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2) This is an AU! I will mention this twice because there were some misunderstandings when I posted the original. AU means that it is possible that some things are a little different to what happened during the episode and it's also possible that someone would get wrong informations about what is or was going on. So, please wait until the story is complete before starting to complain about some things that are different to 1.08 :).

When Nick came back to life he first couldn't remember where he was. His sight was blurry and he needed some times before he realized that there was blood running over his face and also in his eyes. He blinked several times and his sight was cleared. He coughed and pulled a face when he noticed the pain in his body. Finally he figured out where he was:

Living room. He still was in the living-room. So far so good.

He coughed again and finally spit out a clot of blood. He rolled over to start to come back to his feet again. Not the best idea!

Every single bone in his body seemed to hurt and, truly, not only the bones. He couldn't move his left arm, the right one only painfully. His head was hurting and he had some problems with his breath. And he still felt dizzy.

Nick sat finally down and leaned himself against the couch.

He began to remember: Stark, jumping through the window and attacking him. He, Nick, unable to protect himself for the bigger and so much stronger man. His weapon which should lay somewhere under the demolished furniture. And … Juliette!

Nick lifted his head and blinked.

„Juliette!" He gasped and started again to come back on his feet. But he had to gave in finally, his legs felt like filled with pudding. He sank back to the ground, fighting a nausea. And than he heard footsteps.

No, this wasn't Juliette's light steps, Nick realized. This were hard and heavy footsteps from heavy boots and a tall and bold man.

Nick gulped.

Stark was still here. And when the giant, or whatever else he would be, was still here he, Nick, was still in danger. He needed a weapon to protect himself!

Nick opened his eyes again, searching something for getting this protection (or to hide somewhere). He looked over the debris of the furniture, the broken glass, the framed photos on the ground. And he finally saw Stark who broke the diamond cord from the draperies.

Nick gulped again, leaning forwards in hope, on one side still unable to walk away, so he could crawl somewhere he could hide from his enemy.

He had to do so! He had! ASAP! The best would be moving to the other side of the continent, millions of miles away from Stark and whatever he had in mind. It only was a question of time when Stark would finally realize WHAT Nick was. The Grimm had seen the other bodies Stark had left behind on this crusade of revenge and he felt no need to end up like one of the former victims.

But Nick never had a chance to get away from Stark. The big man was there, graping Nick's neck and threw him back to the couch.

Nick whimpered in pain and tried to resist but Stark didn't seem to notice this. He held the smaller young policeman down and trouched the back of Nick's jeans to find the handcuffs.

„Crap!" The young Grimm groaned, trying harder to break free.

But Stark still didn't take care about what Nick was trying to do. He gripped Nick's right arm, twisted it behind his back until Nick began to whimper and put one of the handcuffs around the wrist. One moment later the useless left arm was handcuffed too and Nick felt bitterness about his inability to avoid getting caught up.

Stark graped him again and dragged him to the opened door.

What Stark was planing for him Nick asked himself. What was going on here?

Stark dragged him out of the house. Nick was sure for a splitsecond he would begin to scream and fight like a berserk but … he let happen what happened in silence. He simply feared Stark would running mad when he alerted the neighbourhood.

Stark dragged him to a pickup Nick had never seen before and opened the front-passengers door. With force he pushed Nick into the pickup, but not on the seat but in the foot space. Stark used the diamond cord to tie up Nick's ancles and finally used one of Juliette's scarves to blindfold his captive before he closed the door and moved around to the driver's seat.

Nick tried to get his cell-phone after the door on his side of the car was closed. But … than he felt how the pickup tilted to one side when Stark came in. A moment later the engine started and Nick felt the movement of the car.

„What do you want from me?" he finally whispered.

„Shut up!" Stark ordered instead of an answer. „Keep quiet and you are safe … for the moment."

Nick bit his lip.

Juliette. Where she was?

He remembered her calling his name, he also remembered himself ordering her to run. But … what happened then?

There was something telling him that Juliette left the house immediatly just like he had told her to do. But his only memory was the sight on the downside of Stark's boots before this boot was colliding with his face and he was knocked out, didn't know for how long. He lost his conscious after the kick from Stark. Would explain why he woke up on the ground a few minutes ago.

But … where was Juliette? What happened to her? Did she make it? Or was she killed by Stark?

His cell-phone began to ring. Nick jumped when he heard it but then he tried to crawl as deep into the ground as possible.

The pickup stopped and Nick felt a hand graping his hair and jerking him out of his hideout. Stark's other hand touched him again until he'd found what he was looking for. Pulling the cell out of Nick's pocket the young Grimm lost his faith.

The ringing stopped, then the pickup began to move again. Nick gave up the hope …

Monroe put his cell aside and frowned.

This was weird. He believed Nick would come up to him for further details on the clock or at least to have a beer with him, sharing any developement on this mysterious murdercase he was working on. Instead … nothing. Not a call, not a visit, not even a thank you!

Not that Monroe expected too much from his unusual friend. But he'd learned some news this day and he felt the need to check on Nick before the Grimm would bump into the not so good part of the daily Wesen-news. That was why Monroe called Nick.

The call went through and for one moment the Blutbad seemed to hear someone breathing but than … the mailbox opened and Monroe interrupted the call.

Monroe began to think again about this not so good news he'd heard at the groceries: A Siegbarste had hit Portland and did some damage to another groceries and a drugstore near Beaverton. And, Monroe knew this for sure: an oger and a Grimm in one city – this couldn't end well! Especially with Nick's job as a cop.

Monroe looked at his cell unsure what to do now. But finally … finally his concerness won.

He stood up, took the keys and a jacket and moved out of his house to his good old VW Beetle to drive to Nick's residence.

To be true, Monroe had figured out where Nick usually stayed a while ago. He wanted to know that just to be on the safe side. Maybe it could be necessary at one point to know where Nick was living?

Now Monroe was driving as fast as his car was able to and finally he turned to the street where the house stood where Nick was living with his girl-friend.

Monroe's gutt began to hurt when he noticed all the blinking lights and men and women in uniform all around exactly that house he'd identified as Nick's residence.

He was too late!

Monroe stopped the car as close as he could and looked up to the entry of the house. From here he could see a damaged table and he noticed the front-door was only barely in it's place.

He opened the window and took a deep breath through his nose.

Yep, exactly what he thought. Siebarste odor along with the smell of Grimm. Damned!

„Would you please keep on driving, Mister?" a voice asked him and let him move his head to see a small asian policeman in uniform looking down at him. „I'm sorry but here's nothing for interest for you, sir", this asian cop told Monroe.

„What happened here?" the Blutbad asked.

„Wait a minute", another voice said and a moment later Hank Griffin, Nick's partner, leaned down to Monroe. „Mister Monroe! What are you doing here?" he asked.

„I uhm ..." Monroe looked again up to the house's entry to see a man with a very intense profile looking worried around. Then he himself moved his head, looking at Hank. „I have more informations about that watch. So I thought I better should bring those to Nick."

Hank looked at him closely with a face full of sorrow. Finally he nodded. „Well, I'm sure one of the officers will be thrilled to get those informations", he said.

„Will do", Monroe agreed and frowned again.

This was getting personal he noticed. He'd seen enough people getting something persoanl in his life, he himself counted to them. Hank Griffin was getting something really very personal now …

„What happened here?" Monroe finally asked again.

Hank pulled a face, but gave in: „Looks like the suspect was much faster than we. He attacked Nick in his house", he explained to Monroe. „Juliette Silverton, Nick's girl-friend could flee in the neighbourhood to inform us via phone. But … the suspect used this time to get Nick and drive off with him".

Monroe's heart jumped.

„Why someone should get Nick?" he asked.

„To get on me", Hank replied and moved away.

Monroe took another look up to the house.

If this suspect was the Siegbarste he could smell here, and if this Siegbarste took Nick then … this couldn't end well!