Chapter: Thirteen (last chapter)

How it all ends

"So you kissed?!" Chyna squealed to Olive. "Yeah. He kissed me first though."

"But did you kiss him back?" Chyna wondered.

"Yeah..." Olive blushed. Chyna squealed even more.

"OMG! I am freaking out right now! I knew you guys were perfect for each other!" Chyna exclaimed.

The too friends were hanging at Olive's new apartment, suddenly there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it." Olive said. Standing in front of her was Fletcher. "Sup Olive!" He greeted. Olive couldn't help but smile as they exchanged grins and laughs. Eventually Chyna had come see what was keeping Olive. "Olive hurry u-" Chyna stopped and looked at the boy in the doorway. "Oh never mind Olive. I didn't know your boyfriend was here." Chyna teased. "Hey she's not my girlfriend. Yet." Fletcher said. He finally walked in the apartment and held both of Olive's hands. "Olive Doyle," he began. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"Y-y-yes!" Olive choked out. She was crying tears of joy. The two hugged each other tight. Chyna watched them and smiled.

Finally he found her.

Well this story sucked! Anyway... thanks for reading. I don't really care If you hate it or not.

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