He loved her. He cherished her above all else, and she ruined it. His The beautiful, innocent, virtuous, flawlessly naive sister was no more. Yes, she was still beautiful, but there was a venom inside her that not even Arden could put his finger on. It simply wasn't acceptable. What happened, he wondered, to turn her into a vulgar, manipulative whore- and where had those abilities sprung from? He began to ponder the impossible: had she been a pawn to his enemies to get inside his lab and tamper with his chemicals (ridiculous- no woman was that intelligent, and he had strains of viruses- to use them to gain near superhuman powers without having a physical deformity was preposterous), had something otherworldly gotten to her? Something to do with... the divine, the non-terrestrial?

No, no. Foolishness, utter foolishness. A man of science could waste no time daydreaming about such matters that belonged in works of fiction. Far too much work to be done.

... But what about the sterilization? He had heard nothing about such a procedure, nor had he performed one in his time at Briarcliff- Tuberculosis ward or sanitarium. He was the only physician on the premises... would someone willingly allow the girl to die in a vain attempt to boot Arden out?

Perhaps so.

The question is, who was it?