A rescue mission

Chapter 1

This is just the same, as Jurassic park the lost world, but I took, Sarah out I really didn't like her. So I made my own Oc to fill in and take her place. It's all the same plot from the lost world. I made a new character to fill in Kara Williamson.

"Shit." Ian Malcolm muttered under his breath he tried to read his paper on the train and ignore a man who is staring at him. The man sits down next to Malcolm, grinning.

"You're him, aren't you?"

"Excuse me?" Malcolm said, looking up.

The guy. The scientist. I saw you on TV." He says conspiratorially

"I believed you." No response from Malcolm. The guy leans in even closer.

"Roooooarr." The man does a worst imitation of a dinosaur.

Ian gives the guy a withering look, "I was misquoted. I was merely speculating on the evolutionary scenario of a Lost World. I never said I was in any such place."

He gets up and moves to another seat on the car, away from the Man. As he sits down, he notices two other commuters across from him are staring at him. He looks at them. They look away. He pulls the collar of his coat up tight around him. Nowhere to hide.

Ian rang the bell at the Hammond mansion, a butler of 53 opens the door, "Whom shall I tell Mr. Hammond is calling?"

"Ian Malcolm" he lets him, the house. The butler leaves and two children come running down the stairs. He realizes it to be Lex and Tim.

" ! !" they shout running over to him. A smile appears on his face. "Kids!" they run to hug him.

"How are you? My God you've grown!" the kids quickly pull away, they see

Peter Ludlow, walking towards them with papers in his hands. They hesitate. Lex and Tim walk away down the hall.

"Well, Dr. Malcolm. Here to tell a few campfire stories with my uncle?" Ludlow asked. they really disliked each other.

"Do me a favor, Ludlow. Don't ever pretend you and I don't know the truth. You can convince Time magazine and the Skeptical Inquirer of whatever you want, but I was there. I know what happened." Malcolm said, with a look of anger on his face.

"You're lucky we didn't sue you. You signed a non-disclosure agreement before you went to the island that expressly forbid you from discussing anything you saw. You violated that agreement." Ludlow hissed.

"And you lied. Do you have any idea how you quick to condemn the academic world is? You cost me my livelihood. My reputation." Malcolm said.

"As I understand it, your university revoked your tenure for selling wild stories to the press, I hardly see how that's my –" Ludlow said, he cut got off by Malcolm.

"I didn't sell anything, I told the truth."

"Your version of it." Ludlow said with a grim expression.

"There are no versions of the truth. This isn't a corporate maneuver, I'm talking about my life."

"We made a generous compensatory offer for your injuries."

"It was a payoff and an insult. InGen never-"

"InGen is my livelihood, Dr. Malcolm, and I will jealously defend its interests. In a few weeks - - (he stops himself) - - it'll all be moot. And your problems will long forgotten." Ludlow said making a move, He starts to walk out, but Malcolm catches him by the arm "Not by me."

Malcolm enters a darkened bedroom. John Hammond lies in the bed, on the other side of the room. Medical equipment has been disguised as well possible among the furniture and flowers. "Ian! Don't linger in the doorway like an ingenue, come in, come in!" John said to Malcolm. Malcolm steps further into the room.

"It's good o see you, it really is. How's the leg?" John said sitting up on his bed. "Resentful." Malcolm replies.

"When you have a lot of time to think, it's funny who you remember. It's the people who challenged you. It's the quality of our opponents that gives our accomplishments meaning. I never told you how sorry I was about what happened after we returned." Noticing John's deteriorated condition, Malcolm finds it hard to sustain anger.

"I didn't know you - - weren't well."

It's the lawyers. The lawyers are finally killing me.

"They do have motive. Why did you want to see me? Your message said it was urgent." Malcolm asks pulling up a chair by his bed.

John quickly gets to the point. "You were right - - and I was wrong. There! Did you ever think you'd hear me say that? Spectacularly wrong. Instead of observing those animals, I tried to control them. I squandered an opportunity and well still know next to nothing about their lives. Not their lives as man would have them, behind electric fences, but in the wild. Behavior in their natural habitat, the impossible dream of any paleontologist. I could have had it, but I let it slip away. "John pauses then looks at Malcolm "Thank God for Site B." Malcolm just looks at him, not understanding

John has a glint in his eye, "Well? Didn't it all seem a trifle compact to you? The hatchery, in particular?"

"What are you talking about?" Malcolm asks confused.

"You know my initial yields had to be low, far less than one percent, that's a thousand embryos for every single live birth. Genetic engineering on that scale implies a giant operation, not that spotless little laboratory I should you."

"I don't believe you." Malcolm said.

"Isla Nublar was just a showroom, something for the tourists, Site B was the factory floor. It was on Isla Sorna, eighty some miles from Nublar. We bred the animals there, nursed them until they were a few months old, then moved them to the park." John explained to Malcolm.

Malcolm knows where this going and shakes his head. "No, no, no, no, no . . ."

"About twenty-four months ago Hurricane Clarisse wiped out Site B. Call it an act of God. We had to evacuate and the animals were released to mature on their own in the wild. Life found a way, as you once so eloquently put it. For four years now I've fought to keep them safe from meddling." John said, echoing Malcolm's words from 4 years ago.

"Then it's the first thing you've done right! That island has to be quarantined and contained, immediately! Even the airspace over it needs to be restricted! Get the Department of Biological Preserves to seal off the island. These two species were never meant to share the earth. I am living proof that man cannot compete in their world, and they would never make it in ours. Civilization would kill them. If they're not dead already. You bred them lysine-deficient, didn't you? They should've died after seven days without supplemental enzymes." John explained standing up Malcolm moved to help him.

"But by God, they're flourishing, aren't they?! I don't know how, it's only one of a thousand questions I want the team to answer. I've been putting this together for over a year. But now something's come up that's made it imperative the expedition happen now. If we hesitate, all will be lost."

"Expedition? Oh, please, please don't tell me you were foolhardy enough to –"

"I've organized a group to go in and document them, to make the most spectacular living fossil record the world has ever seen. It's not been easy to convincing any of them about what they're going to see. I've had to use my checkbook to get them there. I'm covering all the expenses myself." "I cannot believe my ears. Did you breed carnivores on this island?" Malcolm said, oblivious to this.

"Our satellite infrareds show the animals are fiercely territorial, they demarcate and defend specific areas and stay in them. The carnivores are isolated in the interior of the island, so the team will stay on the outer rim." John said.

"How many lunatics are on this team?" Malcolm said, John hesitates like he was keeping something else from him. John picks up a thick file folder from the night table next to him and opens it on his lap. Inside, there are memos, charts, maps, and photographs. "Four." John said.

Malcolm thought John has gone out of his mind completely.

"Four?! You should be going in there with the National Guard!"

"Exactly wrong! Ask any animal behaviorist, the best results come from the lowest impact, the animals shouldn't even know you're there. One observes and documents, but does not interact. Attempting to control the environment is where I went wrong the first time, you told me so yourself. I'm not making the same mistakes again."

Malcolm put his head in hands. "No, you're making all new ones! My God, if you want to protect those animals, do the ground work, get legislation passed! If you want to observe them, you do it safely, by satellite, or helicopter, but you don't just barge in there with a camcorder! Who are these people? What are their names?"

"Nick van Owen, a video documentarian; Eddie Carr, a field equipment specialist; we also have a paleontologist - - and I hope you will be the fourth." He said, Malcolm supresses a laugh. Malcolm looks at him - - "you're out of your mind."

"Do you even listen when I speak?"

"Public opinion is the only thing that can preserve Site B now. You have always been my harshest critic. If you come out as an advocate with me, it'll mean everything. I know how obsessive you can be once you truly embrace an idea. We can come forward, together, with ironclad proof of their existence."

"You must already have proof. DNA splicing, the cloning, the births - -"Malcolm rants.

"Only in captivity! I need to show them in their natural habitat to stir up emotional support for keeping that island pristine. This is my last chance to contribute something of real value. I can't walk so far to have left no footprints. I will not be known only for my failures, and you are too smart and too proud to let yourself go down in history as a hoaxster. Please. This is a chance at redemption for both of us."

That's selfish and grandiose. No, John, I won't go. And I'm going to contact every member of your team and stop them from going."

He picks up the file from the bed and starts flipping through it. "You didn't mention the name of the palaeontologist. Who did you get?" Malcolm asks, John looks away guiltily.

"She came to me. I just want you to know that."

"Who did?" Malcolm asks. He tries not to panic, "I want to be very clear about who approached whom."

Malcolm dreads, but he knows "Who are you talking about?"

"Leave it to you, Ian, to have associations, affiliations, even love interests with the best people in so many fields . . ."

"You didn't bring Kara into this?! Forget it! Get someone else!" Malcolm shouted. How could John bring his girlfriend into this?! How could she go without telling him!

"There is no one else! Paleontological behavior study is a brand new field, and Kara Williamson is on the frontier. Her theories on parenting and nurturing among carnivores have framed the debate for the last five years, who else could have - - what are you doing?" Malcolm is up, searching under piles of papers and dossiers on John's desk. "Where's your phone?"

"You're too late. She's already there." John whispers softly. Malcolm stops and turns a terrified look on his face. "The others are meeting her in three days."

"You sent her to this island alone?" a pained whisper in his voice.

"Sent is hardly the word, she couldn't be restrained! She was adamant about making the initial foray by herself. "Observation without interference," she said, went on and on about it."

"What is it, you couldn't kill me the first time, so you recruited Kara to manipulate me into going down there again?! Is that it?!" Malcolm shouts pacing up and down the floor.

"It wasn't intentional! You know how she is, better than anyone! After you were injured in the park, she sought you out, didn't she, travelled all the way down to the hospital in Costa Rica at ask someone she didn't even know if the rumours were true! She's a firebrand once she's engaged on a subject, how could I refuse her the chance to complete her life's work?!"

"This is criminal, and I will never forgive you for it. You wanna to leave your name on something, fine, but stop putting it on other peoples' graves!" Malcolm shouted, he tried to control his temper,

"She's going to be fine. She's spent years studying African predators, she knows what she's doing. Believe me, the research team will take every possible pre—"Malcolm stands, resolute, making a decision.

"No, It's not a research expedition any more. It's a rescue mission. It's leaving tonight and I'm going with it. And for all our sakes, whoever you've got for protection had better be good." Malcolm finalized walking out of his room.

First chapter! Look I know this chapter is a little boring and slow. Are you looking forward to meeting Kara Williamson? I will be in the story soon! I hope you like this, well there is no difference really just the character. I don't know why I didn't like the actress who played Sarah, she didn't seem Malcolm's type.