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The red liquid was everywhere.

On the floor was a puddle of red blood. In the middle of said blood laid a body. No live in it anymore. Her dead eyes looked directly at him. Her hands bound together behind her back. So that she can't move away. Helpless.

The deadly cut on her throat was still bleeding. The Blood flowed out like a river. She looked so calm, like she was asleep. Only with opened eyes. Eyes, that would never be able to look at him again. Before she died, she moved her head to the side to see for the last time the face of a boy, named Alex Rider, her ward. Then she died, Jack took her last breath and died. Simply died. Yesterday, she was alive. Today, she is not.

Alex couldn't think anymore. The picture of Jack's corpse was always present in his mind. But he couldn't look away. The scene at which somebody came and brutally murdered Jack. Alex sat at the blood stained floor and couldn't look away. His World came crashing down, like a mirror it broke into million pieces. That never can be fixed. Alex was broken beyond repair.

The guy, which stood above the corpse, held the knife still in his hand. Scorpia came and destroyed his family. Their revenge. First his parents, then his uncle and at last Jack. Now Alex was alone. Alone in the world of espionage and Assassins.

Through the windows bright sunlight flooded the room.

The first stranger stood above the corpse and looked pleased with his work. A sick smile on his face.

"Now, that wasn't funny. She died already. Now we have to go to the next one. I hope he lasts longer." His face turned in Alex direction. Ready for another kill.

Slowly he made his way to him. The blood stained knife trailing between his fingers.

Alex was sick to his stomach. He didn't want to die. He could fight, and he would fight to the end. And not to his end.

"I'm not sure witch of us will die today." Alex response in his cocky self. He turned cold, he hadn't anything to lose anymore.

Just as the man was a few feet away from him, he lashed out. A high kick to the man's temple knocked him out, like a light bulb. The two men behind him, both were knocked backwards from the impact of Alex's elbows. With his master knowledge in martial arts, he killed all three Sorpia agents in less than five minutes. He didn't feel anything after this. Only emptiness.

Satisfied with his revenge he looked at the corpses. After a couple of minutes of starring he made his way over to Jack. Kneeling besides her und closing her eyes with his hands. A single tear was running down his face.

The Tear dropped to the ground and mixed with the blood.

The last words he said to her were.
"I love you. I always loved you."

Then he grabbed one of the Weapons from the Scorpia agents and left the house.

Alex Rider was out for revenge and bloody hell, he would get it.

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