Welcome to my alternate universe story that explores the route of Sarah and Chuck meeting each other as the CIA's best Agents. Expect lots of things different to canon in regards to Chuck and Sarah. They have the freedom to do absolutely anything they want to concerning their relationship without any consequences.

Please do not judge the story based on my awful summarizing, read it! You will enjoy, I hope :)

The first couple dozen chapters are effectively a prologue, there's some main plot going on but it's mostly getting everybody introduced and setting the tempo. The actual fun will begin around chapter 40.

Please forgive any grammatical errors you may spot. My English isn't advanced enough to make this story a piece of fine art, it will probably be rough on its edges but I honestly believe deep in its core, it makes to be a really good story. And I honestly believe that for every single fiction I ever write. I may not write pretty to some, but I must be doing something right, as I get more compliments than complaints :P

Warning: This story will push a strong T at times.

Disclaimer: I do not own Chuck which is probably the reason why the ending of the show is awful. ;)

Chapter One

It Was Love at First Sight

Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters

Washington DC, USA

28 November 2005

As Sarah Walker sat quietly in her seat inside Director Graham's office, she drifted off into a reverie about a lot of things that had taken place in the previous months, particularly her previous two missions. They had taken a huge toll on her and all she wanted to do right at this moment was be sat on a beach in St. Tropez alone but instead here she was in Washington DC waiting for her next assignment. Which happened to be with some CIA bad-ass called Carmichael.

She had tried to talk the Director out of working with a partner. Trying her best to get her point across that all of her success has come from working alone and she didn't go well with partners, using the fallout in the Clandestine Attack Team as the main part of her point. The Director however was adamant that she would obey her orders.

'Just great...' She thought. 'This Carmichael is probably just another one of those arrogant CIA hotshots who love themselves and are more interested in the glitz and glam of the spy life rather than the mission in hand.' Sarah choked on the thought.

Sarah however, was more hurt in particular because of the growing reputation of this Carmichael. She was receiving half of her normal mission workload from Graham and she did not like it. After taking her father away all she had left was the Agency. And she sure as hell was not going to let some CIA hotshot take that away from her...

No, she would have to show Graham on this assignment that the word, 'partner' was not one that she had in her vocabulary.

So due to her negative opinion that Sarah had already placed on this mystery Agent, she wasn't at all surprised when she checked her watch to find Agent Carmichael was running 15 minutes late. She didn't know what the Director seen in Carmichael, because even after this blatant unprofessionalism of being late the Director was all smiles and gave her a funny grin. The Director may have been a lot of things, ruthless, cunning to name but a few but he could read the mind of Sarah Walker to perfection. She was after all his recruit.

So she sat back uncomfortably as she zoned out drifting into thoughts about getting this mission out of the way and taking a week of leave to visit St. Tropez; it was beautiful this time of year.

When Agent Carmichael received a call from the Director he did not want this assignment. 'Don't freak out' he said to himself. 'Director Graham wants me to work together with one of the best Agents not only in the CIA but in the world. Sarah Walker... recruited into the CIA in 1998, ex member of CAT, Secret Service detail protecting the President.' He was pretty sure that if needed she could quell a revolution with a fork.

Carmichael often wondered to himself why he was receiving many of the difficult missions when they were far more suited to Sarah Walker. These missions were her style, Seduction. Back in the Farm legend has it Miss Walker would only have to look at you with her eyes or flick her hair and you would be on your knees spilling all she needed to know. 'Don't freak out Chuck, don't freak out..'

He hurried into the CIA headquarters.

Chuck continued along the corridors and into the Director's office still in deep thoughts, he thought even more on why he received so many of these types of missions when there were so many other Agents out there better looking and more charming than him. But who is he to disobey orders? He has been teamed with beautiful agents from CIA, MI6, and a recent DEA agent in the Afghan region but there was no beauty on this earth that could be compared to this woman sitting with the Director. He had read her file, mission reports, he admired her work immensely. But he could never believe there was a woman as beautiful as this. He still didn't believe it and thought he was dreaming that was until the Director cleared his throat to announce his presence.

Chuck went crimson red, how could he be so stupid. Did his first meeting with Agent Walker consist of him being late and consist of him being so frozen that he could not take his eyes away from her. He was lost in her beautiful Sapphire eyes and long blonde hair.

Finally, Carmichael arrived. Sarah had noticed this because the Director glanced down the hallway of the facility. Sarah was disinterested at first, waiting for the inevitable bad attitude. She did not however prepare herself for when her eyes came into contact with a tall broad shouldered, well built, brown haired, brown eyed agent with a clear shyness that was enough to unsettle anybody.

'Is this mystery Agent the Prince Charming that her mother told her stories of when she was young?' She asked herself. When their eyes met she drifted into a universe that can only be described as heaven. When the Director made himself aware she snapped back, for a moment she had lost control of herself, the handsome Agent went to take a seat a few feet away. Sarah felt an unfamiliar sensation in her stomach at the mere sight of him. Chuck quickly sat and tripped over his words because of his encounter just seconds ago with the beautiful woman just a few foot away, "I- I'm so sorry Director I have zero excuse for being late."

Director Graham glanced at both of them obviously aware of what had just occurred between his two best Agents and smirked, "Please Agent Carmichael, no apologizes are necessary. I completely understand and I am sorry to have called you in. I know I promised you a vacation to spend time with your family who you have not had the chance to see in a while but duty calls." Graham paused ever so briefly and continued "Agent Carmichael please allow me to introduce you to Agent Walker."

Chuck shyly nodded and greeted Agent Walker, "Agent Walker I- I am so honored to be given a chance to work with you" Chuck tripped over his words again.

Sarah blushed, this man is incredibly cute. She had never encountered an Agent who had a clear nervousness about him. "Please call me Sarah, it's a pleasure to meet you Agent Carmichael."

Carmichael quickly interrupted, "Please call me Chuck, and the pleasure is all mine." Chuck says with a great sense of pride.

Director Graham then resumed the briefing, "Now, Agents. I have studied your missions for several months now. You both fight very similar and you both are comfortable thinking very quickly on your feet. I believe you to be perfectly compatible as partners so this will be your first mission together. If results are good you will become permanent partners." The Director paused momentarily who was still full of grins on the inside on noticing his two best Agents acting like love struck puppies shy to look at one another.

"You will attend a formal party in the French Consulate here in D.C tomorrow, you will go in under the cover of being a married United States couple with a fine interest in politics. Your assignment is to grab a French Citizen, retrieve a micro intelligence chip from him. All I can tell you about what's on the chip is that it is game changing intelligence. Accommodation has been arranged and you will find a small armoury available to you inside suitcases at the hotel. Questions?"

Chuck spoke first, "Director who is this French Citizen? "

"Pierre Salvatore, he is directly connected to the organization that bombed the Las Vegas hotel last month, we lost 7 Agents in that explosion, we believe that he plans to use the information on the chip to plot a next attack against the U.S."

Sarah and Chuck both listened intently. Sarah was impressed at how much Carmichael paid attention to detail. He took a pride in his work and wanted no stone left upturned it took a lot to impress her, but she was impressed.

"Director will the target have backup?" Sarah asked.

"That is unknown Agent Walker. It is possible he may have up to 4 armed muscle around him which should not be a problem for either of you with your expertise. You will grab Pierre using whatever means you deem necessary alive or dead, the importance is primarily the intel."

"I would also suggest you spend the next day getting to know each other, dismissed."

Both Agents awkwardly nodded at the Director and left the office heading to find a taxi to take them to there accommodation.

Sarah wondered what the hell just happened. 15 minutes ago she hated the prospect of meeting another of those arrogant Agents but it went completely the opposite. It would have been so much easier if he was an ass, But he was handsome, smart and very, very shy, she had no idea how to handle this. You are not taught how to handle a situation like this at the farm. To make matters worse once they left and headed for a taxi, he emitted one of the cutest smiles she had seen. Cancel that, it WAS the cutest smile, it made her knees come close to collapsing.

They arrived at the hotel. Sarah thought that the Agency would have had them booked into just the one bedroom, their cover after all was that they were Married. They have a habit of making you feel awkward in the Agency. But to both of the Agent's relief it was a two bed suite. Chuck politely made his excuses and they agreed to meet in one hour for lunch.

As they separated Chuck let out a huge sigh. Chuck had to impress Sarah Walker. He had to show her that he could be a good partner. He knew from reports that she prefers to work alone so this was his one chance to prove his worth to the Agency.

Chuck needed to shower. Chuck needed to have a clear mind and he couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful his new partner was. 'Grow up Chuck' he thought to himself. 'This isn't middle school. You're both elite spies you need to remain professional and focus on this mission.' On that thought he went to shower.

Sarah needed a cold shower and fast, had that man just swept her of her feet without barely saying anything? She ran into the bathroom and jumped into the shower before she allowed her mind to drift even more over this Agent whom she had never even met before.

Once Chuck had finished freshening himself up he changed into a casual shirt and jeans, he adjusted his long hair and headed down to meet Sarah for lunch.

As he arrived Sarah was already there. He wondered how long he had kept her waiting. he was angry with himself. He angrily told himself that if he kept making a woman this beautiful wait around she would be long gone before he had the chance to say hi-yo... he suddenly stopped bashing himself mid sentence gasping at the incredible beauty before him. She was casually dressed but she looked amazing. Chuck did not know how she could make a simple tank top and jeans look so beautiful but she did, with ease.

Sarah watched him with a slightly amused look waving her hand in front of his eyes. "Chuck?" she called.

"Huh..." he recovered, totally embarrassed. "I'm so so sorry Sarah it's just..." He paused again, unable to stop his glancing toward Sarah. "You look really beautiful" he told her as sincere as he could possibly be.

Sarah immediately blushed. Which was quite unusual for her she was used to compliments from Agents, Marks, Onlookers but still, she blushed immensely. Chuck's compliment had been so sincere and genuine without any interior motive "Thank you Chuck." she smiled.

They both ordered lunch and then became focused on learning as much as they could about each other. Well not until they glanced at each other intently several more times.

"So, Chuck.. What's a handsome guy like you doing working as a Clandestine operative?" Sarah asked sincerely.

Chuck blushed upon receiving a compliment from Sarah.

"I was recruited out of Stanford in 2002, as an Analyst at first.. But the Agency told me I had so much more potential than that..." Chuck seemed uncomfortable talking about himself; Sarah would go as far to say that he seemed to not rate himself as highly as Director Graham did..

'So much for the arrogant guy who loves himself huh Walker?' Sarah thought to herself..

Chuck paused for a moment before continuing. Thinking back to what his mentor Roan Montgomery told him. Even though Chuck's combat effectiveness is second to none Chuck's greatest strength is his emotions. Not many Agents show it, but Chuck is always kind, honest, maintains his integrity, in tricky situations he tries to play the negotiator and will NEVER leave anybody behind. He has a personal responsibility that if he messes up something, then he himself will fix it.

"And what about you Sarah, why is the most beautiful woman on the planet working as a CIA Clandestine Operative? I mean you're one of the best Spies in the world, I've read and admired all of your reports. But you would more than comfortably fit in anywhere in Hollywood earning 20 million a year." He joked.

Sarah immensely blushed again. 'Why is everything that this man says so perfect!'

Sarah not knowing what to say after being dumbfounded by Chuck said all she could think of "You're so sweet, I like you Chuck" and gave him a sweet smile. It had been a long time since she last smiled at anybody like that.

They finished lunch talking and laughing about basic things such as carrying on from Chuck's comment on Sarah being able to earn 20 million a year while they both earned a tiny fraction of it. Both Agents were enjoying being in each others company.

It was now time to sort out their formal attire for tomorrow's consulate party. Sarah suggested Chuck find a tux. While she would need an evening dress. They both agreed and both went shopping together. They spent the next 3 hours looking for the right one.

It was now evening when both Agents had bought their attire. But both agents seemed reluctant to show each other what they had bought almost as if they had bought it to impress the other one. Sarah using her super spy skills however managed to get a sneak peak of it and liked what she saw. Like being an understatement.

With not much else to do other than choose their weapons they returned to the hotel. The weapons cache was located in the hotel just like Graham had promised. Under Chuck's bed were two suitcases full of weapons and ammunition. Both Agents opened the cases and stood there drooling at the sight of them like they were two kids in a candy store.

Sarah went for her preferred weapon of choice. The Smith & Wesson Model 5906 while Chuck went for the SIG Sauer P229 each taking 5 clips of ammunition and a suppressor.

"Not bad" Chuck smiled at his new partner impressed with how she handled her weapon.

"Not too shabby yourself Chuck." Sarah responded in kind.

There was just one more thing left to do. They needed to plan how to take out Pierre without alerting the entire consulate of their presence.

Chuck browsed through the envelope that the Director had provided them with, they would infiltrate as a married couple but they both agreed Sarah would attempt to lure Pierre into an on suite consulate room where they would tranquillize him, grab the intelligence and hopefully leave without any gunplay. If all went wrong they would make a hot exfiltration and regroup back at the hotel.

It was time to switch off now and the Agents said goodnight to each other. Sarah gave Chuck a peck on his cheek and giggled when he turned red like a beetroot, she then departed through the door that separated the rooms.

As soon as Sarah closed the door Chuck was freaking out, 'I have just been kissed by the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine, if I am dreaming please DO NOT wake me up!' He told himself.

Another cold shower was needed urgently he quickly removed his shirt to head to the shower but stopped dead when he heard the door open behind him, Sarah was in the room again!

As Sarah left the room to settle down for the night, she must have left her phone on the bed when sorting out their weapons she quickly returned into the room so that she wouldn't disturb Chuck later, she instantly seen Chuck and froze at the sight of his bare chest, he was toned to perfection she could not help but visibly gasp. Sarah had always been a sucker for abs and his abdominal muscle definition took her breath away.

Chuck started to panic when he saw Sarah. He was a spy... he was taught to be able to read somebody to perfection and he could clearly tell that she loved what she saw. He had to do something quickly and dived on the floor quickly shouting "Got to do my press ups." As he worked furiously on doing as many press ups as he could.

Sarah began to laugh at how sweet and funny he was before she apologized for the intrusion and explained she left her phone on the bed and collected it before turning around and giving Chuck a seductive wink clearly telling him she loved everything she had seen.

Sarah returned into her room and collapsed onto her bed and visually recalled that little show in Chuck's room before heading into the bathroom once more to take a cold shower. 'Damm it' she thought. 'All these Cold showers will be the death of me.' 'Damm you Chuck for being so perfect.'

Chuck went to shower then headed to bed not hiding his excitement that tomorrow, he would be undertaking a mission with the great Sarah Walker...