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Chapter Five:

It Was A Mistake


1 December 2005

CIA facility Just outside Burbank.

Chuck and Sarah had not spoken to Bryce yet. A CIA medical team was fixing him up. Fulcrum had roughed him up pretty badly.

Both Agents had lots playing on their minds right now. There was the loss of three colleagues which could have been prevented if the Director had provided them with more information. And the reappearance of Bryce Larkin. It was time they started to get answers. Neither of them liked being used as puppets and that's exactly how it felt, puppets on a string. What's going on in Burbank that is so important? Why was today the first time they had heard of an organization called Fulcrum? Both Chuck and Sarah had high level assets positioned around the world and if there was an organization with a reputation as big as the Director had said they would have heard something. Unless they eliminated anyone they came in contact with. That was a possibility. And then there was that magical breathtaking kiss. Neither of them had ever kissed anybody like that before.

The medical team had finished with Bryce who was on phone to the Director. Did the Director send Bryce here? Why was he here?

They waited for Bryce to finish before they went to get some answers. Both Sarah and Chuck were reluctant to see him and quickly told the other their reasons for not wanting to.

Sarah and Bryce had been partners for two months. Strictly professional. Bryce didn't seem to think so. Always trying to get close to Sarah during a mission, claiming it was for the cover. One night they were in Zurich on surveillance and Sarah was returning to her room and there was Bryce waiting. He tried a Montgomery on her. Sarah decided enough was enough and decided it was time to show him what she thinks of arrogant assholes like him. She played along for a little before she broke his hand and would have done a lot more but she knew it wasn't worth it and let him off lightly with just that.

To say Chuck became wound up would be an understatement. He never imagined Bryce would turn out to be like this. Becoming a spy must have affected his ego. This was not the Bryce Larkin he once knew.

Chuck was reluctant to see Bryce because he had his issues with him too. Bryce introduced him to a girl called Jill only to get very jealous about it. Jill broke up with Chuck and he has a feeling Bryce had something to do with it. Still, Bryce probably did him a favour there. Because he might never had met Sarah if Jill was still around. He would have had a reason not to take up Director Graham's proposition to him.

Sarah was angry that a supposed best friend could do that to somebody like Chuck. Chuck was the sweetest person she had ever met but she was happy that this Jill was not around however. Or she may never have got the chance to meet Chuck.

After telling each other about the exploits of Bryce Larkin they both agreed that they would go in together and they promised to talk about things at a later time. Right now they were both exhausted after a long day. They wanted to get this debrief with Bryce finished so they could check in to a Hotel, the CIA was still organizing permanent accommodation for the spy couple.

Sarah and Chuck then proceeded to enter the room in which Larkin was currently being held. Bryce immediately looked at both of the Agents and looked like he had seen two ghosts.

"Chuck Bartowski?" Bryce said in shock. "What are you doing here. Silly question, You're CIA?"

"Yep... hello Bryce."

Bryce then turned to Sarah.

"Well hello Agent Walker, you're looking mighty fine have you came to your senses and come to rescue me?"

Chuck cursed under his breath slightly.

Sarah was pissed. "It seems you didn't learn your lesson in Zurich Larkin."

She edged forward towards him until Chuck grabbed her hand telling her it's not worth it.

Bryce chuckled and turned to Chuck "I think she missed me buddy."

Chuck is now the one who is unable to contain his frustration now. He cares about Sarah and can clearly tell she's pissed and it hurts him. "Bryce what happened to you man... You let this life destroy your ego... Quit being an asshole to Agent Walker or me and you will have a problem."

Bryce can see how serious Chuck was being and attempted to calm him down "Woah, easy buddy."

"Buddy?" Sarah snorts "How can you call him buddy Bryce you took his girl away from him at Stanford."

Bryce looked surprised. "Jill? I never took her away from you Chuck. Sure she was interested in me but when she broke up with you I had already joined the CIA. They restrained me from having any relationship with a civilian."

"Forget about that Bryce. It's history. You done me a favour anyway if Jill was still around I would have turned down Graham's proposition and I wouldn't have been able to have found Sarah then."

Upon hearing what Chuck just said to Bryce, Sarah developed a smile that would melt anybodies heart. Chuck had just said exactly what she was thinking. Even if Bryce had to wind him up to make him come out with it.

Chuck couldn't believe he just said that aloud, he didn't regret it. It was true but Bryce got under his skin he just let it slip.

"So that's why you two are protective over each other. You both have a thing."

Neither Chuck or Sarah denied it but both were embarrassed slightly. Bryce had gotten to them.

Chuck decided to use a bit of the old Klingon language.

"bIjatlh 'e' yImev"

"Chuck?" Asked Sarah looking at him weirdly.

"He told me to shut up. Your Klingon's a bit rusty Chuck. Look both of you I really am sorry for being an ass when you just saved my life. I really do appreciate that. It was just a shock to see you Chuck."

"Why did Fulcrum grab you?"

"They wanted something."

"Wanted what?"

"Sorry Chuck, afraid that's classified. Speak to Graham."

This was getting no where and both Agents needed a time out so they left the room.

They took a seat outside.

"Well that went well..." Sarah sighed.

"Yeah.. Tell me about it, Sarah are you ok?"

"Yes... I just wanted to kick his ass. Every time I see his face he seems to have that effect on me."

Sarah paused before continuing.


"Yes Sarah?"

"Did you mean what you just said to Bryce?"

Chuck responded instantly without having to think about that.

"Every single word Sarah. I have known you for barely a week but it's been the greatest week of my life. You are beautiful and laugh at all my stupid jokes and we have a bond that nobody else has. We have already risked our own lives to save each other. And we will many more times. There can be no bigger bond than that I was lonely before I met you, real lonely you know with my Mom leaving and my Dad and not seeing my Sister in over three years, I'm rambling aren't I, I'm sorry Sarah I'm just nervous." Chuck immediately sunk his head to the floor.

Sarah's eyes ALMOST filled up with tears. That was the most honest and sweetest thing somebody had ever said to her she felt her walls collapse because of Chuck's admission.

Sarah put her hand to Chuck's face lifting his head. He had just spilled his heart. She owed him the same.

"Chuck.. you have nothing to be sorry for. I'm... Chuck I'm not good at this because I was always alone so I never needed to talk I could hide and bury my feelings and emotions but I don't feel lonely now Chuck and that is because of you so please, please don't be sorry."

"Really?" Chuck looked into Sarah's eyes nervously

"Yes Chuck, really."

Chuck let out a nervous laugh.

"Look Sarah I know you have trouble expressing yourself but I just want you to know that I will always be here for you and never take advantage of what we have and you don't have to say anything your smile is more than enough for me."

Sarah let out the smile of an angel.

Who would have thought that Bryce Larkin helped Chuck and Sarah communicate for the first time.

"Chuck, lets report in with the Director. I want to get out of here and find accommodation."

Chuck agreed and shared a brief embrace with Sarah before they congratulated each other and then proceeded to contact the Director.

"Graham secure"

"Walker, Bartowski secure"

As soon as they could talk, Sarah didn't waste any time and got to the point. "Director we need answers about what is going on here, never mind this classified bullshit we just lost three Agents because information was withheld if you want us to do our job to the best of our ability we need to be in the loop."

"I agree Director." said Chuck vehemently.

The Director sighed.

"very well... Agent Larkin was assigned to oversee a top secret project. I'm sure you are both aware of Project Intersect?"

They were. It was a database that held all of the governments secrets and intelligence. Both Agents were under the assumption that it was still in testing.

"Yes Director but that is still in testing phase correct?"

"Negative. Agent Larkin is the handler to the first human Intersect. We can only presume Agent Larkin was captured by Fulcrum because they wanted to know the identity of the Intersect."

"Human Intersect?"

"Agents there's only so much I can say, I will fully update you face to face. I will be landing in Burbank in thirty six hours. Take the whole day off you've earned it. I will arrange a meet and contact you with the details of the location on Friday around 11:00. Graham out."

"So that's why we're here. I wonder how long the Director would have kept us waiting before he told us our objective."

"I don't know Chuck lets just get out of here, we cannot do anything more until Graham arrives."

Chuck smiled "I like your thinking Ms. Walker, so where to?"

"I know a great hotel I stayed at when I was last in LA. It's actually not to far from here, you ready Chuck?"

"Lets go."

They smiled and packed up and headed to the hotel Sarah mentioned.

It took them thirty minutes to get there. The two remaining men from Sarah's team gave them a lift. They said it was the least they could do because Chuck saved their asses.

Upon entering Chuck was in awe. "Wow Sarah. This is beautiful."

"I know Chuck and the best thing is that the CIA pays the bill, not us."

Laughter erupted from the pair as they checked in at the reception.

The apartment was lovely just like Sarah told him it would be. There was only one bed so Chuck agreed to himself that he would tell Sarah he would sleep on the sofa just until they got their permanent accommodation sorted. They both settled in and Sarah went to freshen up first. Chuck ordered late night room service neither had eat in a while. When Sarah was finished in the bathroom Chuck went to freshen then they eat and watched a little TV. Both had been up now for almost a whole day so they didn't talk more about what happened the past few hours.

Sarah was getting tired this gave Chuck the chance to tell her he would take the sofa.

"No Chuck it's okay the bed is more than big enough for two. I promise not to bite." She said the last bit with a mischievous grin.

"Are you sure Sarah. I mean I know we're not five but..."

"Chuck I'm sure. I'm going to go put on my nightwear and when I come back out I want to see you in my bed."

Sarah went red inside as soon as she realized how that came out and hurried into the bathroom to change.

"God help me." Chuck sighed before getting ready for bed himself.

He changed into black pyjama bottoms and a very thin top before getting into his side of the bed then looked up at the ceiling for a few moments reflecting on a day of mixed emotions and having to deal with the demons of yet more people he had killed.

Sarah came out after a few minutes Chuck didn't notice at first but when he did he blinked about six times just to make sure his eyes were not deceiving him. Sarah was wearing purple lingerie that hugged all of her curves and left little to the imagination. She gave Chuck a twirl before getting into her side of the bed.

"You like?" she asked.

Ten seconds later still no response from Chuck.

"You don't like?" Sarah started to look sad thinking Chuck didn't like what she was wearing.

That got a response from Chuck.

"What? Noooo! Sarah I love love love it. You are beautiful as you always are. I'm just trying my best here. I'm not like the other guys you had trouble with and it's hard right now because you're killing me wearing that." He choked out as he tried not to gape at his beautiful partner.

"You're making it hard for me too Chuck. Don't think I don't know what your plan is Mr. Bartowski that shirt you're wearing is not hiding much."

"But I always sleep like this!" Chuck said in his defense.

Sarah smiled. "So do I Chuck, so do I."

They were now lying facing each other lost in their own thoughts happy to be close to the one person who cared about them more anybody else ever had. Even if they couldn't communicate that to the other person.

"Sleep well Sarah" Chuck finally said.

"You too Chuck." Sarah replied sweetly.

Chuck then drifted off to sleep leaving Sarah contemplating her course of action for a few moments before they both drifted off into sleep.

One Hour Later.

Chuck seemed to be having a nightmare. It woke Sarah and she was instantly concerned. He was now turned away from her and she felt immediate sympathy for him. He got three confirmed kills at the Fulcrum facility and she knows the act of killing plays on him heavily. So she moved closer to him stroking his hair to try and settle him.

A few minutes of reflecting brought Sarah to a conclusion. Screw the consequences. He was clearly struggling and needed somebody more than ever, she needed somebody to so she moved up close to him and gently put her arm under his and moved her leg over his and snuggled up closely to the only person who has looked out for her in a long, long time. Sarah Walker felt more safe and secure at this exact moment than she ever had before. Little space separated them now. Chuck actually calmed too, maybe he could sense Sarah's presence against him.

It was now late morning. Chuck hadn't been restless any more since Sarah had got close to him several hours ago. Sarah hadn't moved from him either as her head was firmly rested just behind behind his. Her hand placed on his stomach.

Chuck slowly started to wake up he could feel something warm on the back of his head he became alert. His legs were also immobilized and he felt something on his stomach he slowly opened one eye it could only be? Sarah...

He didn't know what to do or how this had happened but he had to admit that it felt nothing short of amazing. Should he try move? Should he wait for Sarah to wake up?

Chuck was struggling to find a solution. Sarah must have gotten close in her sleep he did not want any backlash from Sarah he couldn't lose her after he had only just found her. This could ruin everything.

He had to try and move before she could wake.

He attempted to move his legs first. No joy.

He then tried to move her hand away from his stomach it worked a little but Sarah let out a little moan. 'Oh god please don't wake up Sarah' He thought.

He had to change his tactic, the only option would be for him to wait until Sarah was awake and apologize and swear he didn't know how this had happened.

30 minutes later.

Sarah was slowly starting to wake. Happy that it was daylight. This was the best sleep that she could remember. Chuck must have slept better too.

Sarah slowly began rubbing circles on Chuck's chest with her hand.

Chuck knew Sarah was waking she was moving her hand on his chest probably wondering where she was he had to act now he slowly moved out of her lock and quickly climbed out of bed like a bomb had just gone off.

Sarah let out a moan when he moved out of her grip she felt so comfortable but now her body feels half complete. She needs that complete feeling that she had just moments ago. And when he jumped off the bed like a bomb had exploded multiple feelings ran through her head.

"What the hell." Sarah moaned.

"Look Sarah I'm so sorry I don't know how we came to be in that position!" Chuck freaked out upon hearing Sarah freak out.

Sarah relaxed slightly. Chuck just completely misjudged the situation. At first she thought he found her repulsive! 'It's becoming a familiar situation of his he must be very insecure. Then again he had every right to be he knows what I have done to guys who advanced on me but can't he see that he is different? Surely he knows he is different right?'' She asked herself

"Chuck.. it's fine."

"But Sarah I can't lose you now. I have only just found you.."

"Chuck... you're not going to lose me. I'm the one who snuggled with you... I think we can cuddle without getting embarrassed about it we have already kissed.. unless you forgot?"

"Noo! Sarah I did not forget. It was the best moment of my life. But Sarah it was a mistake.."

'A mistake?' Sarah's heart stopped beating, 'doesn't he want me? Is that why he moved out of the cuddle and wanted to sleep on the sofa?'

"A mistake?" Sarah managed to say dejectedly.

"Yes Sarah.. I'm sorry I feel like I took advantage of the situation you was upset I should have stopped..."

'This poor guy really is insecure' thought Sarah.

Chuck was looking away.

"Chuck, look into my eyes I will only say this once.."

"I kissed you because I wanted to kiss you, not because I was upset and it was the best moment in my life too."

Chuck's sadness turned into happiness in an instant as a huge grin formed on the nerd.

"Sarah I'm stupid I keep misjudging everything that will be the last time I promise you."

"Good. Now please can we cuddle again I kind of liked that feeling, a lot." She emphasized 'a lot' greatly.

"Your wish is my command"

They both got close again this time facing each other Sarah began stroking Chuck's face. Chuck was moving Sarah's hair back. The little misunderstanding completely forgotten.

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