Vampire Knight

Painful Screams and Money Screams

"You can't do it."

"I can."

"Whatever, you're all talk and no action."

"You want action? Then I'll give you action!"

I followed behind slowly as Kaito stormed into a Tattoo Parlor. Kaito had little patience and his patience was almost nonexistent if you told him he couldn't do something. Then his head got big and he got arrogant as he tried to prove you wrong. The man behind the counter looked up at me and gave me greeting nod because I often came here to look at other tattoo designs.

"What can I help you with?" the man behind the counter said with a bored voice and expression.

"A piercing for my ignorant friend," I said with a knowing smile.

"What would you like, Sir?" the man asked, "Earring?"

"No," Kaito said. He gave me a sly grin, "I want a nipple ring," I gazed at Kaito with wide eyes. The man gave an evil smile and invited Kaito around the counter. Kaito slipped off his shirt and I saw the cashier Goth-Lady gape and blush and admire. I rolled my eyes and stood with my back to Kaito, arms crossed over my chest.

"Watch me carefully, Zero! Now you can't say that you've had great piercing jobs," Kaito boasted and I rolled my eyes.

I face-palmed. It was winter, we had a fire-place, "I didn't say great piercing jobs, Kaito. I was telling the Chairman about this place that had great pricing on logs––"


I turned around and saw Kaito holding his nipple that now had a silver hoop hanging from it. Kaito collapsed to the floor and bit his lip to keep from crying. The man behind the counter stood above my friend as Kaito pulled on his nipple to try to get the hoop off.

"Will that be cash or credit?" I asked the man, standing beside Kaito who was crying into my shoe.

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