Update: All chapters have been updated with some additional context to make the story flow a little smoother.

Author's notes: I was unable to find much compelling adult material involving the Sisters of Battle and so I've set about writing my own. This is a f/f romance story but I wouldn't call it fluff as Warhammer 40K doesn't really allow for anything even remotely 'fluffy'. Think of this more as a character focused space opera, with a focus on struggle and romance. I would like to apologise for any errors to cannon lore I may make, they are not intentional. I am an outsider looking in. Hopefully the sheer size of this fantasy universe will allow for exceptions. This is my first attempt at writing anything; let me know if I'm failing miserably and should take up photography instead. My opening partly borrows from Games Workshop to which the Warhammer universe belongs. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

It is the 41st Millennium. The Imperium of man stretches across the stars of this galaxy. From forgotten planets in distant spiral arms to most holy Terra; The Imperium stands forever vigilant. For this is not a utopian future, it is the furthest possible opposite. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be relearned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in this grim dark future: There is only war. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Terra. Vast armies of immeasurable number all give battle in his name, for only his rallying call has any hope of holding off the constant, ever-pressing threat from aliens, beasts, heretics, mutants - and far, far worse. To exist in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable. And to die here is to die unchecked, unloved and alone.

Purest among the Emperors soldiers are the Adepta Sororitas; The Sisters of Battle. Adorned with the most advanced power armour the Imperium can spare and the deadliest of weapons a human can wield; these monk-warriors are forged in the fires of battle and sworn to service for life. Only death may grant release from duty. They are fanatical, ruthless., most are orphans, all are women. They fight side by side against the horrors of the galaxy and to one another: they are sisters.

- accessing imperial archives

- amass records / current location : Naifus Septis VI

- read definitive journal entry -

In a distant sector, seldom thought of by the galaxies inhabitants, lays a small secluded star called Naifus Septis. The sixth planet orbiting, only to be known as Naifus Septis VI, is a wasteland rock annexed by The Imperium of man only a brief seven centuries past. At time of annex the planet was terraformed by means of an ice asteroid impact which covered the barren planet with moisture and fog. The planet has since been used for the production of edible moss and basic foodstuffs to feed the Imperium's ever-hungering armies. Life on this planet is tedious by day and deadly by night. Monsters, Orks and other unknowns frequent this miserable planet in search of seclusion., sometimes prey. The Imperial guard detachments and local populous are stretched thin across the planet's surface. There are no cities, nor forges, nor strongholds. This planet is the true symbol of this galaxy we live in -Nowhere here is safe.

- journal read : end -

Sister Lethaine S'mar held her power sword in front of her. The blades long silver edge seemed to pierce and cut the surrounding fog as the haze lazily passed her by. The sword along with her jet-black armour and short white hair faintly shimmered in the dim white light from two moons overhead. Lethaine looked as she intended; deadly, without mercy, ready to do the Emperors bidding with cold surgical detachment and precision. However. Her fluttering deep breaths and the collecting sweat on her face betrayed her portrait. The human instinct to panic was like an ice barb in Lethaine's chest dripping cold fear into her veins. From across the horizon the sound of distant gunfire and screaming filled the night air and crawled beneath her skin, making Lethaine continuously shiver within her armour. Without warning a wicked laugh cackled from somewhere behind her. Lethaine's eyes went wide. She spun around to face the direction of the noise, one hand going to her bolter, the other raised, sword ready. Her rose-red eyes darted around in the dark trying to find the source, but she saw nothing. A long ten seconds drifted on before she finally dropped her defensive stance. 'It's too far off. Maybe over the hillside' she thought to herself letting out a quiet sigh. 'Leth, you need to steal yourself for the night. This will be your first time facing an enemy. You have been bestowed a title; Battle Sister.' She smiled. The title seemed unreal to her, as if it had been given to her by mistake. She straightened, determination almost glowing in her eyes, "And here," she thought aloud "on this planet, you will earn that title! The Emperor will protect you, you just have to.." Her attempt at self-motivation was shattered as her VOX earpiece broke from silence making Leth jump with an almost audible yelp. Even a small show of cowardice during training would have seen her flogged for her lack of faith, and Lethaine cowered naturally expecting whip and lash to strike her; but none came, she was by her self,, alone. This was her first assignment; if she didn't get a hold of herself then this mission would be her last, permanently. Leth raised a finger to her ear and propped her head to one side listening closely to the radio transmission. She knew her life would depend on the next thing she heard.

"My Sisters!" crackled over the receiver "This is Palatine Xen. Many of you are untried and untested by the fires of battle, but you must not fail this day. We come to this claimed planet to defend it against two enemies. Foul xenos; the Orks, have long plagued this planet, but I sense something more sinister at play here; The Orks are aware of it too. Something has them scared. They've been trying to raid our food supplies and acquire anything to help get them off planet. We shall use that fear to uproot and purge the alien, vigilant and wary all the while. You will find reprieve during daylight, something about this planet's sun harms the Orks; they will not give you any trouble at day but each night they get more and more desperate. Much of the human population are fleeing. My sisters, cowardice is only to be rewarded with death, you know what is expected of you.. Proceed from your assigned drop points into the nearest settlement. Ten battle sisters have been assigned to each. Purge xenos on site. Meet with your fellow battle maidens at the town center, and press the imperial citizens for the truth. The Emperor protects."
The radio went silent. Lethaine's mind processed the orders with rapid efficiency. 'Orks, cowards and something sinister,, possibly heretics, A tall but do-able order for a newly titled Sister'. Leth wiped the cold sweat from her brow and observed her surroundings. Around her a boggish marsh stretched out in all directions broken up by rocky platforms protruding out from the ground. The air was still warm from the previous days heat and there was no wind to break the temperature. The contrast between damp ground and dry rock clearly showed the unnatural environment of the terraformed world. It was like being in the middle of a desert and a sauna at the same time. Aside from the moons above and the brief flashes from distant battles, the only other source of light that could be seen was situated far off, barely visible through the fog. A town; one click away; her target.

Private Triss Will spat blood from her mouth and bared her teeth at the last standing enemy. Where Triss lacked in fangs or tusks, she made up for with two imperial issue battle knives, one in each hand, a threatening sight to any human,, but she wasn't facing a human. Triss knew she was dead; A sad fate considering the enemy was down to one. But this was no longer about survival, this was about making sure her opponent suffer the same fate as she. Mud and blood covered her from head to toe. Only one thing in her mind was left, only one thing existed; pure rage. All around her lay the dead bodies of farmers, civilians, guardsmen. All subject to the unknowable barbarism that could only be inflicted by this monstrous figure's kind now looming in front of her, An Ork.

Cliffs and splintered rock surrounded Lethaine as she made her way towards the settlement, silently making her way from shadow to shadow. As fast as she started, her progress was quickly slowing; mud and moisture seeped into every seam making movement cumbersome and her armour heavy. Like the warp itself, the ooze looked as if it were consuming and corrupting Lethaine's armour. To make matters worse the path before her was becoming narrow and twisted, footing was becoming haphazard and every rock face offered ambush against the lone sister. The drop-off either side of the path gave no clues as to how far down they went, the fog shrouded everything. For a second time, a sickening laugh pierced the air, its hysterical cackling was as far removed from joyous laughter as inhumanity possible. Leth couldn't get a mark on where it was coming from. The sound seemed to come from every direction. This time the laugh did not cease, it got louder. "Where are you?" Leth growled. She adopted a defensive stance only to start hearing the sound from behind her. As she turned a shot fired from the shadows. It struck her shoulder plate and knocked her to the end of the cliff. The damp ground gave way beneath her feet and she fell. The cackle echoing in Lethaine's ears. She closed her eyes.