What a strange dream. Ellie thought as she got out of bed. She walked over to her dresser and looked in the mirror. What am I wearing? She looked at herself in the mirror then at her feet and legs. She was wearing a lacy, old fashioned nightgown. How strange? she thought. She opened the drawers. "These aren't my things!... but at least there a little more modern." She slipped out of her lacy gown and into a short skirt and blouse. She walked back over to the mirror. "Wow! I've never looked so pretty in everyday clothes before!" She exclaimed happily. "Maybe this strangeness isn't so bad." She brushed her hair and put on some pink lip stick. Somehow this place feels right. Like this is were I was meant to be. She thought. Her family didn't care much about her, she had no friends and her life was miserable. What day is it anyway? She wondered. She opened the door and walked into the hallway. "This house looks pretty old." She looked around curiously. Then walked down the old stairs cautiously. Upstairs there were two bedrooms and a bathroom and downstairs there was a kitchen, a living room, and a study. "Good morning miss Ellie." A well rounded woman came bustling out of the kitchen. "I was just about to bring you your breakfast. I would think you would be tired after what happened last night." Ellie became confused and was cautious. But then she looked at the lady and she looked kind so Ellie answered her. "What happened?" Ellie had a strange feeling she was no longer were she used to be. visions of the wizard of oz flashed through her mind. but this was probably another point in time even. She had heard of things like this happening to people. "You don't remember?" The lady looked confused and concerned at the same time. "No, I don't remember anything. Please tell me what happened." Ellie pleaded. "Well, you went out to the party last night." The lady explained then became loud and fierce "and then some drunk loony caught the 'ouse on fire! A beam fell and knocked you out." The lady said a little more quietly. "But luckily that nice young man saw you and carried you out. Then he and his three friends brought you 'ere." The lady smiled. "He stayed while I called the doctor. He was such a nice young man. When the doctor got here he said you should be ok. Then he left." The lady smiled again. "Would you like some breakfast dear?" Ellie was quiet for a minute trying to piece everything together. "Yes that would be lovely." She spoke finally. "Good, you meed to build up your strength." They both walked into the kitchen. Ellie sat down and the lady placed the tray in front of her. I wish I knew what her name is?! Ellie thought irritably. "Ok dear, tuck in. Oh! I just remembered. The young man said he would come by and check on you later." The lady chuckled. "I think he 'as a thing for you miss Ellie." The woman smiled brightly. Ellie's eyes widened slightly. "Um... what time did he say he would be here?" Ellie said nonchalantly. The lady stopped cleaning the kitchen to think. "Around two o'clock I think he said." She paused then continued cleaning. "Hmm... that gives me about three whole hours til he gets here. What did he say his name was?" Ellie asked trying to hide her eagerness and excitement. "Uh... Paul I think?... yes Paul McCartney." Ellie nearly gagged on her toast. No! she assured herself. it couldn't be.