iMissed You

Chapter 1: Why, Cat?

"Ugh! I'm so done with this!" screamed a tired Sam Puckett when she walked into her room and sat down on one of the normally uncomfortable, but now pretty comfy chairs. A red-headed girl, who followed her, giggled and closed the door behind them.

"Come on, Sam," she said. "This was only the thirteenth time and you already hate it? Remember that you were the one who wanted to set up this babysitters thingy." Cat said as she took place in one of the spinning chairs and started spinning herself.

"No, I wasn't! You were the one! You know I hate people, especially little children, and working! So why would I have been the one with the crazy idea to start a babysitters business? While I just wanted to rob one of the banks to get some money! Tell me Cat!" yelled Sam angrily at Cat Valentine, her roommate.

Cat, of course, was scared now, 'cause Sam was angry because of her and pulled her knees up to her head, started rocking back and forth and was trembling. Again? Sam thought. This had happened more than once. Cat was okay, but not the ideal roommate, nor co-worker. Sam missed Carly so much! It had been three months since she'd last seen her and two weeks since the last phone call. Both Carly and Sam have to work more than ever. Especially Carly has almost no spare time. Sam had more, but thanks to Cat, she doesn't anymore.

"Cat… Cat… CAT!" Sam said when she didn't get an answer from the trembling girl on her chair. Which, of course, didn't work. The situation only got worse.

"Pretty unicorns… lollypops… cute kitties… more unicorns…" Cat said to herself, trying to calm down. Sam walked over to the shaking girl and patted her back to calm her. If she didn't do anything, Cat could be able to sit there for more than a day. Sadly, Sam had experienced that a lot more than she'd ever expected to. How did I manage to get myself into this, again? Sam thought to herself and sighed.

"If you get out of that position within now and thirty seconds, I promise to make my own bed for a whole week," Sam tried.

"Promise?" Cat looked up at Sam with a hopeful look on her face. "Promise," Sam said reluctantly. It felt like Cat was one of those kids they have to babysit. Another reason why she misses Carly. At least she acted mature.

"Okay!" Cat got to her feet again and walked to their bedroom. Sam sighed. she really is a little kid. Why did I move to LA? I should've stayed in Seattle. Living with Cat is like a nightmare. But maybe, it's all just because I miss Carly so much… Sam thought.

At that moment, Cat came running into the room again, yelling and crying like a maniac. "There's a spider on the wall! It came to get me and take me to another dimension!" she screamed in total panic. Nope, not only 'cause I miss Carly.