Second Fanfic! And this one is for 90210's: "Lannie" Liam and Annie.

Annie stretched out her legs. This day had been frustrating, not only did she run into Jasper twice, she had been partnered with him for Chemistry. Naomi had stuck to Max and Silver asked Teddy. What happened to all the boys asking girls? Never mind that.

Liam walked over to her on the deck, "Hey Sunshine, why so glum?"

"Jasper. Girls asking boys..." She answered, her lips quivering.

He smirked, but then stopped, "Jasper? What did he do now?" Liam was serious now.

"Nothing. Just being with penetrating, Liam!" She shouted at the lake almost.

He put his hands up in surrender. Annie and Liam both knew what she needed. Closure. And Annie was sure that Jasper was going to give it to her.


"Liam! Liam!" Annie was running toward him, with a huge smile plastered on his face. He almost fell over when he caught her. She must be really happy about this, he thought.

"What?" He asked, with the same amount of enthusiasm.

"I finally did it! It doesn't feel so weird anymore! I talked to him about all this tension and how it was driving me almost mad, and he understood. I am SO done with lies." Liam knew the Annie was not honest about this herself. Lies were everywhere. But seeing her so happy, he didn't really care. He kissed her.

It was long and...mouthful. Very mouthful. Annie ran her hands in his hair while Liam put his hands around her waist. They almost fit together. Maybe they did.