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I think it was about six months ago when Carlos' wet dreams started. He'd wake up with his pajamas soiled, drenched in cold sweat and blushing redder than a tomato. I kept on asking what he was dreaming about but he always ran away from me so I had to let it go.

One night I he hit me, squirming in his sleep, and woke me up just in time to hear Carlos moan out my name before coming in his pants again. At least I knew I was the one he was dreaming of. Now all I needed was to know WHAT exactly he was dreaming about!

A couple of weeks later I began interrogating him and made him cave. Tears fell down his beautiful face while he told me what he had been dreaming of almost every night for months. I have to be honest. It scared me. But it was arousing. In a weird way.

He told me everything. Since he was finally opening up I asked for details so many details every single detail he could remember. It was a side of my boyfriend I had not seen before. Something about this new Carlos appealed to me. That's what made me decide to make his dream come true. I wasn't sure I had it in me, but, I had to try. Not just for Carlos, but for the both of us. I knew this would bring us closer.

For the past month I've been doing research and planning every single thing to fit the details that Carlos had given me. It wasn't easy as Carlos and I spend almost every waking hour together, but, somehow I managed to pull it all together – I booked a hotel room that had a nice four post bed and a bathtub big enough to fit us both – that part was not in Carlos' dream, that was in mine, but, if I make his dream come true, why not make my own as well?

I got hand and leg cuffs – the latter scared me a little, but, what don't I do for the man I love? Got a couple of James' purple bandanas to use as blindfold and gag and raided Logan's medical supplies for chloroform. Even went online to research how much of that thing to use to make someone black out but not really hurt them. I would never dream of actually hurting my love!

Which brings me to today. Today – THE DAY! I brought Carlos to the hotel beach on some lame excuse of trying a new spot. He loves the beach so he came willingly. Somehow I even managed to sedate him and bring him up, hopefully without raising too much suspicion.

I got my baby naked and on his belly, shackled, blindfolded and gagged then went to take care of the last few details I wanted in the bathroom. Lit the candles and got rid of my clothes.

And now here I am. Feeling like a pervert, touching myself, thinking of how amazingly delicious Carlos looked on that bed, trying to slow my heart rate down to hear if he woke up already. "Any minute now" I think pumping my length once more. I hear a quiet noise and realize Carlos is awake. My heart is racing faster than it had in all of my life.

I gently open the bathroom door and slowly walk to the bed, my footsteps muffled by the plush carpeting. Carlos must have heard me. He's struggling to break free. The metal shackles bite into his beautiful skin. I gently caress his spine, as he said he had dreamed of, trying to let him know what's happening. As soon as my hand touches his body my blood begins to burn and my hand wanders to that place I love so much, between his cheeks, teasing him.

Carlos is struggling so hard that blood is dripping down his left wrist. My heart sinks – that is NOT what I wanted! I take my hand away and circle the bed. I kneel beside it to watch my boyfriend's face. He's crying. Oh God! He's crying! I can't take this! My heart is the size of a flea! I know he dreamt that I didn't say a word, but seeing him cry in fear – I can't take it.

I reach out and wipe the tears of his gorgeous face. I get up to sit on the bed, by my baby's side, kiss his forehead. I want him to calm down a little, at least try to keep up is dream, just as he dreamed it.

I can feel him relax a little, but he is still so tense, still crying. I kiss his hand, his injured wrist. He's so scared! I can't keep this up!

- Stop struggling Carlitos. I tell him and see him calm down as he recognizes the sound of my voice. My Carlos knows I would never hurt him, not really. I caress his cheek, trying to reassure him and my love presses his cheek to my hand.

That gives me the confidence I need to go through with this. He is gorgeous all vulnerable like that, but his fear had paralyzed me. I get up to slick myself. Make this easier for him, somehow. As I turn back to the bed I see Carlos gripping his chains so hard that his knuckles have turned white. If this weren't a game I'd kiss him, I'd kiss his lips, I'd kiss his chest, his nipples, his dick, oh, God, his dick! I want to taste him so much! Only the thought of him drives me insane!

My pulse is racing as I sit between my baby's legs and do what he wanted me to – I slam right inside of him to the balls. I hear my Carlos' scream and see him arch his back in pain. Tears are falling down his face again and I can barely take it, but, I've done it, I'm inside him, I can't stop anymore. My head falls back as an audible moan escapes my lips.

Carlos is gripping the chains harder and harder. I want to make his pain go away. There's only one way now. I give into my desires and slam into him with everything I've got, angling myself just so I can hit his sweet spot.

- So good! I can't keep my mouth shut. My hands are surely going to leave bruises on Carlos' hips. I feel him trying to move, asking for more, so I put everything I have into this. I am not holding back anything anymore. No more fear. And, God!, he's so tight around me! I swear I can't take it!

I feel him come undone under me, his walls squeezing harder than hard, spasming around me. And I lose it. I come inside of my baby as my limbs give from under me. I collapse on top of Carlos panting.

I soon realize my baby is still tied up. I hurriedly undo his shackles. He doesn't move. I take away his gag. He still doesn't move. I undo his blindfold. He slowly opens his beautiful chocolate eyes that are my life.

- Baby... are you ok? I ask full of concern.

Carlos brings his limbs to his torso and turns to one side, facing me. I caress his face. Kiss his lips. I need reassurance he's not hurt…much.

- I'm not really ok, but you made my kinky dream come true...I smile a little at his innocence.

- I've been planning for almost a moth...tried to get all the details right...How's your head? I ask caressing a strand of hair from his forehead.

- Woozy. But I'm ok. I think...

- Come here. I pull my Carlos into my embrace. He allows me to do so. I pick him up, completely off the bed and take him to the candle lit bathroom to the bubble bath I made for us. Carlos looks up at me with amazement.

- To take the soreness away. I shrug, gently placing Carlos to sit in the bathtub and step right behind him, hugging him tight to my chest. Carlos says nothing, just leans back and rests his body on mine, snuggling into me.

I rub his shoulders and upper arms. Carlos sighs in content and simply falls asleep in my embrace. I watch his chest rise and fall rhythmically. His tiny frame fits so well in my arms. Like two puzzle pieces.

- I love you so much, my baby. So very much. I whisper and kiss his temple.

- I love you, Kendall. Carlos whispers back, in his sleep.

I can't help but smile. I lay back on the bathtub, bringing Carlos with me. This is something I've always wanted. Him with me surrounded by bubbles. I allow us to stay there until the bubbles all go away and almost all the candles are burnt out then gently shift my baby's weight so I can get up from behind him. I dry myself off a little and go to rip the soiled sheets off our bed for the night. When I get back to the bathroom I find Carlos drying himself off.

- I wanted to do that. I pout. Carlos giggles adorably and pushes his towel in my hands, kissing my lips. I finish drying him off, taking advantage to kiss his thighs, the pick him up and carry him to the bed so we can both get some rest.

- Thank you. Carlos tells me before snuggling into my side.

- For? I ask in confusion.

- Tonight.

- Anything for you, baby. I squeeze him closer, pulling the covers over his back.