In hindsight, telling Bolin about their relationship had probably been the easiest thing they'd had to work their way around lately. After he'd taken a moment to put two and two together and came up with lesbians, he'd been nothing but a ball of energy zipping from one idea to the other. That was until Asami burst his bubble and informed him that if they were going to follow stereotypes it was supposed to be the gay male friend that wanted to go shopping – not the gay female couple. He'd looked a little deflated after that, but was soon cheered when she promised him that she'd take him for a shopping trip if it would make him feel better. Korra was just pleased that it meant that she wouldn't have to go. All in all, he'd taken it extraordinarily well and seemed genuinely happy for the two of them despite his crush on the Avatar.

Mako, on the other hand, would be something else. Neither of them particularly wanted to be the one to have the conversation given their awkwardness around each other, but Bolin had been the one to solve that potential little fiasco of all three of them losing their tempers. He'd be the one to suggest it to his brother and let him come to his own conclusions.

And that was that.

But how were they supposed to break it to everyone else?

Korra seemed the most concerned that the two of them would be separated. There wasn't exactly the risk of them getting pregnant, so having segregated quarters like the male and female dorms were seemed a bit of overkill. And neither of them were air nomads, so they didn't have to follow the same rules exactly. Still, it was Tenzin's home and they'd have to follow his instructions while they were living there.

Asami didn't particularly want to go back to living at the Sato mansion by herself and had practically moved in with Korra. Her old room at the air temple was now mostly a storage facility for all her clothes and assorted other items. Even so, her new bed was rarely touched as most of her nights were spent snuggled up in the Avatar's arms.

Nobody had questioned the two of them sleeping in the same room before. It had been assumed that they were together for companionship and indulging in the all-important girl talk that Korra had missed out on as a kid. There certainly hadn't been any complaints about it either. Asami's presence had greatly reduced the amount of nightmares that Korra had been experiencing, leading to a much more restful night for everyone nearby. Listening to a few quiet giggles here and there was far better than being wrenched from a peaceful sleep by a screaming, terrified girl.

But such troubles were so easily forgotten when curled up on the couch together in front of a warm and crackling fireplace. It was also easy to forget that they were not the only ones living in the vast expanse of the temple, despite having not seen anyone for hours. The evening was such a quiet time on the island that it seemed like the rest of the world had just fallen asleep and left them alone to enjoy the night. At the right time, not even the night song of Republic City could be heard on the breeze, carried across the bay. Only the sound of cricket wasps chirping spilled in through the open window, but it was hardly them that either of the girls was paying attention to.

Instead, Asami was far more caught up in the pair of lips that belonged to her water tribe lover. Lips that skimmed her neck, teasing and taunting and never staying in the one place for long. Of course, the fingers of that same water tribe woman also proved to be quite distracting with their constant poking and prodding at her sides as they tried to tickle her and make her squirm. Quite innocently and without any ill intent, that woman might have added if she had been questioned on the subject. It certainly wasn't her fault that the heiress was so jumpy. All she wanted to do was touch her. Was that so much to ask for?

Korra leaned in and over Asami's knees that were tucked up against her chest, intent on kissing the woman she'd claimed as her girlfriend.

"You know, I was trying to read."

"Who cares about that? My idea is way better."

"Of course you'd think that, Korra. But someone has to read these air bending scrolls so that this information actually stands a chance of finding its way into that thick skull of yours." Asami reached out a slender finger and poked her on the nose.

"On one hand; musty old air bending scrolls. On the other hand; pretty lady. You're going to have to forgive me if I'm not that enthusiastic about the former."

"I'm starting to wonder if you're getting all your lines from Meelo. That sounds like something he'd come up with."

"Hey, I'll have you know I'm great at coming up with all my own lines." She indignantly huffed.



"Try me."

For a moment, Korra was at a loss. But a smirk soon crossed her face as she leapt at the Sato heiress again and tried to steal the moment of affection. She was quickly rebuffed by two hands pressed against her chest.

"That's not a line!"

"I don't need a line. I'm the Avatar! I'm naturally attractive to your species."

The ungainly snort of laughter coming from her girlfriend suggested that she might not have been as convinced by Korra's proclamations as Korra was. But cocky way that she leaned back, arms spread all over everything like she owned the room soon had Asami reconsidering her stance on that. There was something attractive about the headstrong woman, and she knew it too. That was the worst bit.

"...You're just lucky you're cute."

Taking that as implicit permission, Korra leaned over her again and this time was rewarded with the kiss she'd been denied moments ago. Hearing the scroll crinkle between them, she knew that it was a battle that she'd won and met no protest in taking it away and tossing it onto the floor. At least, not from Asami anyway.

"I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't treat priceless air bending scrolls that way."

When Tenzin had come to check on the young woman, he hadn't expected to see Korra with her. And he certainly didn't think he'd see the two of them being so openly affectionate towards one another. In the past he'd been careful enough to only catch them sleeping in the same bed while wearing that tawdry and ridiculous costume. In their defence, they were in a rather quiet area of the temple's living quarters. They had probably assumed nobody was around at this time of night. True enough, most of the monks were either asleep or meditating.

Still, he'd hoped that he'd never actually have to see confirmation of what he'd only suspected up until now. There was no such luck tonight.

Tenzin knew he had to interrupt when he saw the Sato girl's arms loop around Korra's shoulders and trace patterns on the sky blue fabric covering her back. Though the kiss was sweet and affectionate for the young lovers, it had no business taking place in front of him. While it didn't make him recoil and want to gag like many of the overly "friendly" public displays of the youths of Republic City, it was something that made the air bending master feel a little uncomfortable with.

It was one thing to know that the Avatar liked kissing girls.

It was another to know that the same Avatar used to be your father in a past life.

Plus there was the little problem with his elderly mother still being alive and looking at Korra like she still loved and missed her previous incarnation. It just got really weird for him sometimes. It was better to not think about it. Unfortunately with what he'd just seen, it meant that he now had a hormonal Avatar on his hands that he had to protect from the world and herself. It was hard enough just stopping her from getting into trouble with her temper. But adding relationships and sex into the mix? That was like planting explosives and letting a fire bender light the fuse.

Frankly, Tenzin thought he'd be better off NOT knowing that the Avatar's main interest was in chasing skirts and knocking boots with the Sato girl.

At least she had good taste. He could give her that much. Asami was certainly something special to look at. Not that he had been looking. She was exceedingly polite and helped out with chores a whole lot more than Korra did. Pema adored her. All in all, she was a great catch; it was just a matter of figuring out a way to stop her from being so alluring to the easily distracted Avatar. But even considering her propensity to take up all of Korra's time, he could still be thankful for the fact that at least Asami wasn't a giant polar bear dog.

Tenzin wasn't quite sure whether he should be proud of her for that or not. It wasn't exactly an accomplishment to choose a human over an animal to engage in amorous congress with. Then again, for Korra, it actually might have been. Maybe someone should have told her that riding the wild polar bear dog didn't involve actually riding the-

"I think you mean copies of priceless air bending scrolls, Tenzin."

"Copies or not, they are still priceless and should be treated with more respect, Avatar Korra. Perhaps one day you will look back on this moment and realize how precious they truly are. But since you two appear to be finished studying them, I will take them back to the library before you lose them. Or damage them. Or both."

Looking suitably chastised, the water tribe woman pulled away from her lover and managed to sit still for once; even if she was wringing her hangs.

"I just wanted to inform you that I received a letter from your parents today in response to one I sent them earlier. I'd like to discuss it further with you, but it can wait until tomorrow after you've completed your training. You've got a long day ahead of you, and I know what you're like in the morning. You both should probably head on up to bed and get some rest."

"I don't think you can use your 'I don't need sleep! I'm the Avatar!' line here, Korra. We should go. I'm sorry about the scroll, Tenzin." Asami passed it to him on the way out.

"That's quite alright, Miss Sato. I know you're not the one responsible for this foray into scroll bending." He frowned at the crumpled sheet of paper.

"Well at least I bent something to do with air. Do I get points for that?"

The strongly resounding 'No' from both Tenzin and Asami sent the girl sulking from the room. She was soon joined by the non-bender who had taken up a most recent fascination with Korra's bicep on the trip to their bedroom, if the way her fingers were rubbing at it was any indication.

"He didn't seem too mad at us?"

"That's what I'm worried about, Asami. There's something else going on. Why wouldn't he just tell me what the letter said?"

"Well it's obviously not an emergency, as he told you to wait."

"He always tells me to wait!"

"That's not the point. It's probably just too long and tedious to get into tonight. I for one am glad he isn't mad. That makes telling people about us a whole lot easier. Let's just do as he says and get some sleep."

Korra sighed.


"Or, I could always find a way to take your mind off it for a little while, Miss Avatar..."

"I like that idea."