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Annika Grace was born on August 8th. 8/8. She was a brunette. With electrifying blue eyes. It might as well have been Aphrodite's daughter, because she was very gorgeous. At least for a baby. She resembled her mother in most ways. Her voice was beautiful and brightening. Her nose was turned up, like her mother's and she had long flashing brown hair that flowed behind her.

Her father was just as in Annika as ever. They both shocked people with their eyes, and gave the same sly smile that was enduring. Forever.

One night, she began crying and thrashing. Jason and Piper Grace ran to the nearest room, which happened to be their daughters. Piper raised Annika to her and started sway them. Jason put his arms around his wife and child protectively. Annika opened her blue eyes and startled them with electric shock. Jason quickly grabbed Piper's hand to see if she was okay, and she was. She was more than okay. Piper Grace was overjoyed to see Annika Hazel Grace getting her supernatural powers. But she needed time alone with Annika to process this.

Piper silently motioned for Jason to leave the room. Jason obeyed placing a quick kiss on Annika's forehead and Pipers cheek. He stepped out and Piper sat down on the rocking chair that Leo had built. They, both moved together and Piper almost wanted to break down crying to see her beautiful, beautiful daughter growing up so fast. She was learning to say words.

"Annika, I will never let anyone hurt you. Your Father and I will be there, to protect you from anything. I love you, sweetheart" Piper said to her daughter, soft and silently.

Annika muttered something and Piper bent forward to hear what her daughter was saying, "Mom-ther" Annika repeated over and over again.

Piper silent cried and kissed her daughter.