"We need a super-elite field team of five to complete various missions in taking down the meeting. The army and police is just help and nothing more to us given the current circumstances. We are talking about dealing with a force that could just wipe out a whole police force within months." Mr. Lee gestured for the technician to switch off the projector and leave the room.

The slideshow cut off, casting a dark shade on Mr. Lee's face. All thirty VVIPs looked at him sturdily, thoughts going off in their heads.

"FBI USA requesting permission to speak up." A sun glassed FBI agent spoke up.

"Permission granted." Mr. Lee authorized.

Another man, around his fifties, spoke up: "We are requesting authorization to send in one of our agents. Agent Charles Brunswick, age 36. Successfully accomplished five high-priority missions with a team of seven. Has black belts in Karate, Taekwando, Wing-Chun and has mastered the art of street fighting. His problem solving and tactical strategizing skills are the best in the force."

Mr. Lee looked deep in thought as those present mumbled incessantly among themselves. " We need more than half of present members to agree to decide whether it is to be."

Only two objections were raised, thus the first member of the superhero-like excellence team was decided.

After two hours, the first four members were decided, after seventeen rejects. Agent Charles, from FBI USA, Tomoyuki Iroshita from the Secret Service of Japan, Viktor Alexei of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, and Yeo Eugene from ASIS, Australia's secret service.

"Permission to speak up, Mr. Lee." Mrs. Jones said in calm, somber demeanor.

"Yes. Go ahead." Mr. Lee's sharp tone indicating nothing of the boredness he should have felt in the three hour long high security meeting.

"I have an agent to recommend. Our agent has completed 9 missions in total for our country, even aid the American CIA in stopping the Alexei Sarov world domination plot and the Ark Angel case, and the Australian ASIS to name a few." She glanced over at the head of CIA USA, who nodded in approval.

"And this, agent, his personal details?" Mr. Lee was amazed, as were all the presidents and ministers present.

"Actually, he is currently out of the picture as we have decided to rest him for good, but I think in this case, it's worth mentioning him." Mrs. Jones said in a hushed tone, her voice full of doubt.

"His details, please?" Mr. Lee was getting impatient. He would not let this wonder get away so easily. He knew this was the right man for the last spot on the team.

Mrs. Jones sounded unsure as she stuttered "Agent Alex Rider. All his loved ones are deceased, parents John Rider and Helen Beckett, uncle Ian Rider, housekeeper Jack Starbright. He is currently residing with Edward Pleasure in the United States, his new legal guardian after Jack passed."

"How old is he?" Mr. Lee commented as he tried his best to hide his glee. He was 100% sure this was the man for the team as so were all present, amazement lighting up their faces, acknowledgement on the faces of the CIA and ASIS members.

"As to-date, he is 16 years 3 months and 29 days old." Mrs. Jones said as she looked at her phone.

Everyone except for M16, CIA USA and ASIS agents was shocked, even Mr. Lee, who maintained his cool throughout the whole meeting. The highly-professional bunch of people finally couldn't control their feelings and emotions, what they had just heard. Cries of injustice, child labor, some, amazement.

"Order!" Mr. Lee shouted, to immediate silence.

"Bring him in." said Mr. Lee without bothering to ask wheth