The people making up the morning rush hour congestion were thinning out. They had either got to their workplaces or respective destinations. There were still visibly a few people rushing to work, presumably late.

A shrill police siren pierced the crisp morning silence. Then, the police car was seen, sirens wailing above head. A Rolls-Royce Phantom with a yellow registration plate numbered AA1 followed closely behind.

To top it off, an armored special forces vehicle trailed behind, siren lights blazing quietly. Inside, oblivious to the public, were five highly trained VIPPU (VIP protection unit members) or more fondly known as G4 , with Glock 17, Heckler and Koch MP5K and it's PDW variant.

To those who witnessed, it was just someone important getting to the place he needed to be in a hurry, but it was more to that.

The person in question was actually the Magistrate of High Court Mr. Leung Chin Wai and he was in fact going to a court hearing that could change Hong Kong as we know it.

The outcome of his decision may even change the course of the world.

Not even Mr. Leung knows it but the leaders of the world are all on their way to or already at a high security meeting in a high security office building in downtown Kowloon.

To the world, the meeting had never even taken place. The various presidents have never even left their country. The cars used to transport the ministers and presidents are all under strict surveillance before being allowed to fetch the VIPs from the Hong Kong International Airport a few blocks down.

One of the first to arrive was acting head of MI6 UK, Mrs. Tulip Jones or rather, just Mrs. Jones.

The police car swerved a corner into Queensway, Admiralty. The driver recognized another VIPPU armored vehicle parked down by the curb, siren lights flashing. It was G4 Unit 334, vehicle driven by Tony Cheng. They have all from briefed.

No 38, a 20 storey building, also known as High Court of Hong Kong, loomed just a few blocks down the road.

The Unit 334 vehicle started up and sped ahead of the entourage, sirens switched on, it's shrill wailing competing with that of the police escort vehicle. Then, he drifted and turned a full 180 degrees.

The highly trained police officers in the front and behind the Rolls Royce instantly recognized the sudden twist of events and whipped out their weapons and began firing futilely at Unit 334's bulletproof windscreens.

As if on cue, the Unit 334 accelerated head on into the police car. The two officers in the car died instantly, the whole front of the car dented and swung to the side of the road effortlessly, with their guns still in their hands.

The unit 334 vehicle reversed and accelerated again, this time into the Rolls Royce. Both cars are armored, thus the loud shrieking metal sound followed by the deafening sound of collision.

By this time, traffic had stopped and the officers from the G4 vehicle behind had already alighted and taken positions. Two streets down, four more Special Duties Unit police vehicles were speeding to the site, sirens screaming for cars to make way.

Down in HQ in Arsenal Street, the Commissioner of Police was giving green light for the two helicopters borrowed from the Air Force for standby to take off. In under 3 minutes they would reach the scene and start firing.

Back on Queensway, the three SDU police cars have reached and joined the G4 Unit in combat. The Rolls Royce was in bad shape and the Unit 334 vehicle was still ramming it.

The Rolls Royce stopped it's engine. Two G4 force members ran out of the vehicle with their guns unlocked, spraying the Unit 334 car. The other two in the back ran back to their line with Mr. Leung in tow.

They made it behind the cover of a SDU police car before the Phantom burst in to flames. The two G4 officers that were providing cover for Mr. Leung to escape were thrown back by the explosion.

"Hurry! Into the car!" a masked SDU officer gestured to the SDU police car. He climbed in, too shocked to talk and pulled the door shut.

The officer that asked him to enter the car, climbed in and drove in the opposite direction of the mayhem. Behind them, a second explosion ensued. The air force helicopters have finally taken down the hijacked Unit 334 vehicle.

Mr. Leung turned back to look at the billowing black smoke that rose up from both wrecks as the doors locked. "What theā€¦" He turned back to the front to see the driver pull down his ski mask.

"Long time no see Mr. Leung" the so-called officer snarled.

"Dragon-lord!" Mr. Leung instantly recognized the most powerful triad leader in all of Asia. After all, he was the one who put Dragon-Lord behind bars five years ago.

His murderer's name was the last words Mr. Leung uttered as Dragon Lord pulled out a Desert Eagle semi-automatic pistol and fired at him twice. Once in the head, one in the heart. Pin-point precision shots.

A blinking red light on the giant radar of Special Operations Room in the Police Force HQ beeped off. Mr. Leung, magistrate of the High Court of Hong Kong, was dead.