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Chapter 1: The Tower and a faithful meeting.

The Tower of Heaven.

Ironically, it completely contradicts its name. A place that filled people with anxiety and despair instead of hope or warmth. Here, people forcibly worked for a blind cult whose beliefs and thought were as twisted as the place itself. They believed that one day, Paradise would fall upon them if they completed their task. These blinded fools only saw the world as they want it to, for they lost their humanity the moment they didn't recognize the agony and pain the slaves went through each day because of them.

These men were known as Zeref Worshipers, believing that if the Great Dark Wizard Zeref returned, they would be rewarded as rulers of the world. If only they realized how wrong they were. Somewhere, in the working mines of the Tower, a group of children worked hard to survive the day.

"Stand up, Milliana! If they find you lying on the ground they will surely punish you." An azure haired girl, probably 8 years old, with a distinctive tattoo on her right eye, whispered to her friend while she tried to help her up. The girls were wearing some old rags that just covered their bodies. Their condition was pitiful as dirt and scratches covered their arms and legs because of the harsh enviroment. The girl known as Millianna looked at her friend with a weak grateful smile and nodded. She had short brown hair that reached to her ears and, surprisingly, a cat face.

"Sorry, Jessa-chan, and thank you for helping me." The azure haired nodded at her and gave her a supporting smile while she helped her sit down on a nearby rock. This girl's name was Jessamine Fernandez, a slave at the Tower of Heaven. At the age of 4, her village got raided by Zeref Worshipers. She saw how her parents were killed mercilessly in the crossfire, a moment in her life she painfully remembers. Chained like newly captured animals after all the commotion settled down, they were sent to a ship and from there, they went to the Tower of Heaven to begin their new lives as slaves. It was hard for Jessamine, the loss of her parents pained her deeply. Who could blame her, losing your parents like that would surely leave a deep scar. The months that followed, she almost fell into despair and thought of suicidal attempts. Until, she met them. A small group consisting of an old man with a strange tattoo on his back, a girl with short brown hair and a cat face, three boys, two of them having raven black hair and the last was a tanned blond one. The old man was known as Rob, a wizard from Fairy Tail, the cat girl named Milliana, the two boys named Wally and Simon and the youngest of them all was Sho, the blond haired. Because of them, she didn't feel alone any longer. They gave her warmth and she returned it. The group acted like a family would, and Jessamine had a new goal in her life. She would protect her new family at all cost. They were there for each other and that was all they needed.

Jessamine continued her works as a slave in the lowest parts of the Tower. She didn't know why she should mine here, but she honestly could care less about that. All she wants is to get out of this blasted Tower with her family. As she continued to work further, she noticed two boys running up to her. It were Wally and Simon. Jessamine stopped as she dropped her pickaxe and walked to her friends.

"Hey Jessamine. The guards are taking a break and ordered us to go back to our cells." Simon told the azure haired girl while he pointed at the waiting guards. Jessamine nodded and told her two friends to wait for her as she left to pick up the cat faced girl. The azure slave shook her friend gently to wake her up.

"Milliana, the guards want us to go back to our cells. You can take a nap there." The cat girl blinked her eyes a bit to adjust to the light and sluggishly got up. She nodded at Jessamine and grabbed her hand for support. They made it to their waiting friends and the two guards who were getting impatient.

"Hurry up brats, we don't have all day waiting." The guard growled at the four kids, which caused Milliana to hide behind her big sister figure. Simon and Jessamine were standing bravely before the two guards, even though they too were scared, but they refused to give them the satisfaction to know that. The group of kids followed the guards to their cells. Along the way, they could hear screams and yells echo throughout the large chamber that contained all the cells. It gave the kids a chill down their spines. Horrible things happened to those who disobeyed and the punishments were gruesome to say the least. That didn't stand well with Jessamine and she hoped that it would never happen to her or her family. After a while, they finally made it to their cells. Once they entered, a familiar blond boy and gray haired man greeted them.

"Jessa-nee!" Sho exclaimed, happy to see his sister figure alright. Jessamine smiled warmly at Sho, who helped her with Millianna, placing her on the cold concrete floor. When the last of them entered the cell, the guard shoved the cell door shut and grinned menacingly at the group of slaves before him.

You're lucky today. We're expecting new slaves soon, so work was cut short. Tomorrow however..." With that, the guard slammed his electric bat on the cell bars, causing a loud ring to reverberate throughout the cell. They all flinched, except for Rob, at the loud noise while the guard started to walk away with a malicious laugh. Jessamine clenched her fists tightly in restrained anger, but she soon felt a warm hand on her shoulder. The azure head turned around to Rob, who rested his aged hand on her shoulder and looked at her with his strong black eyes.

"We are lucky that we made it today, Jessamine. Just rest for now." The old man soothed the azure haired girl standing near him. Jessamine sighed as she unclenched her fists.

"How long must this go on, Rob-Jii?" The girl asked him, while she sat next to the old man she considers a father. Rob didn't know how to answer her, he was a slave for nearly 20 years. But despite that, he still had hope for a brighter future.

"I don't know, my dear but whatever happens, we still have each other. No?" Rob smiled warmly at the girl next to him. Jessamine couldn't help but smile back. The old man always had his ways to cheer her up, even if it was a bit. The azure haired girl nodded at Rob's words and shifted her position so she laid on the ground.

"Thank you, Rob-Jiichan and good night" Jessamine whispered before she drifted to sleep. Rob patted her head and whispered his own good night to her and the rest as he too laid on the floor.

The next day was as everyday. You woke up, grabbed a pickaxe and started working in the Tower. Jessamine and her friends were walking through the familiar pathway that led to the workplaces where all the slaves were. Everyday, you had to do different things. One day, you had to work in the mines and the other, help building the Tower. All of it was hard work and sometimes, things resulted to accidents, to which the guards simply shrugged and dumped the dead body in the sea. Why would they care for a simple dead slave? They were like candles, you could easily replace them. The mere thought made Jessamine sick to her stomach.

"Hurry up brats, grab a pickaxe and start mining, or else..." One of the guards growled while he lashed with his whip at them. The azure growled back in defiance, but luckily for her, it went unnoticed. They were about to start, but they stopped as soon as they saw a ship sailing towards the Tower. Jessamine felt sympathy for the newly arriving slaves, for they were in for one hell of a damned life here. The ship stopped at the docks and they threw their anchor so it would not drift away. The crew placed their gangplank on the dock and they signaled for the slaves to disembark. The group of kids were looking with interest who were walking off the gangplank. They saw a middle aged man with brown hair and some scars down his arms, a woman with long wavy black hair and two elderly men that looked like exact copies of the other, probably twins. The group of kids thought that those two men were the last of them, until they heard one of the crewmen shout.

"Oi, damn brats, get off the ship! This is your destination!" The crewman snarled while he pointed his sword to someone. Two figures made their presences known after the sailor yelled at them. A boy with short spiky pink hair, deep onyx eyes and a stoic face and a girl with short scarlet hair, large brown eyes and a terrified look on her face. Jessamine raised an eyebrow after she saw those two.

Natsu walked off the gangplank with Erza on toe. He eyed his surroundings and sighed inwardly. The pinkette took a glance to his friend and saw her terrified face. Natsu gently tucked at her hand to gain her attention.

"Do not give them the pleasure of seeing us all terrified, Erza." The boy whispered to his female companion. She hesitantly nodded and followed her friend's advice. They both started to walk to the guard, who was waiting impatiently for the two. As soon as they stood before the tall man, he instantly began yelling at them.

"You two are as per today faithful workers for our cause! You will work and life the remains of your pitiful lives here, no exceptions!" The guard barked at the rose haired boy and scarlet haired girl. Natsu couldn't help but let out a low growl. Unfortunately, the guard noticed it and gave him a quick whip on his right leg. The pinkette fell on one knee while holding his right leg with his hands, trying to hold back the tears of pain that were forming in his eyes.

"Natsu!" Erza exclaimed worriedly while she crouched to her friend's eye level and placed a hand on his back. She tried to help him up, but Natsu shook his head and gave her a reassuring nod.

"It's nothing, don't worry Erza" The pinkette whispered while he tried to stand up again. Erza still felt worried, but she reluctantly nodded back. The guard gave Natsu a dark look, his whip still in hand.

"Continue to show such behavior and you will not live long, boy." The guard turned around and walked off towards the gate entrance. Natsu and Erza were walking on their own pace, the pinkette eyeing his surroundings again while the redhead looked to the ground. The boy's eyes were wandering around the inner complex of the Tower. He noticed people, probably slaves too, working inside the Tower. His eyes suddenly made contact with that of a girl. She wore the standard slave's rags, her hands supporting a pickaxe on her shoulder and she was of average length for an 8 year old girl. But what got Natsu's attention was the azure blue hair and the complex tattoo on her right eye. The girl intrigued Natsu and he wondered if he would see her again.

Jessamine's brown eyes fell on that of the boy's onyx ones. The boy piqued her interest as she stopped her works to look at them. She wondered if she would see him again. A hand on her shoulder brought Jessamine out of her stupor. She turned around and saw Simon's worried gaze on her.

"Is something the matter, Jessa?" The black haired boy asked Jessamine with a hint of worry in his voice. The azure haired girl shook her head, saying that she was fine and continued working. Simon, however, didn't buy it and stared at the direction his friend looked moments ago. He soon noticed two striking aspects. A girl with scarlet hair and a boy with pink hair. Simon raised an eyebrow. Such notable features would surely give them some unwanted attention. He shrugged, thinking that he wouldn't see them ever again and ran in Jessamine's direction to continue his labors.

After 8 long hours of working, the group of kids were walking back to their cells. Jessamine was still wondering about that girl and boy she saw earlier today. Something told her that it wasn't the last time she would see them, especially the pinkette. They made it to their cells and entered without much hassle. Rob was already inside, but they didn't expect the two others that were sitting with the old man. It were the two they saw earlier today, the pinkette and the redhead. The three of them turned their heads to the newly arrived group. Rob was the first who spoke.

"Children, I want to introduce you all to some newcomers." The old Fairy introduced the girl and boy. The kids nodded and smiled politely at the two. It was the azure haired girl who approached them first

"Hey, my name is Jessamine Fernandez." Jessamine smiled while offered her hand. Natsu looked at her suspiciously and looked the other way. Jessamine frowned inwardly, but still smiled on the outside. Seeing that the boy's trust wasn't easy to get, the azure haired girl took a glance to the redhead, who looked at her with an apologetic smile.

"Don't mind him, he's a friendly person, but resent events made him...unapproachable." The scarlet haired girl's face faltered when she said that. Jessamine nodded in understanding and smiled at Erza.

"I understand, he's probably trying to cope with something," The tattooed girl replied while she extended her hand," The name is Jessamine Fernandez." The girl smiled at Erza, who returned it with one of her own.

"Erza is the name and he's called Natsu." She replied curtly.

"Don't you have a last name, Erza?" The azure haired girl asked while she raised an eyebrow. The redhead shook her head.

"Not that I'm aware of and neither is he." Erza looked at the boy sitting next to her who sat with a frown on his face and his arms crossed. Jessamine looked at them. How didn't they know their last names. Maybe, they grew up without parents? Suddenly, a thought struck her. She walked behind the pinkette and gently took some of his hair in her hands. This brought Natsu out of his thoughts as he frowned a bit at the girl behind him.

"What are you doing." The rose haired boy asked while he backed away a little. Jessamine smiled broadly him, to which he blushed a bit.

"Since you and your friend don't have a last name, why not give you two one? What about Natsu...Rose and...Erza Scarlet?" She exclaimed happily and walked up to Erza. They both were taken aback because of her. She just gave them a last name and a beautiful one at that. Their last names based on their hair color. A small smile made its way to Natsu's face as he eyed his scarlet friend, who had the same smile.

"Natsu Rose and Erza Scarlet...huh." Natsu whispered silently. The pinkette nodded his head. Yeah, it suited them perfectly. The kid stood up and gave a large grin, a grin that Erza hadn't seen since they got captured by slavers.

"I like it, Jessamine Fernandez. Maybe, you are not as bad as I thought." The pinkette walked up to her and extended his hand, like she did not too long ago.

"Name's Natsu Rose, nice to meet you." Natsu 'Rose' greeted her with his toothy grin. Erza too stood up and extended her own hand to the azure haired girl.

"And my name...is Erza Scarlet." The redhead continued, she too sported a smile. On the sidelines, Rob smiled warmly at the three and couldn't help but think of his guild, Fairy Tail. He could already imagine them as members of the guild.

Jessamine smiled back at them as she extended her hands and take their's in them.

"I hope we will be good friends with one another, Natsu and Erza." The azure haired girl replied, her face still sporting the same smile.

From there, those three seemed like they were inseparable and it seemed like things would go easier for the group of slaves. However, fate has its cruel side too, for the peace they enjoyed would come to an abrupt end...