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True Identity
Chapter Three: Psuedo-senshi
Li Xiang

"Nononononononononononono!" Ranma glared at her temporary teammates,
where the four had gathered in her bedroom. It also happened to be the
only trainning room in the building, and was used judicously by those
who wanted to during the day. During the night it was considered
offlimits, unless Ranma himself had granted entrance.

Right now, they were using the training room as the meeting room, Ranma
seated on her bed, and the others on various training equipment.

Rache snorted, staring at her friend, "If I have to, you do."

"Can't we come up with a better plan?" Ranma-onna whined, staring
pleadingly at the other woman, "Like, show up at their homes and kill
them off?"

Nagi shook his head, frowning, "That won't work. The government will
only look away if the Seerasenshi are dead. Anyone else, and they'll
investiagte it. If we show up at their homes, we'll have to kill their
families, too."

Schuldich nodded in agreement, "Not to mention that we're supposed to
get all the senshi. And more and more just keep popping up."

"But I don't wanna wear a fuku!"


Fourteen years old was _not_ the best time to drift away from life long
friends. Especially ones prone to depression.

Osaka Naru ran her fingers through her hair for the hundredth time that
night, staring at the phone beside her bed. It did not ring. Not once.
The green eyed redhead finally let tired eyes rest on the red numbers
of her alarm clock, "Past midnight?"

She sighed, crawling under her covers, to let the tears burn down her
cheeks and splatter harmlessly on her pillow.

For the tenth time in so many days, Usagi had broke her promise.
Everyday the blonde swore she would call, but never did. Naru was
beginning to think there was something wrong with her. Through bitter
sobs, she ground out, "Oh sure, Rache, like anything was ever _right_
about you."

Depression clung to her like a living thing, worrying at her mind,
destroying her self confidence. She knew it was happening-- she _had_
gone through it twice before-- but let it take control of her.

What good was a girl who's whole family, and all her friends, left her


Night had fallen nearly three hours earlier, but one in Juuban park
would not know it. Not with the brillant flares of magical power
ripping the air apart, to impact against a seemingly iompervious foe.
They had been battling for twenty minutes, without luck. Unlike
previous enemies, this odd tin golem dodged the most powerful attacks,
and was really only taking his from the faster, lesser power ones.

The Sailorsenshi were failing.

Not that that had been unexpected, Ranma reflected to herself, from her
perch in a nearby tree. Even she had problems when fighting Nagi's
telekenetically controlled "friends". The boy had taken up controlling
the movements of numberous tin constructs over the months, sending them
after Ranma. They were really training each other-- Ranma was learning
to fight opponents that didn't feel pain, weren't angered by insults,
could stop in mid air and hover, and not to mention several other
tricks the Naoe boy had thrown in. Nagi's powers, on the other hand,
grew exponentially as he found himself controlling two, three, four at
a time just to give Ranma the challenge he wanted.

Right now, he only had one to focus on, and could probably continue to
manevuer the thing around for at the very least another hour. But that
wasn't part of the plan. What was part of the plan was to introduce
Ranma and Rache to the Sailorsenshi.

/In sentai-style, to boot,/ the redhead grumbled acidly to Schuldich.
The telepath snickered in the back of her mind, but didn't respond.

The german and his japanese partner were hiding out on the roof of a
near-by building, controlling the motions of the fight from there.
Well, Nagi was. Schuldich was just monitoring the surprisingly
unsheilded minds of the Sailorsenshi for the perfect moment to jump in.
One when all the girls would be receptive to the help.

Not that Ranma really wanted to do this. She growlled low in her
throat, and for the hundredth time since she'd taken up her seat,
tugged at the hot pink bow at her back, with those irriating ribbons
that tickled the backs of her legs.

/Schwester! Bishoujo!/

That was the only thing the two psuedo-senshi needed to enter the
fight. Ranma launched herself up and out of the tree she was in, while
Rache, who had been on the opposite side of the tree, dropped down to
race across the ground.

"Outta the way, little ones," Rache barked, darting around them at her
best speed-- which was amplified by the fact that Nagi was gently
tugging her forwards, too. Ranma hit the ground lightly, just as Rache
came to a surprisingly abrupt halt-- she told Schuldich to give Nagi
her thanks-- both standing between the golem and the out of breath
Inner Senshi.

Said senshi got a good look at their saviors as the two girls stood
back-to-back, and side ways. Both were redheads, although the one on
the right had shorter hair, coming only to her chin, not like the
shoulder-length locks of her companion. Her fuku colors were golden
yellow thigh-high stilletto heels, a matching scarf and skirt, while
her bows, glove piping, and choker were hot pink. The one on the left
had pair of black platform heels, black bodysuit, black choaker, and
black gloves. Her skirt and scarf were dark grey, her bows a paler, but
still dark shade of the same tone. Neither girl wore tiaras, although
the gold one had a gold tattoo of a star on her forehead, while the
grey one had what appeared to be bandages wrapped around hers.

The grey one carried a long handled scimitar, while the other was bare

Before Eternal Sailormoon could wonder who they were, they introduced
themselves. Unknown to the girls, both Ranma and Rache had to be
prompted by Schuldich for a few moments before they _did_ speak.
Neither girl was really into this whole sentai-save-the-world type

"Mistress of the dead world, taker of souls, Sailorcharon!"

"Mistress of the fire world, deliver of souls, Sailorapollo!"

Both 'Charon' and 'Apollo' managed to keep the digust at the cheesy
intros off their faces, turning to face the tin golem. Apollo's eyes
glinted dangerously, "But this walking Tin-can already knew that, eh

"If it's being controlled by who we think it is, then of course,

Apollo's face split with a wicked grin, and she launched herself
forwards, Charon following at her heels. The dark senshi's blade bit
into the golem, slicing the arm from it's body, and Apollo hit the
separated limb with a blast of ki, turning it into so much dust. This
was going to be fun.

After a few moments of slaughter, wherein Charon would cut parts off of
the golem, and Apollo would blast them into oblivion, the two girls
finally finished it off. A quick mental suggestion that Schuldich and
Nagi flee was taken into account, and Ranma could feel their signatures
leaving the area.

It was Sailormoon who approached them, "Who are you two? Are you here
to help us?"

"Looks that way, don't it?" Ranma drawlled, looking up into the night
sky, "Sailorapollo at y'er service."

"I am Sailorcharon," Rache introduced herself with a slight bow,
"Pleasure to meet the fabled Senshi of Tokyo."

Mercury jumped in, then, recalling what the two girls had said about
the tin golem, "You've fought creatures like that one," she waved at
the piles of vaporized tin, "before?"

"We have," Charon nodded, trying to hold back a grin. It was more like
they'd practised a few times to pull this off then come out here. But
for this plot of their's to work... "We've been tracking these tyncha
across the globe, attempting to get at their master. Unfortunately,
he's a lot harder to defeat then these little pieces of trash."

"How did you defeat them so quickly, though?" Mercury was frowning.
There was nothing magical, what-so-ever, about Charon's sword...

"Can't use magic to cut the things up," Apollo shrugged, "S'why Char
here gets to be chop-happy with her scimitar, and I do the blasting
into oblivion." Charon looked about ready to say something else when
her yellow garbed partner stiffened, frowning, "look, we've gotta git.
Both o'us have stuff ta do tommarra. Not to mention tonight..."

"I'd forgotten about that!" Charon turned to stare at her friend,
"You've still got to meet up with the group tonight, don't you?"

"In about five minutes," Apollo agreed, "C'mon, I'm faster than you,
even wit'cha on my back. Let's jet."

"I'm sure we'll meet again," Charon's smile was a bit mysterious as she
piggy-backed on Apollo. Then, to the shock of the Inners, the two girls
shot off as a mere blur.

"Wow..." Venus murmured, "I'd like to be able to run that fast."


Crawford hiked an eyebrow as the girls came in, followed by Schuldich,
of whom was supporting a wobbly Nagi. Rache ignored the inquiring brow,
heading straight for her bedroom, while Ranma gave the schwartz--
correction, former schwartz-- leader the evil eye and left. Crawford
smirked, and Schuldich snickered, "Oh yeah, neither one of them will
_ever_ want to talk to us again, Crawfish."

"They should know by now that assasination often includes

"That doesn't mean they apprediate dressing up as a pedophiole's wet
dream," Nagi forced himself to his feet, barely maing it to the
common-room couch before he crashed. Keeping a battle up with Ranma and
Rache, not to mention the prior battle with the senshi, had exhausted
the boy.

Schuldich smirked, "Only Ranma, bishounen. Rache is eighteen," his eyes
twinkled, and he turned to leave, "I'm going to find Kenken. Any idea
where he is, Brad?"

"In his room," the american's gaze narrowed, "Don't call me _Brad_!"


Yohji's eyes were glued open as he watched Rache stalk past. If _this_
was what she had to wear for this missin... he almost whined like a dog
at his misfortune. Rache was _hot_!

"Take your eyes off her rear, Kudou," Ranma, in a matching outfit, only
in different colors and thigh-high bitch boots, had stepped up beside
him, They were far from the best of friends, and often got into fist
fights, but they were at least speaking semi-civilly to each other,
"She's almost as pissed off as _I_ am, having to wear these god awful

"_Those_ are uniforms, Saotome?" the playboy hiked an eyebrow,
deliberately raking his gaze over her form, "What are you, a french
maid who dyed her uniform neon?"

"Yohji," Ranma sing-songed sweetly, "would you _like_ to see how bad it
hurts to have one of these heels ground into your dick?"

"Ah," the Weiss boy backed off a bit, horrified by the squeak in his
voice, "Ah, that's alright, Ranma. No thanks."

"To bad!" Ranma procliamed cheerfully, snagging Yohji by his collar and
dragging him towards Rache's room. When they got there, Ranma kocked,
waited for permission, then entered.

Rache's senshi uniform was on the floor, and she was in a pair of
boxers and an oversized t-shirt, "Ranma? Yohji?"

"Hi Naru," Yohji got a out a bit weakly, still trying to remove Ranma's
grip on his shirt. Ranma grinned, and sent the long haired man tumbling
to the ground.

"Yo, Rache, Kudou here's offered to be part of our enemies forces."


"I _what_?!"

Ranma grinned nastily, "Think of it," she told the man, "as a bit of
payback for that french maid comment."

"So... what exactly does an enemy do?" Yohji sulked, although there
were _two_ good points about this arrangement. First, Ranma was
unlikely to pound on him for the rest of the night, and second... he
got to see Rache in that uniform! She was soooo hot... his eyes glazed
over as he went into fantasy mode.

Ranma and Rache both rolled their eyes, having gotten used to Yohji's
odd behaviour. Ranma turned to her fellow psuedo-senshi, "When he wakes
up, explain it. I'm going to get changed."

The redhead strolled out of the room, tugging off her evening gloves
and scarf as she went, glad to finally be taking the crap off. She
pushed open her own door, ignoring the presence of both Farfello and
Aya-- who ignored her, as well, seeing how involved in cutting each
other to ribbons as they were.

Dropping onto her bed, the first things she yanked off were those damn
boots, letting them clatter to the floor. Still, the boys ignored her--
but it wasn't like Ranma had any feminine modesty despite what Nodoka
had tried to teach her-- and stripped the godawful yellow and pink
fuku, leaving her naked but for the panties and bra Rache insisted she
wore for the mission.

The clothes she'd been wearing earlier in the day were still scattered
over her unmade bed. It only took a few more minutes to remove the
girls underwear, put on his boxers, dump hot water over his head, and
pull the muscle shirt he favored on.

"Have you finished changing, yet?" Okay, so apparently Aya _had_
noticed, and averted his eyes.

Ranma snorted, "Yeah."

"Kitty come play?" Farfello questioned with a pout, and the dark haired
boy glided over, patting Farf on the arm.

"Not right now, Jei-sama, but I have an idea that will be lots of fun
for you and Ayan."

"Will it hurt God?"

At Ranma's gleeful nod, Aya mumbled, "Psychopaths. Why are
_psychopaths_ my best friends?" Both forsaid psychopaths ignopred his
words. They usually did when he got to questioning his sanity or choice
fo friends.

"You two get to be the villians in out little senshi-killing game," he
smiled widely.

"I thought Crawford didn't want us there to distract you," Aya hiked an
eyebrow, and Ranma snickered.

"What he doesn't know, can't hurt him."

"He can see the future, Ranma."

Ranma shrugged, "Whatever. You two and Kudou are the visible enemies.
Nagi is the inivsible on. Controller of all evil and some shit like

"And Yohji agreed to this?" Aya was sceptical. Yohji _never_ ran head
long into _anything_ Ranma suggested. He shrugged again.

"He zoned on Rache and me, so I came to tell you two. This is going to
be _so_ much fun!"

"I'll bet," Aya grumbled, but tagged along as Ranma led them back to
Rache's room. The trio of males entered in time to see Yohji scowl.

"I have to wear a _uniform_?!" He hadn't had to wear a uniform since
his school days-- being a private investigator meant he didn't have to
have a uniform.

The redheaded girl nodded, "Whatever uniform Nagi wants you to wear,
you wear. Trust me, I've been used as Sailorsenshi bait enough times to
know how this works. Our biggest problem is getting Youma and bad guys
for the sneshi to fight."

"Nah," Ranma dropped onto her bed, Aya staying near the door, and
Farfello standing beside his pet, "We get Omi to have his girlfriend
raid Happosei's room in the Tendou Dojo. Oh, yeah, Ayan and Jei-sama
agreed to be villians."

"We did?" Fujimiya mumbled to himself, and was ignored. Jei grinned his
favorite psychotically happy grin. He just wished he had a knife to
lick to improve on the image.

"SO what's in the Tendou Dojo that could help us?"

"The leech has a bunch of scrolls to summon evil spirits," Ranma purred
deep in his throat as Jei began to run his fingers through the younger
boy's hair, "Whoever summon one, controls it. Then it's easy for us to
smash it up."

"One problem," Yohji drawlled, "in case you forgot, Naru doesn't _have_
offensive abilities, only healing."

"That's what bruder is for," Rache smiled happily at Yohji, oblivious
to the fact that his brain had shorted out from the hundred watt smile,
and he was no longer listening, "he can make them think they say my
scimitar glowing, so it's like the outer senshi's weapons."

"So," Aya was frowning, "We have to wear uniforms designed by Nahi,
summon demons to fight you, possibly fight you ourselves, and
ultimately get killed, one by one?"

"Yeap," Rache and Ranma choursed. Jei cheered happily, while Yohji
zoned and Aya groaned.


"Who do you think those two new senshi last night were?" for once, it
was Usagi who got the ball rolling, "They wore out uniform, so they
must be from our system, right? They'll be on our side?"

"I don't trust them," Rei proclaimed, scowling mightily, "Something
is... is _wrong_ with that one in yellow's aura."

"Apollo," Ami corrected absently, not bothering to look up from her
textbook, "and the other was Charon."

"Isn't Charon Pluto's moon?" Makoto wondered, tapping her chin with one
long, slender finger. This time, Ami looked up.

"He was also the man who ferried the spirits of the dead into the
underworld, Pluto's domain. By the color of her fuku, I would assume
that Salorcharon's world could not sustain life, long before the ned of
the Silver Millennium."

"So," Usagi smiled, "you're saying Charon and APollo are friends? Did
you find info on them in your comptuer, or something?"

"There is no data in the Mercury computer on either a 'Sailorcharon' or
a 'Sailorapollo'."

"But they may be our only hope," Setsuna's voice floated to them, and
the girls looked up. A split second later they were supporting the
ragid-looking fashion designer, and helping her sit. She looked so
ill... "I could never see past a certain point in the timeline. I
always assumed that _that_ was when Crystal Tokyo would be formed... I
can see past it now."

"What did you see?" Rei worried her lip, her own visions over the past
few weeks had been horrible.

"War, Destruction, Mayhem... but that is without Apollo and Charon's
help. With them, Crystal Tokyo _is_ possible[1]," Setsuna sighed
heavily, "it seems that Chaos was not the last enemy."


Xue Shi sneezed, rubbing her nose irritably.

"Bless you," Oz mumbled automatically, as the young man stared out into
the night club. As always, a spot of white hair surrounded by red and a
splash of brown caught his attention, and he found himself staring into
a single, possessive amber eye. Oz felt his wofl stir angrily, annoyed
that another alpha had moved into his territory.

The teen shoved the feeling away, knowing full well all Jei cared about
was the young woman who's band he was a part of.

"Thanks Oz," the redhead combed her hair with her fingers, "Someone
must be talking about me... Anyways, we've got a gig to play. Let's

End Chapter

[1] Just not probable. At least, not since "Charon" and "Apollo" have
been assigned to kill the senshi.