practically sprinting through the halls to get to his locker and out to the parking lot to meet Alfred.

"Hey Dick where's the fire?" His buddy Tom yelled after him.

"School's out!" Dick laughed over his shoulder.

"Got big plans Dick?" Tracy the cheerleader who had the locker next to him crooned.

Dick hardly noticed, "Bruce said we might go skiing at the lodge." He lied.

"It must get so lonely in that big mansion, with just you and Mr. Wayne." Tracy sighed.

Dick continued to stuff everything he could into his bag as fast as he could. "Alfred's there too." he said shutting his locker.

Tracy leaned forward blocking his path, "Maybe you'll give me a call if you get too lonely...huh?"

"Yeah, he'll be sure to do that. See ya Tracy!" Barbara Gordan cut in waving goodbye, "Come on, Casanova, let's go." She said giving Dick a push in the small of his back.

"Casanova...I wasn't flirting with her!" Dick said walking next to his friend.

"No...you were off in lala land as always. I honestly wish I could read your mind sometimes kid."

"Quit calling me kid! I'm 16! You're only two years older!"

"And don't you forget it shorty!" Barbara teased. Dick glared at her, he wasn't much shorter than her either, not like he used to be.

A familiar horn honked from the pick-up area and Dick ran to meet Alfred. "Hey Alfred." Barbara waved.

"Miss Gordon." the polite butler greeted her. Dick slid into the passenger seat. "See ya, Barb." Dick said.

"Bye, kiddo." Barbara giggled. Dick snarled and rolled up the window.

"Ah, young love. Eh, Master Dick?" Alfred said as he pulled away from the school.

"You- eww Alfred! I don't like Barb, she- she's s-she's to much like a sister, and plus she's too old. Psssh eww no!"

"My apologies Master Dick, I must have been mistaken. Miss Gordon does look quite lovely today, though, if I may say so."

Dick's cheeks burned as he stared out the window, "I-I guess. Let's just get home. is Bruce back yet?"

"Master Bruce said he would be home as soon as his meeting was finished at Wayne Enterprises, sir." Alfred assured him.

"I hope he's done. He said we'd get out early tonight." Dick said giddily.

"Of course, Master Dick."

Dick decided to occupy his mind with another subject, Christmas, he still needed to get presents for Alfred, Bruce, and he guessed he would get something for Barbara too. He always had the hardest time figuring out gifts for Bruce, I mean honestly, what do you give the guy who already has everything? When he was a kid drawing a card had been cute and had seemed sufficient, but now that wouldn't cut it. Dick had already figured out Bruce's present to him, a new car. Dick had just gotten his licence only months ago and Bruce had already given him, or at least his alter ego, a new set of wheels in the form of a motorcycle. It hadn't taken Dick long to deduce what Bruce's plans were.

What could Dick possibly get him? New shoes? An alarm clock? The guy didn't even sleep. Then it dawned on him. A break! One free night. No need for the Batman to be out, and maybe Bruce could have a quiet night for once, God knew the guy deserved it. Christmas Eve and Christmas night were always difficult for the Caped Crusader. The one night a year that's supposed to be silent and peaceful, always seemed to be the worst.

It would be difficult and if he was going to make it work he was going to have to go behind Bruce's back. He would probably get yelled at for it later, but he didn't care, Bruce deserved it.

They pulled into Wayne Manor's garage, and Dick leapt out and raced to the gym to warm up before Bruce got home. About an hour later Bruce walked into the gym to see Dick flying around the gym from perch to perch, swinging and leaping from every handhold he could find.

"You might want to come and eat Dick, Alfred's made your favorite and he said if you don't hurry Ace might eat it. Plus, you don't want to be tired out before tonight do you?"