A leaf gently fluttered in airy swirls before landing on the pond surface, causing a ripple to reach the edge. The reflection near the edge of the steps wavered.

A young Aichi sat on the steps reading the story of his father and he over and over. About a few years had passed and he had gotten used to not seeing his father regularly. A part of him wondered why he was eager to read their unfinished story over and over. He thought that with his dad absent from his life that their story would always remain incomplete and Aichi would never know the ending of the tale. He released a sigh.


Aichi glanced behind him to see his new friend, Kai. He had met him a few weeks ago and was given "Blaster Blade".

"Oh, hey Kai-kun…" he said, returning his attention back to the book. Kai sensed his little friend was upset for some reason. Again.

The young brunet took a step closer to peek over Aichi's shoulder. "What'cha got there?" he inquired, before sitting beside the boy. Aichi told him. Kai hummed for a moment before taking out a pen and grinning.

"How about we finish the story? Let's picture it!"

Aichi stared at him for a moment. With that grin and ecstatic glint in his teal eyes, there was no reason to protest. He only nodded and handed Kai the book upon request.

The two boys discussed ideas with each other, and Kai would write them down. They continued to do this for hours, but nothing else seemed to matter as they were enveloped in their imaginative world.

Years had passed…

Aichi soon had realization slapped across his memory. His memory of the book, the story he and his father started; then later with Kai.

Vanguard, his friends, participating in tournaments, and even Cray…

All were featured in that story created by imagination, or more precisely the "characters" in the book shared similarities with everyone.

Who knew a child's imagination would one day turn into something relative later on in life?

Aichi looked around his surroundings, thinking of all the things he went through… what he and his friends went through to become the persons they were today.

A smile graced his lips before rushing to join his friends and have a cardfight or two.

No page will remain blank until the story ends. Aichi knew for a certain that there was so much to look forward to- things that remain unwritten until its time to face them head on.

His story, everyone's story…

Their journey…

Let the book open to a new beginning;

Let the book close at the end,

And let it open once again to the story's sequel.