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Previously; "Bartowski! Where the hell are you going!" Casey demanded and yelled after Chuck as Chuck bolted away from Alpha Team in lightning speed and towards the direction of Bravo Team that his girlfriend was in.

Chuck arrived just over a minute later and Sarah was laying on the floor in the road unconscious and her face was blackened and she had rubble around her from the explosion that had just occurred in the safe-house which was now in flames and he ran right over to his girlfriend. Nothing else mattered to him. The whole apartment was on fire, and nobody could have survived that explosion inside that apartment so there was no further threat to the team in Chuck's assessment.

"Sarah!" Chuck exclaimed on reaching his girlfriend's body.

"She's unconscious. The blast knocked her out!" Bryce stated while standing over his partner.

Chapter Thirty


Private Medical Facility

Los Angeles

It has just turned 9am in Los Angeles. A young spy couple are inside a hospital room together. One of them is recovering, and the other is sitting at her hospital bedside with her. Sarah had been brought into the private medical facility last night. Sarah couldn't have been taken to a public facility as Chuck had decided that it was simply too risky in case they were made by Ellie or Awesome and they would then have had to face extremely difficult to answer questions as to how Sarah was involved in an explosion and their cover as government analysts would have been seriously put at risk if they were compromised.

Sarah's eyes begin to squint and hurt as she wakes in her hospital bed, and she takes a minute to get her bearings before fixing her glance onto her partner and boyfriend who is gazing right back at her with his perfect alluring chocolate eyes as he sits in a hospital chair next to her. He looks exhausted, yet he looks more beautiful than Sarah has ever seen him before. Why? Because he is here for her. Sarah has nobody else in this entire world, other than him, and he's here right now with her at her side as she recovers from being injured and she loves him for it...

"Hi," Chuck greets his girlfriend and partner with a trademark Bartowski grin on his face.

"Hi yourself," Sarah replies a little groggily and she smiles weakly at her partner and lover.

"How am I?" Sarah then jokes and asks her partner slash lover slash nerd sensing that he knows more about her present well-being than herself and Chuck grins in response before replying.

"You only have a minor concussion. You'll be fine." Chuck replies as the young besotted couple smile affectionately at each other.

"You look tired, baby," Sarah says with concern and she feels more concerned about her boyfriend's wellbeing than herself.

"That's your fault for keeping me awake all night, missy. You scared me," Chuck states truthfully and Sarah giggles sweetly.

"Lucky me to have such a caring boyfriend," she responds proudly as she looks into his eyes, smiling warmly at him.

"Where are we?" Sarah then asks her boyfriend and partner.

"A private medical facility. I decided it was safer in case we got made by Ellie or Awesome," Chuck states to Sarah and Sarah nods her head in agreement where she lay.

"Smart thinking. Better than having to lie to them and pretending we were at a restaurant that blew up," Sarah jokes causing Chuck to chuckle and nod his head in agreement. Chuck hated having to lie, and the thought of having to do it to his own sister did not sit well with him at all. Chuck would sooner be tortured endlessly by Afghani warlords than needlessly lie to his sister. Well maybe. Possibly. Actually, not quite but almost!

"What happened?" Sarah then asks him.

"You got blown up," Chuck jokes with a chuckle causing Sarah to frown her eyebrows at him.

"Yes, I know that you doofus!" Sarah says and pauses as they smirk at each other for a moment. "What happened after that?"

"Honestly, that was all that happened really, Sarah. We have investigators still at the scene right now and it will take some time before we figure out what actually happened to cause that explosion but that explosion was huge and trust me I know from experience of watching many Michael Bay movies!" Chuck pauses to chuckle and Sarah giggles sweetly with him even though she doesn't catch the reference he still made her laugh anyway. Chuck Bartowski is just that infectious to her. He completed her. Without him she is nothing but a spy...

Chuck then continues on and further informs his partner and girlfriend what happened. "They must have had several pounds of explosives and whatever they were planning would have hurt many, many people. We don't know if we got the full cell so there's still a red alert out for an impending terrorist attack and other agencies have now also been alerted and it's just a matter of waiting now. We have no further information."

"Did anybody else get hurt on the operation or civilians?" Sarah asks as she inquires for more information.

"We had three other team members with minor injuries just like you. We don't know how many fatalities occurred inside the apartment complex yet but there will almost certainly be some civilian fatalities but until the investigators can identify the bodies we just don't know," Chuck discloses in a sad tone to Sarah.

Sarah nods her head in agreement as she knows that a full investigation will take several days for all of the pieces to be put into place.

"We also made the news," Chuck states with a grin causing Sarah to smile.

"Our covers still intact?" Sarah asks with concern that none of her team had appeared on national television as it would almost certainly lead to them being benched because they would be compromised.

"Oh yeah, we were long gone. As soon as first responders began to arrive Graham pulled us and the tactical team leaders took over control before any media stations arrived. We were never there," Chuck informs his partner and lover.

Sarah nods her head at the standard CIA operating procedure.

"You should be free to discharge soon Sarah," Chuck states happily to his girlfriend causing a warm smile in return from her.

"Well, I think this was the first time I've been part of an explosion. And hopefully the last time!" Sarah states with a smirk and Chuck grins at her.

"How does it feel?" Chuck jokes and the lovers begin to laugh warmly together.

"Not too great," Sarah admits and pauses for a moment before continuing, "It would feel better if you kissed me," Sarah admits with a cheeky grin as her boyfriend's face then lights up in contemplation.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Chuck asks warily, not wanting to hurt Sarah.


"Yes, honey?"

"Shut up and kiss me!" Sarah demands with a smirk as she grabs hold of him and she pulls him onto the hospital bed to lean over her as the two lovers engage in a loving kiss with each other and they savor the moment and close their eyes to revel in the warm touch and loving tenderness of each other.

When their lips begin to part after a minute they are gasping to restore air and their faces then light up with telltale facial expressions revealing what they had just did together.

"Wow, Sarah, I think that's the first time I've kissed somebody on a hospital bed," Chuck stats laughingly.

"Me too," Sarah agrees and she laughs humorously along with him, before then going right back in for seconds as she is far from finished with him yet!

It is now midday in Los Angeles and Sarah are preparing to discharge from the medical facility that she had stayed at overnight.

"You're all clear for discharge ma'am. I'll leave you now for some privacy," her Doctor declares and he then begins to depart the room that the young spy couple are inside.

Sarah is now sitting on the edge of her bed with her bare feet dangling just above the floor.

Chuck smiles at his girlfriend before he stands up and then begins to depart for the door so that Sarah has privacy to change out of her hospital gown.

"Chuck, you don't need to leave," Sarah laughs on seeing her boyfriend head for the door.

"Yes, I do. Just because I'm your boyfriend it doesn't mean I will take advantage of that and invade your privacy," Chuck says sincerely to his girlfriend which causes a huge smile to erupt on Sarah's face and she has to stop herself from whimpering because of how special that has just caused her to feel and the lovers then share eye contact with each other that only two people that have deeply fallen for each other would make before Chuck then leaves the room his girlfriend is inside and he closes the door after him to give Sarah her privacy...

Sarah can't remove the humongous smile from her face the entire time that it takes her to get dressed as her thoughts the entire time consisted of her thanking every single god possible for allowing her to be blessed with having such a passionate, loving, sweet, funny, caring, gentleman and perfect boyfriend that she will hold onto for the rest of her life. Sarah wants nothing more right now than to run to the door, open it, drag him back inside the hospital room with her and jump his bones in this room right here, right now for probably the next um, six hours or maybe an eternity sounds about right according to Sarah's current thought process. Stop setting barriers Sarah. He will just break right through them time after time after time.

Sarah has now finished dressing herself and she checks one final time that she has gathered everything and then she begins to depart from the hospital room that she had been in and she can see Chuck waiting patiently for her and she immediately walks over towards him with a radiant sparkle still present in her eye. Chuck begins to stand up from where he'd been sat and on arriving near him, she takes his hands with her own and she closes the distance and kisses him passionately as the lovers close their eyes in the middle of the private hotel and they get lost in the touch and taste of each other in their own happy little world that they create whenever they are together.

"Mmm... What was that for?" Chuck jokes with a wide grin on his face on the young couple separating their lips and getting their breaths back.

"For being the sweetest, caring, most loving man I have ever met in my life," Sarah declares powerfully with a radiant smile on her face as she looks adoringly into his eyes.

"Wow, that's a lot to have to live up to. Now you're pressuring me," Chuck laughs back to her.

"Shut up," Sarah laughs as she swats his arm cheekily.

"Did anyone see that? Assault! Domestic abuse!" Chuck jokes earning him another slap onto his chest this time as the young couple then begin to leave the hospital hand in hand.

Inside Castle

"Good afternoon team. I would say good work on last night's mission, but you didn't really do anything," the Director says as he smirks which earns a satisfactory grunt from Casey.

"It's good to see you recovered so soon Sarah, are you sure you're fit enough to be here?" Director Graham asks Sarah as he glances in her direction.

"I'm fine, sir," Sarah replies as she nods her head.

"You look exhausted, Agent Bartowski," Director Graham states to Chuck.

"I'll be fine. I couldn't leave my partner alone in a hospital bed," Chuck replies whilst smiling at Sarah who returns the smile right back to him.

"I won't keep you long, just some formalities for a debriefing…" Director Graham responds, before then continuing with a routine debriefing...

Chuck and Sarah's Hotel Room

It is now evening in Los Angeles and Chuck and Sarah have just arrived back inside their hotel room after being away on mission and the aftermath of the mission for two days. Arriving inside, Chuck immediately walks to the location of their bed and he collapses his frame into it and he sighs pleasurably into the duvet.

"Oh, it's so good to be back here!" Chuck moans and declares happily into the duvet as he sinks into their bed and he relaxes every single part of his tense body into their bed in great comfort.

"Yes, it is," Sarah replies as she also walks towards their bed and she falls onto it, landing on him as she hugs into his frame and she wraps one arm under him and another over him and she buries herself into his warmth for a long moment of affection and adoration.

"Well at least it was until you decided to squash me!" Chuck jokes which earns him a slap onto his back from Sarah from where she lay on him.

"Shut up!" she laughs back as she affectionately kisses the back of his neck.

"You should sleep baby. You feel so tense and you look exhausted," Sarah declares worriedly and she then lovingly kisses into his hair where he lay.

"First, we need to clean you up." Chuck moans into the duvet where he continued to lay into it on his chest.

"We? I can look after myself. I'm not a girl," Sarah laughs back as she smiles lovingly as she stares at the back of his head from where she continues to lay on him.

"I know. But I want to. Please?" He says in a begging tone of voice and she can feel his pleading eyes looking right at her even though he has his head buried into the duvet.

"Fine," Sarah gives way on hearing his pleas. "But don't tell anybody about this or I'll deny it then kill you," she laughs while grabbing hold of his hair.

"Finally!" Chuck states happily. "I have a secret on you at last. You were starting to get too many on me for my liking," Chuck jokes causing a grin from Sarah as she continues to affectionately kiss into her boyfriend's hair from where they lay...

Sarah's face no longer has the effects of an explosion as Chuck had tenderly cleaned her face. Sarah had found it difficult to allow him to do it, but she eventually willingly submitted herself and relaxed as her boyfriend cleaned her up. She knew it was a sign of weakness. But she didn't care. Why? Because Chuck is not an enemy. He is her boyfriend and if he was hurt she would insist on looking after him, so why should it be any different with her? Sarah doesn't want to be the enforcer any more. She wants to be the Sarah who has a boyfriend who she worships, and in return, he does the exact same to her. Why should she shy away from wanting to feel loved? Chuck would not use her, or take advantage of her vulnerabilities.

"Let's go to bed baby," Sarah declares as she takes his hand and Chuck nods his head in acceptance. She then leads them both out of the bathroom and towards their bed. She backs onto it and then pulls him onto it with her.

He lands on top of her as they then gaze lovingly into each others eyes after a difficult two days on mission.

She wraps her arms around him, with a hand finding his hair, and she gently pushes his head down to meet her own as they proceed to kiss each other tenderly with extreme affection towards one another and they quickly get lost in the moment and they close their eyes as they bask in the feeling and the loving touch and delicious taste of each other.

They break the loving kiss after a minute to get their breath back and Chuck rests his forehead against Sarah's from where she lay.

"Do you want to make love? Or are you too tired?" She asks softly as she gazes lovingly into his eyes in where time has seemingly stood still. They have all the time in the world. Today is just one day of the rest of their lives. They don't need to rush or have sex just to release tension. They're worth so much more than that. Their relationship is not like other spy relationships and nor will it ever be. Because it is not a spy relationship, it is real. And as much as Sarah wants her lover right now, she gets as much satisfaction from holding his hand or embracing him as she does making love with him.

"Sarah, I'm never too tired for you," Chuck declares with an enormous grin as they continue to burn an intimate gaze into each others eyes, their heads mere inches apart.

Sarah emits a huge smile on hearing his response as she then pulls his head down to meet her own to kiss him once more.

"Chuck, can you do one more thing for me tonight?" She asks against his lips.

"What's that?"

"Make me forget my name..."

And forget she did…

Chuck and Sarah are now beginning to wake up in their most favorite place to be after a passionate night of making love: naked and snuggled up in the arms of each other under a thick duvet. Sarah groggily continues to wake up as she rubs circles onto her boyfriend's torso. Her head is resting on his shoulder and chest, her leg is wrapped over his own, her arm is protectively placed over his chest. Sarah arches her head up slightly from where it lay and she adjusts her lips to kiss his neck lovingly.

"Good morning, baby," Sarah drowsily greets her boyfriend and she continues to rub circles onto his bare chest with her arm that was placed on his chest.

"Good morning, beautiful," Chuck says sleepily as he sighs pleasurably and smiles happily at the feel of his girlfriend laying on him with her arm wrapped over him.

"It's been so long since I last had you. I feel like a new woman today," Sarah admits cheerfully as she basks in the afterglow of a passionate night of making love with Chuck and she then affectionately kisses his neck once more.

"Sarah, it was only just over two days," Chuck says as he begins to chuckle.

Sarah immediately slaps his chest hard where they lay on hearing his response.

"Don't argue! You're supposed to agree with me!" Sarah complains to her boyfriend and she begins to frown and sulk.

"Sorry, I'm still new to this," Chuck laughs back

"Don't worry, you're in good hands, baby," Sarah replies flirtatiously and she winks up at him where they lay.

"Oh, I'm sure," Chuck states jokingly.

Sarah frowns her eyebrows at his joking insinuation. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"That I have the most perfect girlfriend in the entire world whom I want to submit my soul to," Chuck replies with a smirk.

Sarah begins to grin from ear to ear. "Good save!"

"What's my reward?" Chuck asks cheekily.

"This," Sarah replies, as she then moves herself completely on top of him and attacks his swollen lips with her own swollen lips.

"Here we go again," Chuck moans into her mouth as she continues to kiss his face off.

Sarah smiles brightly and nods her head vigorously. "Yes, here we go again. You made me forget my name last night baby, and now I'm going to make you forget yours…" she replies as she lowers herself onto her now erect boyfriend from all of the kissing.

And forget he did...

Chuck and Sarah have just arrived back at their hotel after heading out on a late morning jog together.

"Hey Sarah, we should go and visit Ellie and Awesome again in the coming days. They loved you and maybe we can all go out together," Chuck says with a warm smile to his girlfriend.

Sarah gives him a weak smile in return as she is presently fighting a conflicting inner battle with herself and she feels a little depressed. I can't let him integrate me into his family until he knows about me and mine, and what we did. It's now or never Sarah. I can't let this relationship go any further without him knowing what I did with my dad as a girl.

"Chuck, can we talk?" Sarah asks nervously while suddenly finding it hard to make eye contact with him as she begins to feel shame with herself.

"Sure. What do you want to talk about?" Chuck says as they take a seat next to each other.

"I need to tell you something Chuck... About my past," Sarah says as the lovers make eye contact with each other.

"Ok." Chuck says as he waits very patiently for Sarah to talk.

Sarah breathes out a deep sigh and eventually takes the leap of faith. This conversation will decide her future. She will either come out of it alone once more, or her relationship with Chuck will progress to even greater levels than previously.

"Chuck, you've been so kind to me and loving since I met you. I know you tell me its what I deserve, but Chuck I don't think I do."

"Sar..." Chuck tries to interrupt but is cut off by Sarah.

"Please Chuck, let me finish. I need to say this. It's important to me. I can't lie to you. You mean so much to me already," Sarah says vulnerably.

Chuck nods his head in acceptance and he begins to wait for Sarah to continue once more.

"Chuck…" Sarah says but stops to pause for a moment as her inner worry and anxiousness continues. "When I was a girl… my father and I used to con people for money. We would move around all the time pulling scams and tricks and changing names," Sarah pauses once more and she breathes out a deep sigh and begins to feel shameful over what she did as a child before continuing again. "I have to tell you because I can't let this relationship go any further than it has already without you knowing who you're opening yourself up to. I'm falling deeply for you Chuck but it's the right thing to do. I can't let our relationship be based on lies and have you keep telling me I'm a good person and I deserve to be treated this way or that way when knowing inside myself that I'm undeserving of your love and affection. You're the nicest guy I've ever met Chuck, and you deserve to meet somebody just like you. I guess you won't want to know me any more," Sarah pauses again for another moment as a tear leaves her eye. "And I understand that, but there it is. That's who you are involved with Chuck," Sarah finishes with a depressed tone of voice and she lets out a deep sigh and she begins to look at her boyfriend to await his inevitable distasteful response to her.

"Sarah, I have so much to say in response to that. But actions speak louder than words. And I think that there is a better way for me to show you what I want to say. So, do you trust me?" Chuck asks as he takes one of Sarah's hands with his own.

"Yes," Sarah replies immediately as the lovers gaze into each others eyes.

"Then wait right here. I'll be right back," Chuck replies as he stands up from where he had previously sat and he lets go of Sarah's hand.

Sarah quirks her eyebrows. Ok, this reaction is unexpected as he is usually never short of conversation.

"Chuck? Where are you going?" Sarah asks while feeling more confused than she has ever been in her life.

"Please trust me, Sarah." He replies, before then departing the room causing Sarah's anxiety to triple over the prospect of him not returning to her.

Twenty minutes later

Sarah is still waiting inside the hotel room that she shares with her partner and lover. She is becoming more and more anxious by the second as to where Chuck had gone. She was not expecting this scenario to play out in a million years. She was expecting Chuck to tell her that she was a bad person and that he couldn't associate himself with her any more and she would have accepted her fate, because it was the right thing to do. She couldn't fall any deeper than she already has as each day that went by became harder and harder at the thought of them splitting up and him leaving her.

"Is he coming back? Has he left me?" Sarah asks herself more vulnerably than she has ever felt in her life.

Chuck returns to their room a few minutes later. She watches him enter and close their hotel room door with one hand, with his other held behind his back.

"Chuck?" Sarah asks confusedly and worriedly not sure what is going on right now.

However, her despondence soon turns to extreme happiness. He was holding flowers in his hand behind his back.

"Gardenias. My favorite," Sarah smiles brightly and Chuck grins back at her.

"These are for you," Chuck says with a huge Bartowski grin on his face.

"Thank you," Sarah replies as her eyes immediately become glossy and she gets very emotional.

"I wanted to get you them in the hospital but I didn't want to leave your side. And now I have two reasons to give you them," Chuck states with a huge grin on his face and Sarah smiles brightly right back at him.

"I thought you were leaving me," Sarah admits laughingly.

"What, are you serious?" Chuck asks as he shares deep eye contact with Sarah.

Sarah anxiously nods her head in response to his question.

Chuck moves to put the flowers he had just bought for Sarah to one side and he then moves to take hold of Sarah's hands where she stood and they move to sit on their bed to face each other, with Chuck still having hold of Sarah's hands.

"Sarah, I've already kind of told you this back in Seattle. It kind of slipped out in the heat of the moment, but now I will tell you for real. I love you Sarah," Chuck says but stops to pause for a moment as he grins at her and Sarah breathes in deeply as she involuntarily raises her shoulder in deep euphoria on hearing his words as they impact her in the deepest corner of her heart and her soul as her whole body fills up with immense warmth and such joy to be told by somebody for the first time that they love her. HE LOVES ME!

"I know it's early, and we've known each other for a month but Sarah, it's been the best month of my whole life," Chuck pauses once more to smile at her, and she returns the smile to him in kind. "Sarah, I don't care about your past. You were a young child and you were influenced by your father. He is at fault, not you. You just wanted to be loved by him and you did what you did for affection. But I just need you to know Sarah that I will never leave you and I'm going to show you loving affection for the rest of your life and I will never take advantage of you, I want you to know that," Chuck pauses once more as tears begin to fall down Sarah's face as all of her walls come crashing down and she turns into Samantha once more. Sarah is unable to bear the small separation between the lovers any more and she moves to affectionately touch her forehead against his own for a long moment of adoration before Chuck eventually pulls back once more as he has not finished talking yet.

"What I care about is who you are now and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life and no, I'm not talking about your body or your looks or the sex or the outfits or the lingerie or the bla, bla, bla," Chuck pauses to laugh and Sarah joins in it as she continues to listen to him opening his heart to her, and each word he says to her in this conversation makes her fall for him more and more and more. Chuck then continues on further, "What I'm talking about is your heart and soul and Sarah, let me tell you: it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Sarah, when I look at your smile it takes my breath away..."

"It's Sam." Sarah interrupts Chuck with an almighty smile on her face and with tears flowing down her cheeks on hearing the most beautiful thing that anybody has ever said to her in her whole life. Sarah right now at this exact moment in time feels more emotional than she has ever been in her life. She feels so loved, so cherished, so idolized, so whole, so complete.

"Huh?" Chuck asks very confused by the interruption from Sarah which didn't make any sense to him.

"My real name is Samantha Lisa Kent," Sarah says as she looks into his eyes and beams him the brightest smile she has ever emitted in her life as she affectionately plays with his hands and wants to make love together with him right now because of his words to her.

Chuck then grins right back at her as they move to affectionately touch their foreheads together once more.

"Sarah, that's your past. I know you in the present. You will always be Sarah Walker to me," he says as he smiles at her lovingly and she returns the gesture in kind as the two lovers look into each others eyes with their faces inches apart as they touch each others soul.

"Always is a long time, Chuck," Sarah replies with an enormous grin of satisfaction present on her face as her mind then begins to race with thoughts over her chosen words. 'Did I just envision myself being married to him one day?' Sarah thinks to herself with a sparkle in her eye as her smile grows even brighter at the revelation and she then closes the slight gap between their faces and passionately kisses his lips. She closes her eyes on the touch of him. The taste of him. The tenderness of him. She wants to savour and revel in this feeling, in this moment for ever. Their newfound intimacy. Their newfound togetherness. Their newfound love.

On breaking their kiss they move to touch foreheads once more, as they fight desperately to regulate their breathing together. Each sporting smiles the size of bananas on their faces.

"How did you know what flowers I liked?" Sarah asks sweetly.

"I saw you eyeing them up on our first date as we walked past a flower shop," Chuck admits with a huge grin on his face.

"You remembered that? That was weeks ago," Sarah states incredulously and she begins to feel amazed by her boyfriend's attention to detail concerning her. It makes her feel so happy and loved and protected to have somebody as devoted as Chuck is to her.

"Sarah, who do you think you're dealing with here? I might not have a super computer in my brain but I like to think that my brain is more than adequate enough as it is already," Chuck jokes and Sarah laughs with him as she beams him an enormous smile. Sarah is feeling more content in this exact moment than she ever has felt in her whole life.

"I…" Sarah starts to speak but she pauses for a long moment as her inner thoughts conflict and fiercely battle back and forth and she looks into the eyes of Chuck and he gazes right back at her with absolute sincerity in his eyes which makes her speak what she so desperately wants to say to him "I love you," Sarah declares vulnerably and exposed and she looks into her lover's eyes as she exposes herself and confides herself in him so that he can look after and protect and care for her.

Chuck beams an enormous Bartowski grin at her and she gives him one right back. "I love you too," Chuck responds in kind in a similar vulnerable tone to the one that she has just used with him.

"Show me," Sarah demands as she falls back onto their bed and she pulls him down onto her as two soulmates then begin to intimately express their newly reciprocated love together as one...

End of Chapter.

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