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Summary: Office romances never last, that's what everybody says. They're made for spur of the moment fun among a mess of confusion and responsibility.

Byakuya x reader, Ukitake x reader, Ukitake x Rukia

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I slowly turned and looked out the window. I could only sigh. It must have been the tenth time that one hour. Well, one hour in two minutes, and then I would let myself take a break...

I glanced out the window and then heard the door open. I slowly looked up with dull eyes as someone walked inside the room and gave me a smile.

"Falling asleep already?"

"What? Don't say that."

I quickly sat up properly then looked at my computer.

"He's replacing me. He must be. He never manages his own schedule and nothing has passed my desk in a full hour."

"Hmm, basing your occupation off him taking a break?"

The man gave me a smile as he moved to my side. I gave a nod as he chuckled.

"Well, that gives us a few minutes to ourselves then?"

"Don't. He always comes out when we start."

"Perfect. Then you'll no longer be worried about him firing you."

He kissed my cheek and I gave a weak effort to push him away, wanting him back in my heart.

"If you're that worried, go check up on him."

I shook my head at his idea.

"What if he's busy with something else?"

"Then stop worrying. Come on, smile for me."

His lips traced over my skin to mine where he took a chaste kiss. He then sat up on the edge of my desk.

"So how about dinner? I'll cook."

"If I'm not busy I would love to. But you know him..."

"I know he keeps you to himself all the time."

I gave a blush and shook my head.

"There's a difference between being possessive and just over working me."

"Well, they both keep you from me."

"So, are you on break or...?"

He gave another chuckle before pulling out a small box.

"Happy birthday. It's a shame you had to work today."

"I almost forgot. You shouldn't have."

"I'll make you dinner later on, you can stay over at my place for awhile..."

He gave me a heated glance and a blush swept over my cheeks again. I gave a nod and he made a motion towards the box. I opened it up and pulled out a beautiful gold necklace with a pink crystal heart encased in a gold trim. It was breathtaking and he slipped off the desk. He then picked the necklace up and with smooth hands hooked it around my neck.


Before I could respond he softly kissed the back of my neck. I arched towards him slightly as his hands held onto the sides of my chair. His hair brushed over my skin and I gave a small whine for more. He opened his mouth and began sucking on my skin. I gave a small moan as his hands went to my hips and traced over my sides in a light touch, making me shiver.

It hardly lasted though as I heard the door open. I quickly spun around and he let go of me just as quick. My boss's icy state reached me as I slowly bowed my head, knowing I would be scorned for that.

"Mr. Ukitake, there's no where else for you to be?"

My companion gave a sheepish laugh before stepping towards the door.

"I suppose I could always see her later. Bye."

With a small bow he left and I looked slowly up at firm slate eyes.

"Sorry, sir. He just came to-"

"Doesn't matter. Come inside my office so we can tall. It's not about your office romance either."

I stood up and walked into his office. I sat down on a chair in front of his desk as he sat across from me, the desk between us.

"Am I in any kind of trouble, Mr. Kuchiki?"

The raven head didn't give me any hints to being either wrong or right, and my thoughts flickered to the idea of him firing me.

"I need you to look at these numbers."

He put a few sheets in front of me and I recognized them to be profits and costs per month the company had.

"If you'd give me a minute, I could find someone who'd be able to interpret these better than me-"

"I asked you and only you. You did take a economics and financing course, right?"


I pulled out my phone and went on the calculator app. After what was an agonizing number I had the final sum. It was in the negatives. I hurriedly looked through the papers again, wondering if I made a mistake.

"I had the same result."

I slowly put my phone away and looked at the numbers again, unbelieving the results.

"I didn't make a mistake either."

I gave a nod and ripped my eyes away from the paper in front of me.

"Is there anything you want me to do about this, sir?"

"Your job."

Simpler said than done. I gave a nod and he made a hand motion signaling me to leave. I got up and left silently, closing the door behind me. I went on my computer and pulled up the same sheet from his files. My job? What did he mean by that? Did he want me to find another solution to his problems or simply pick up the slack?

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