A/N: I know this is short, I promise other chapters will be longer. This is just an indulgent little teaser, but I felt I needed to include it. The rest of the story proper will be set after the events of the movie. Enjoy!

"I was walking along, minding my business,
When out of an orange colored sky,
Flash! Bam! Alacazam! Wonderful you came by."

Prologue: Orange Colored Sky

The sun rose quickly on the Hawaiian Islands. The nights were shorter, too, which for a vampire was not exactly ideal. If you found a shady enough hiding place, however, the sunrises were an absolutely incredible sight.

Dracula sat huddled in the shelter of a large crevice time and ocean water had carved into the mountains. Waves roared as they smashed against rocks, sometimes coming close enough to spray him with misty foam, but he didn't much care. His focus was entirely devoted to the mixture of pinks and oranges spread across the sky like a painting brought to life. The practical part of his mind that declared he should head back before he traps himself on the cliffs in broad daylight was quickly pushed back and buried.

Just a few more minutes.

A few more minutes, and then he'd go back for the day. A few more minutes couldn't hurt. After all, he had so few opportunities to see something as amazing as this sunrise. He could enjoy it for just a little while longer.

A sharp pain jostled him out of his reverie, as the sunlight grew high enough to cross into his cave. He pulled back into the shadows. The bright hues that moments before looked so warm and inviting would quickly turn into a death trap.

Time to face the light.

He took a deep breath and jumped out of his shelter, leaving behind a small wisp of purple smoke as he transformed. The first few minutes in the open air felt like he'd been smacked into a roaring oven. His wings beat furiously trying to maintain a level of altitude despite the burning pain. He ducked into a grove of palm trees that surrounded the beach, hoping for enough shade to provide some relief from the heat. He wove through the branches as fast as he could, dodging the little pockets of light they let through.

And then he crashed headlong into something. Hard.

He tumbled backwards, knocked out of his bat form entirely and landing with his back braced against the trunk of a palm tree and his cape tangled improperly over his head.

"Oww… Oh, wow! Holy rabies! Are you okay?" a voice exclaimed.

He slumped against the tree, nursing a sharp, throbbing pain at his forehead. That was definitely going to leave a mark.

"I'm so, so sorry! I didn't even see you!" the voice continued. "Here, let me help," she swiftly untwisted the cape, lifting the fabric away from his face. Their eyes met. Suddenly, the pain at his head was replaced with a dizziness and a wave of energy that shot through him like a bolt of lightning.

She had kind, grey eyes and dark hair that curled towards him when she leaned forward to offer him a hand up. Her skin was pale save for a slight flush at her cheeks, and if that wasn't enough, her smile revealed a set of sharp, pearly fangs.

That sunrise could eat its heart out.

"Well, this is quite the happy accident. Who would've thought I'd run into another vampire all the way out here," she remarked, gingerly touching her own forehead, "Sorry about that, by the way."

"Don't be sorry. I mean, I'm not sorry, I…it was my fault, is what I meant." He dropped his head in his hand. What he wouldn't give to be able to string three words together that made sense at this point.

"I'm Martha Lubode." She extended her hand. He took it.

"Vlad Dracula." He said simply.

She smiled, a soft kind smile that lit up her eyes and turned his insides to mush. "Good to meet you."